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Hello fellow hunters and welcome to episode 19 of the Scavenger Hunt with me, the weird one on Twitter who goes by the name of @HobosGhost! Every week I compile five clips from the weird and wonderful world of wrasslin’ from big companies like WWE and NJPW to smaller indie companies and defunct companies from years past! Classic matches, early career matches and just plain odd stuff!

Here we go then, let’s get this episode started!

World Of Sport
24th June 1981
Honeyboy Zimba vs ” Mississippi Mauler ” Big Jim Harris


We start with an international match from the UK between Honeyboy Zimba of Sierra Leone against Big Jim Harris from Mississippi……. AKA The Ugandan Giant Kamala!

Jim Harris spent a few years in the UK to develop his skills having made his debut in 1978. Harris had a troublesome start to life with the death of his father and his run-ins with the law which resulted in him being told by police to leave town. He met Bobo Brazil in Michigan and got training from Tim Hampton (Bobo’s friend). After his time in the UK he went back to America and started working for Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett in Memphis and changed his gimmick to the Kamala character we all know.
Honeyboy Zimba started out in the early 60’s as Nigel The Warrior. He was based in Manchester, England and was a popular character, regularly taking on Giant Haystacks. He sadly passed away in 1999.

Pro Wrestling International
2nd May 1999
Bushwhackers vs Public Enemy

Well I never thought I would see this! From 1999 we have Butch and Luke, The Bushwhackers taking on Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge, The Public Enemy!

Having started back in their native New Zealand for NWA New Zealand in 1964, The Bushhackers (AKA The Sheepherders) would jump from territory to territory, usually in pretty brutal matches at times. They at one time or another wrestled for WWC in Puerto Rico, UWF, NWA, CWA, NJPW and JCP among others. There was even a time when Luke Williams teamed with Jonathan Boyd in SWCW in America when Butch Millar went back to Australia. Having won tag titles in nearly every company they worked for, they joined the WWE in 1989 and stayed with the company until 1996.

Rock and Grunge actually had a long running feud on the indie circuit and wrestled a dark match as Cheetah Kid (Rocco) and Johnny Rotten (Grunge) at the first tapings of WWE Raw on January 11th 1993. They debuted as a hip hop loving tag team for ECW at UltraClash in September 1993 and would go on to have a memorable feud with The Gangstas and cause the ring to collapse after inviting fans into the ring to celebrate after a match! They spent three years in WCW and two months in WWE. Bushwhackers vs Public Enemy….gotta love the indies!

27th July 2011
Kenny Omega vs Haruka

Well this will split opinion I’m sure! A pretty infamous match but if you haven’t seen it, here is Kenny Omega vs….a 9 year old girl named Haruka! Kenny said in an interview that Haruka wanted to wrestle, so she got proper training and wrestled a few matches in 2011. This is a non-serious match and have no fear, Haruka didn’t get hurt at all. That in itself is a testament to how safe Kenny Omega is in the ring!

Having debuted at the age of 16 for Top Rope Championship Wrestling, the now 31 year old Canadian has had success for a variety of companies including PCW, ROH and PWG as well as a 6 year spell for DDT in Japan. He has now signed full time with NJPW and has joined the Bullet Club. Fluent in Japanese and still using the Hadouken from Street Fighter purely for entertainment, Omega is 1 of the top indie stars. He was signed by WWE in 2005 and spent time in Deep South but was critical of Bill Demott and Jody Hamilton as well as Bob Holly. He asked for his release in 2006 and claimed WWE have attempted to sign him 3 times since.
Kids today eh?

22nd December 2001
John Tank Meloche vs Earthquake (Dark Match)

A little treat here, before a WWE Smackdown taping from 2001 we have unknown wrestler John Meloche vs WWE Legend Earthquake! John Tenta was last in the WWE before this during the “Attitude Era” as Golga, the masked South Park loving simpleton of the bizarre Oddities team. After entering the 1999 Royal Rumble at number three and quickly being eliminated by Steve Austin Tenta as well as Kurrgan and Giant Silva were all released by the WWE. Tenta did appear at Wrestlemania X-Seven in the 20 man Gimmick Battle Royal but was eliminated by Kamala.

This dark match would be Tenta’s last time in a WWE ring. He retired from wrestling in 2004 after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. At the age of just 42 years old, Tenta passed away on 7th June 2006. I love the crowd pop in this match, the great Earthquake!

And finally……

20th April 2013
Kevin Steen vs John Hennigan

We end this weeks Scavenger Hunt with a match from last year, the main event of the second of a two night event by 2CW (and Internet PPV debut) called ” Living On The Edge 8″. Former WWE star John Hennigan (AKA John Morrison) goes up against recent WWE signing Kevin Steen!

Kevin was born two days after me on 7th May 1984 in Quebec, Canada and has made a name for himself since debuting at age 16 for Jacque “The Mountie” Rougeau’s company. He won numerous titles in CZW, PWG, 2CW and ROH where he had an infamous feud with El Generico AKA Sami Zayn.

John Hennigan was co-winner of Tough Enough 3 alongside Matt Cappotelli, thus earning a contract with the WWE and reporting to OVW for training. He debuted in the Bar Room Brawl match at Vengeance in 2003. It was on 1st March 2004 he made his RAW debut as Eric Bischoff’s assistant. A return to OVW in June allowed Hennigan to become part of the MNM team with Joey Mercury and Melina.

Currently Hennigan is wrestling for Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo and has wrestled on the indie scene since departing WWE in 2011. He is also working in TV and Films, recently as Hercules in “Hercules Reborn” ( not to be mixed up with the Hercules film The Rock is in). A WWE star from the past vs. a WWE star of the future, a good way to end I think!

And that concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for stopping by and hope you were entertained at least!

Check back next week for another episode of the Scavenger Hunt which as it will be the 20th episode it’s gonna be a Gimmick Match Special!

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