Charles Robinson

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Bus-Ta Rhymes

As bizarre as Damien Sandow being more popular at being The Miz than The Miz himself, it’s time for Scavenger Hunt 17! Every week I, HobosGhost, bring you five clips from the world of wrestling. I like to call it the good, the bad, and the ugly of wrestling history!
Let’s begin!

WWE Superstars
30th May 1992
Big Boss Man vs Dave Roulette (Debut of Nailz)

Kicking off with a beat down on the Big Boss Man by Nailz in his first WWE appearance. The storyline was that Nailz had been in prison and the Boss Man was the prison guard that abused him and Nailz came to the WWE for revenge. The Boss Man was removed from TV for a few months to sell the injuries, allowing Nailz to defeat enhancement talent before facing Boss Man’s friend Virgil at Summerslam 1992. The Boss Man returned and after a few matches (mostly at house shows) the feud ended at Survivor Series in the Nightstick On A Pole match.

Nailz was fired after a disagreement over money (attacking Vince McMahon didn’t help his case). He went on to appear once as The Convict in WCW as well as appearing for NJPW and AWF before retiring in 2000. The Big Boss Man gets a taste of Hard Times from Nailz!

100% Lucha 2007
Hip Hop Man vs Mario Moran

Struggled to find a date for this match, but here it is anyway! From the Argentinian TV show 100% Lucha we have Hip Hop Man billed from New York (really from Argentina) against the bus driver Mario Moran! 100% Lucha ran from 2006 to 2010 and was billed as a family friendly company. The company was nominated for “Best Children’s Program” for four years running at the Martin Fierro Awards. Each fighter that appeared had their own persona (some had several gimmicks) including a soldier, football player, secret agent, a vampire and a delivery boy among others. When Hip Hop meets a bus… Argentina!

18th August 2013
JWP Openweight Championship
Arisa Nakajima vs Kana

From Japan we have one of my favorite female wrestlers Kana taking on Arisa Nakajima for the JWP Openweight Championship! This match from 2013 stems from a storyline from 2010 in Tajiri’s SMASH Promotion. Kana wrote a manifesto which was published in the Weekly Pro-Wrestling magazine where she attacked the bad attitude and lack of personality of the entire Joshi Puroresu community. This was done to get herself over as a heel wrestler. Roll forward to this match where Kana turned on Arisa Nakajima and challenged her for the title. The entire JWP roster surrounds the ring including Command Bolshoi (the female in the mask) who was in storyline, angry with Kana, allowing Kana to be portrayed as the villainous outsider. In the post match segment she gloats over winning the JWP title during the Plum Mariko memorial event. Plum Mariko was the first wrestler to die from injuries in Japan during a match in 1997 at the age of 27 after a Ligerbomb may have triggered a previous brain abscess resulting in the trauma killing her a few hours later. Kana in her slightly deranged heel persona, getting heat from the JWP fans and wrestlers by taking their title and gloating about it!

WWE Smackdown
20th June 2008
Charles Robinson vs The Great Khali

A close hard fought contest that could have gone either way……ah who am I kidding! Here’s Charles Robinson being punished by Vickie Guerrero and La Familia by being put in a match against The Great Khali! La Familia consisted of Vickie, Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder (pre-WWWYKI days) and briefly Bam Neely. They were a heel group with Vickie abusing her authority. I have to admit I laughed at Charles dropping to the floor sort of Ric Flair style (Charles teamed with Ric Flair in a tag team match in WCW). Michael Cole and Mick Foley on commentary and Mickie Henson is the referee having to beg Khali to pin Robinson.

Poor Charles Robinson…..

And Finally……

IWA Japan 1997
Leatherface vs Freddy Krueger

Even though I’m not a fan of Halloween, I felt I should finish with some kind of horror related match! So here we have (in a blatant disregard for copyright laws etc.) Leatherface vs Freddy Krueger from IWA Japan! There were two Leatherfaces (first portrayed by former WWE wrestler Corporal Kirchner then Rick Patterson while Kirchner was in prison). There’s also been at least two portrayels of Freddy Krueger (portrayed by Doug Gilbert mostly but strangely enough Corporal Kirchner has as well). A real horror match….in more ways than one!

And that concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Once again a random mix bag of clips, next week will be the same! Thank you to everyone who has checked this weeks episode out, the other 16 episodes are still about if you wanna check out more!

Until next time wrestling fans….

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