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HobosGhost Scavenger Hunt – Grappling All Over The World!

Unlike the WWE’s twice delayed launch of the Network in UK, the Scavenger Hunt continues on time every week for your viewing pleasure/bemusement! Hello everyone it’s me, Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles bringing to you the weekly column here on TWC where I trawl through the murky world of the internet to find five clips from the world of wrestling! From the big name companies right to the very small companies it appears here each week! We are going global today as I present five matches from 5 different countries….none of them are from USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan or England!

Let’s begin shall we!

Superstars Of Welsh Wrestling
27th October 2014
Kade Callous vs Mason Ryan

Now I said England was excluded, but fellow UK country Wales is in instead, as from just recently we start with Kade Callous vs. former WWE wrestler Mason Ryan returning to his homeland! Welsh Wrestling started with their first show in February 2005 and now perform shows all over Wales featuring local talent as well as international talent. This match is from Porthcawl on the south coast.

Mason Ryan trained to be a wrestler in 2006 and wrestled on the indie scene until 2009 when he signed for the WWE. Before signing with the WWE he was Goliath, a gladiator from the short lived revival of the Gladiators TV show in 2009 in the second (and last) series. Since departing the WWE to little success in 2014 he has been appearing on the indie scene in USA and Europe, winning the APWA Tri-State, the Wrestlesport Heavyweight and (for one night only) the WXW Shotgun Championship titles.

Mason Ryan in his homeland!

27th December 2008
The Kwaito Kid vs Kilimanjaro

Next up is WWP in South Africa, where former tag partners collide! South African The Kwaito Kid vs. the Nigerian giant Kilimanjaro in what is a fairly one sided affair! Both were tag partners under the name “The African Coalition” until losing the titles to The Weasels (Mark Beale and The Blacksmith). Kilimanjaro would go on to win WWP’s top title, the All-African Heavyweight Championship on 21st March 2009 and lost the title 6 months later. He was the first holder of the championship.

The Kwaito Kid won a rumble match at a live event but failed to defeat Kilimanjaro for the title. They did team up in 2010 for one night only in a losing effort to the father/son combo of Terri and Zizou Middoux.

Brutal powerbomb and lots of crowd heat for Kilimanjaro! Tag partners collide!

I-Generation Superstars Of Wrestling
30th July 2000
Australian Outback Match
Curt Hennig vs Dennis Rodman

Resisted putting this on last, from Australia we have the I-Generation Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig against the controversial ex-basketball player Dennis Rodman!

I-Generation was a one tour series of shows in Australia between July and December 2000 featuring ex WWE/WCW/ECW wrestlers such as Tatanka, One Man Gang, Barbarian, LOD, Public Enemy and Brutus Beefcake amongst others. This was the one show that was recorded for PPV and was called “Rodman Down Under”. Vince Mancini and Ted Dibiase provide commentary (with Ted stumbling over the name of this match). The match is an Australian Outback match which meant weapons were allowed.

Check out Rodman headbutting a table and no-selling the broom shots! A pretty bad match with a silly ending to protect both champ and challenger I imagine.

Curt Hennig vs Dennis Rodman fighting down under!

FCF Wrestling
11th May 2013
Tables,Ladders + Chairs match
King Kong Karhula vs Jessica Love

Back across to Europe and Finland is the destination as here is an intergender TLC match for the Heavyweight Championship from FCF! King Kong Karhula is 25 years old and trained by Canadian born wrestler Starbuck who is a regular in FCF and based in Finland. A nine year pro, he wrestled as Ibo Ten until February 2012 when he lost to Jessica Love in the 1st TLC match between the two. A personality and name change followed.

Jessica Love is a special wrestler in that she is the only transsexual wrestler in Europe! Jessica was a male until 2011 when the operation was complete making her legally a woman. A six pro, the 25 year old wrestled in Japan for WNC (and it’s predecessor Smash) and Ice Ribbon between 2010-2012.

Respect to Jessica Love! TLC2 in Finland!

27th April 2013
Samuray Del Sol vs Ilya Malkin

Ending this weeks global adventure with a trip to Russia as local wrestler Ilya Malkin faces against Samuray Del Sol AKA current NXT Tag Champ Kalisto!

Ilya Malkin is a 4 year pro and current IWF Heavyweight Champion. This year Malkin made his wrestling debut in the USA appearing for Beyond Wrestling, VOW and IWC between 31st March and 12th April. One to watch out for in the future, especially as he keeps up with Del Sol in this match with relative ease.

By making this appearance in Russia, Samuray Del Sol became the first Lucha wrestler to appear in Russia. He started training in Chicago at the Windy City Pro Wrestling training school and made his in ring debut only three weeks later in 2006. Del Sol wrestled for AAA in Mexico as Octagon Jr. in 2012 and had stints with CZW, Dragon Gate USA, PWG and NWA among others.

In May 2013 he signed with WWE and reported at the NXT camp. He had his farewell indie match for AAW, teaming with Colt Cabana in a losing effort against The Irish Airborne, Jake and Dave Crist.

WWE’s Kalisto in Russia!

That concludes our little globe trotting around the world, I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode! If this is your first time checking out the Scavenger Hunt then have no fear….click here to check out the past 17! If you would like to follow me on Twitter click here.

From me, HobosGhost I bid you farewell and hope you’ll come back next week for more randomness here on TWC!


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