HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Knights of the Squared Circle

Hello there wrestling fans and welcome to Episode 16 of the Scavenger Hunt! Each week I look around on the Internet for the weird, wacky and classic matches and other wrestling clips! Five Clips this week as usual from all over the globe for your viewing pleasure!

Let’s begin!

AWO Wrestlefest III
26th June 2014
AWO Heavyweight Championship Match
Ken Kerbis vs Chris Masters vs Kronus

Kicking things off with a match from June of this year for the AWO organization based in Israel! Ken Kerbis (in the army camo top) defends the Heavyweight Championship against Kronus who was the 2nd ever AWO champ back in 2012 and former WWE star Chris Masters! Masters has made several trips to Europe since departing the WWE back in 2011 and has found a second home with PCW-UK where he is currently the Champion there. Masters has done several trips to the UK as well as Ireland, Denmark and Netherlands and went further afield by appearing on a tour of Qatar in the Middle East with QPW in 2013. AWO was founded in June 2012 and is based in Tira, Israel. Both Kerbis (who’s catchphrase is “Yes We Ken”) and Kronus have wrestled for the company since the start. Both were trained by Israeli wrestler Gery Riof with Kerbis debuting in wrestling in 2007 while Kronus debuted in 2011.

So here is the main event of Wrestlefest III!

WWE Championship Wrestling
14th May 1983
Sgt Slaughter vs Paul Fisher

This one is quite well known and is up there to rival Steve Reese on last week’s Scavenger Hunt as Paul Fisher begins and ends his WWE career against Sgt Slaughter. It seems Fisher has no real training at all and lands really awkwardly taking the second clothesline. It makes me wonder how he was allowed to be in the ring! It should be noted that this was the last appearance of The Grand Wizard Ernie Roth on TV as he sadly passed away in October 1983 from a heart attack aged 54. Grand Wizard managed many heels from his debut in WWE in 1972 including Billy Graham, Pat Patterson, Don Muraco and Stan Stasiak. After his death, his friend Sgt Slaughter came out for a match and saluted the empty ring corner where his manager once stood in tribute. Sgt Slaughter inducted Grand Wizard into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 1995. The last appearance of The Grand Wizard and (thankfully) the last appearance of Paul Fisher!

Southside Wrestling
February 2011
Britani Knight vs Saraya Knight

Here is a really fun match between Britani Knight (AKA Paige) and her mother Sweet Saraya Knight who shows how sweet she is by calling the whole crowd a bunch of pikeys amongst other things. There’s a lot of crowd interaction, distinctive face and heel persona’s and a pretty cool finish… wrestling 101 from the UK’s wrestling family. As well as Britani + Saraya, Saraya’s husband Ricky Knight and son’s Zak Knight and Roy Knight also wrestle. Ricky trained Saraya to wrestle in 1993 after meeting her when she worked as a chef at Pontins Holiday Camp in 1990. They became inseparable and Saraya travelled with Ricky full time as his manager on the wrestling circuit. Saraya is a former Shimmer Champion as well as a former Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion with Britani. She currently owns the women’s company Bellatrix which runs shows in Norwich, England.

Britani started wrestling at the age of 13 and started wrestling for World Association Of Wrestling (owned by Ricky Knight). Wrestling all over Europe and the USA from the age of 14, Britani picked up many championships. Britani was signed by the WWE in September 2011 and made her FCW debut in January 2012.

Christmas dinner must be fun in the Knight household! Mother vs Daughter from Southside Wrestling!

WWE Superstars Of Wrestling
19th October 1991
Sid Justice vs El Diablo

The mysterious debutant El Diablo takes on Sid Justice in this clip, although Paul Bearer and The Undertaker appear and seem to pay off El Diablo to take his place in the match….but it was a set up all along! It was the start of a short feud between Jake Roberts and Sid Justice before injury forced Sid to miss Survivor Series 1991. According to Jake, Sid was meant to do the infamous cobra bite incident but injury meant the spot went to Randy Savage. Randy Savage is on commentary voicing his displeasure for Jake. Hacksaw Jim Duggan makes the save but doesn’t have much more to do with this short feud. El Diablo unleashes his diabolical plan to take out Sid Justice, on Superstars!

And Finally….

NWA Pro Wrestling
8th July 2007
NWA Tag Team Championship Match
Joey Ryan/Karl Anderson vs Incognito/Sicodelico Jr vs Billy Kidman/Sean Waltman

Last but not least is from NWA Pro where we have a match to crown new NWA Tag Team Champions. This was after Team 3D were stripped of the NWA titles as a result of NWA ending their relationship with TNA. “The Real American Heroes” Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson face Incognito and Sicodelico Jr with the winners facing a secret 3rd team straight after. Incognito is in fact Hunico from WWE (now the current Sin Cara) while Sicodelico was briefly signed to the WWE between May to September 2009 making only 3 TV appearances in FCW.

The 3rd team turns out to be Billy Kidman and Sean Waltman. Billy Kidman returned to WWE and wrestled in FCW while helping train talent before taking a job as a producer with WWE in 2010. Sean Waltman still makes appearances on the indie scene and commentated for Chikara at this years Kings Of Trios event. Overall this match has a popular indie star, one half of the NJPW Tag Champs, one half of the current NXT Tag Champs, a veteran Mexican star, and two veterans who were a part of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW….all in one match for the NWA!

And that is that for this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope you got some enjoyment from it! Tune in next week right here on The Wrestling Chronicle for more weird, wonderful and classic moments from the world of wrestling!

From me, HobosGhost……this is the Scavenger Hunt!
So long folks!

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