Carlos Colon

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – The Gimmick Match Extravaganza Episode!

Hello everybody and welcome to the special 20th episode of the Scavenger Hunt with me, HobosGhost (feel free to say hi!). Each week I compile five matches/clips from the weird and wacky world of wrestling! Whether it’s classic battles, unexpected appearances in the big companies, interesting indie matches or bizarre gimmicks, I try to cover it all! As it’s the 20th episode it is a special gimmick match special for your viewing pleasure!

Let’s go to ringside for the action!

21st September 2013
Fatal 4-way Women’s Title Ladder Match
Taeler Hendrix vs Lei’D Tapa vs Hannah Blossom vs Holly Blossom

Kicking off with a rather good fatal 4-way ladder match for the vacant Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Championship! Back when OVW was a developmental company for TNA, these four ladies were on TNA’s books.

Hannah and Holly Blossom have featured before on the Scavenger Hunt. The twin sisters from Stockport here in the UK were participants in the 1st TNA British Boot Camp in 2012 alongside Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud (who was the eventual winner). They signed with TNA in February but opportunities were scarce and they departed in January 2014 and announced a sabbatical from wrestling.

Lei’D Tapa is the neice of WWE legend The Barbarian. Tapa’s stint in TNA was very short (September to December 2013) acting as Gail Kim’s bodyguard but was released due to her lack of experience. Tapa is a 3 times OVW Women’s Champion and is apparently the last champ as OVW announced they have no women wrestlers on their active roster.

Taeler Hendrix made her debut in 2008 for New England Championship Wrestling and has gone on to appear for various companies such as ROH, Chaotic Wrestling and SHINE. Hendrix was a 3 time OVW Champ. Her appearances in TNA were very short as she only made 2 appearances on TNA Impact after signing before being released on 3rd July 2013.

Four wrestlers TNA couldn’t give the opportunities to, kicking ass in the 2nd ladder match in OVW history!

WWC 15th Aniversario
10th September 1988
Fire Match
Carlos Colon vs Hercules Ayala

Taking things to the extreme now with a match from Puerto Rico! The ring ropes have been set on fire to continue the feud between Puerto Rican legend Carlos Colon and his one time foe Hercules Ayala. To set up this match Hercules had storyline-attacked Colon’s wife at a WWC banquet award ceremony.

Hercules had met Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid in Germany and in turn got the opportunity to work for Stu Hart in Canada for 8 years. In that time he won the Stampede Tag Team Championship with Jim Neidhart. Ayala finally turned heel back in WWC in 1987 and feuded with Colon until 1989 when he lost a Loser Leaves Town match.

With blood and fire involved, this one gets extreme! It wasn’t even the main event of the show!

19th April 1993
USWA Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match
Jerry Lawler vs Randy Savage

On to 1993 where Jerry Lawler defends the USWA Championship against Macho Man Randy Savage! During this time WWE was loaning talent to Memphis in a cross brand rivalry (including a heel Vince McMahon) with wrestlers like Papa Shango and Koko B. Ware appearing. Lawler was a face in Memphis while being a heel in WWE and Savage was a heel in Memphis while being a face in WWE. Lawler and Savage would wrestle nine times in USWA in 1993. Five matches ended in DQ, one ending in referee decision, one ending in a double count out, one double DQ and the last match in October ending with Savage winning the USWA title (while having Vince McMahon in his corner).

Featuring a run in by Sherri Martel and accidentally funny commentating, here’s match six of the Lawler-Savage feud in USWA!

26th June 2002
Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal
Tyler vs Francine vs Alexis Laree vs Shannon vs Elektra vs Erin vs Miss Sasha vs Joanie vs Taylor Vaughan

Bringing all sorts of stuff to the Scavenger Hunt and this is no exception. Here is, from TNA’s 2nd ever weekly PPV show, the Lingerie Battle Royal! Basically it’s an elimination Bra And Panties match. Most of the combatants were unknowns who didn’t go on to work much more. But this match does feature Francine of ECW fame. It also features Daffney as Shannon, Taylor Vaughan who was B.B in WWE…..and the TNA debut of Alexis Laree who would go on to become Mickie James. A mess of a match…but TNA living up to it’s name in a different way!

And finally..

6th October 2012
Four Way Elimination Casket Match
Gangrel vs Jeckles The Jester vs El Chupacabra vs Luster The Legend
We end with a match from SWF in Sacramento, a four way elimination casket match! The slightly demented Jeckles The Jester who started wrestling in 2007 brings another “Freakshow Challenge” to SWF. His challengers are the ever shrieking “Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra, the 6 foot 5 Luster The Legend and former WWE star Gangrel!

The action gets a bit chaotic and thankfully you don’t have to put up with El Chupacabra’s constant shrieking for long. I need not say anymore, the casket match goes to new levels!

That my fellow wrestling obsessives is the conclusion to another Scavenger Hunt! These have been gaining more viewers each week so feel free to RT and spread the word! Thank you to everyone for having a look, I do this for fun! Until next time, from me HobosGhost, I say good day!

If you would like to check out past Scavenger Hunts just click here! Want to talk with HobosGhost himself? Click here to follow him on Twitter!


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