Mecha Mummy

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Mecha Fist Bump!

Good day scripted sports fans, and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt with me Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles! Episode 15 follows the same trend as the previous 14 as I compile some clips and write some info from the wacky world of wrestling! Five clips as always!

Now let us all find out who drew number 1 at random…….

WWE Summerslam Fever
19th August 1990
Nikolai Volkoff vs Boris Zhukov

We start with the frankly bemusing site of Nikolai Volkoff from the old Soviet Union being cheered waving the American flag while the fans chant USA! Yes Nikolai had turned face and takes on his former Bolshevik tag partner Boris Zhukov in the “go home” show if you will before SummerSlam 1990. The Bolsheviks last match as a tag team was in a loss to The Rockers on Wrestling Challenge on 24th April 1990. Nikolai and Boris then wrestled twice on TV (with Nikolai winning by DQ both times) and feuded on house shows from 14th May all the way up to this match. Boris was gone from the WWE by February 1991 while Nikolai actually left in November 1990. He returned for the 1992 Royal Rumble then made a few appearances for ECW (when it was Eastern Championship Wrestling) before rejoining the WWE in 1994 where he was “bought” by the Million Dollar Man to be part of his corporation.

American fans cheering for a Croatian born Russian against an American from Virginia portraying a Russian who is the heel…..seems normal to me! USA! USA! USA!

WCW Worldwide
13th August 1994
Sting vs The Gambler

Now I’ve been watching clips of various enhancement talent and The Gambler is definitely one of my favorites! Real name Jeff Gann, He made an appearance in 1991 for WCW as Jeff Gamble before changing to The Gambler. Complete with a deck of cards and black jacket, flicking the cards at the crowd, he was a bit different to other enhancements as he had a gimmick (arguably a better one than many WCW wrestlers at the time). The Gambler did taste success from a brief partnership between WCW and USWA in 1995 which allowed Gambler to team with Brickhouse Brown to defeat PG-13 for the USWA Tag Titles on 15th April 1995. They only held the belts for two weeks before PG-13 got their Tag Titles back. It was his only championship as he returned to WCW and apart from a couple of wins against other enhancement talent, The Gambler would go back to his losing ways. He was the first wrestler that the Mortal Kombat-on-a budget wrestler Glacier wrestled in WCW on WCW Pro on 22nd August 1996. The Gambler decided to fold ’em in 1999 after losing to Johnny Attitude and left WCW. Here’s The Gambler taking on Sting in WCW!

1st April 1995
Tracy Smothers vs New Jack

Next up from 1995 it’s Tracy Smothers vs New Jack from The Gangstas in a wrestling match that actually involves wrestling! This match was the build up to the six man tag match which featured The Undertaker being loaned to SMW for a special appearance. The hero Tracy Smothers had his best run in Smokey Mountain, winning the Heavyweight title twice, the Tag Team titles once and was a three time Beat The Champ TV Title champ. Before SMW folded in 1995 he would compete for WWE as Freddie Joe Floyd before joining ECW as part of the F.B.I in a comedy role mostly.

New Jack and The Gangstas were a controversial group, playing on racial issues and insisting on matches being under two count rules instead of three count rules. They would feud with Smothers and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express before joining ECW in a surprise run in, attacking Public Enemy in the process. New Jack actually wrestling? It’s here!

WWE Superstars Of Wrestling
28th January 1989
Bad News Brown vs Steve Reese

Here’s one of the worst enhancement talents in WWE history (Paul Fisher is another) as Steve Reese goes up against Bad News Brown. Steve Reese doesn’t look like he had much wrestling training, he doesn’t seem to know how to take a bump! Even Brown’s Enzuiguiri (which he called the Ghetto Blaster) Reese drops to his knees before awkwardly rolling onto his back. At 1.31-ish in the match you can hear Reese shout “HELP ME!” which highlighted that he was about to be delivered some BAD NEWS! I don’t think there’s much more to say except sadly the bit after the match is cut which was Reese going headfirst out of the ring! With Vince McMahon + Jesse Ventura openly mocking Reese it’s just one of those moments in the crazy world of wrestling…..Steve Reese!

And finally……

17th February 2008
Shockwave The Robot vs Mecha Mummy

A match up of epic proportions to conclude this weeks episode! Here we have Shockwave The Robot vs Mecha Mummy! What’s not to like? Shockwave walking to the ring to the old Transformers theme, Mecha Mummy (at least, the duplicate Mummy) with his detachable weapon on his head plus his giant fist and giant drill thing! Shockwave is actually from New York and has been “wrestling” since 1998. He has appeared for many companies including WWA, ECWA and has made a few appearances for Insane Clown Posse’s JCW.

Mecha Mummy is Japanese err.. born and mostly appeared for various Japanese indie companies like Osaka Pro, Michinoku Pro and DDT although he did team with the Osirian Portal at Chikara Kings Of Trios 2008 also having appeared at Kings Of Trios 2007 on day 3.

Any one who still feels wrestling is real to them… this match would likely kill that thought! Let battle (very slowly) commence!

And that concludes Episode 15 on the Scavenger Hunt! Thanks to Erik here at TWC and all the millions…..AND MILLIONS of Scavenger Hunt fans that I….don’t have yet, but all you guys + girls are enough! Special thanks to all the uploaders that happened to have all this great stuff on tape to upload for us fans to find! Click here to check out all 14 of the previous Scavenger Hunts! Also if you would like to follow me on Twitter just click here! Thanks for stopping by!


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