NXT Review – Episode 250

Here is a review of the latest episode of NXT on the WWE Network. If you haven’t read any of my reviews before they are pretty cut and dry. I give you my thoughts on the matches and the performers rather than having you read move by move. Enjoy!

Full Sail University
The show opens up with Bayley, the super upbeat, fan hugging, headband wearing grappler from San Jose against the headbanging Becky Lynch. Both women’s skills in the ring far surpass what you would see on Raw or SmackDown so this should be a good one. (I hope)
Bayley vs. Becky Lynch
The match starts off very fast paced with both women countering each other. The action is so fast that you can pick up a little stutter in Becky Lynch’s offense in the beginning but it doesn’t hinder anything. I’m definitely enjoying seeing Bayley be more aggressive. A distraction from Becky Lynch’s partner in crime Sasha Banks gives Becky enough time to hit a roll up and grab the tights for a sketchy win. Quick match but it keeps the feud between Bayley and her nemesis Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.
Winner: Becky Lynch
NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte comes down to the ring to even the odds in case things get crazy but Banks and Lynch exit the ring with no confrontation. Backstage Bayley thanks Charlotte for having her back out in the ring. Charlotte informs Bayley that she won’t be on NXT next week so she needs to stay away from Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch because no one will be there to have her back. Bayley accepts the advice and gives the reluctant champion a hug. Charlotte’s facial expression shows she is definitely concerned for her friend, how sweet!
Next up the number one contenders of the NXT Tag Team Championship the Vaudevillains come down to the ring and demand a match against the NXT Tag Team Champions Lucha Dragons. The music of the Lucha Dragons hits but we get a pint sized version of the team instead. Poor little dudes even have difficulty getting into the ring. Vaudevillains request a referee and…I guess we have a match?
Vaudevillains vs. Lucha Dragons (?)
What is happening here? How did…did they…ah screw it.
Winners: Vaudevillains
Back to the ring with Baron Corbin who is becoming another favorite of mine and it is clear as day WWE has some big plans for him. I know many people online are starting to get restless with only seeing Corbin in squash matches and while they do have a legitimate gripe, you have to look at what the grand scheme could be. Corbin mauls his way through the roster and who knows by then who will be on top of that NXT mountain. Whoever that is may feel unstoppable…until they are face to face with Corbin. The man who has run through the NXT roster like a train with no conductor has grown tired of beating no names in twenty seconds or less and now he’s hungry for more. It’s a perfect recipe to push Corbin into a bigger spot and give him a heel who it won’t take twenty seconds to beat. Who that could be, we’ll just have to wait and see.
Baron Corbin vs. Elias Sampson
Adios Elias Sampson, thank you for coming. 
Winner: Baron Corbin
Bull Dempsey comes down to the ring before Corbin could even get up the ramp. A little bit of foreshadowing to what I mentioned above?
Bull Dempsey vs. Steve Cutler
This is a quick one however not as quick as a Corbin match. Dempsey with 90% of the offense wins with a flying headbutt.
Winner: Bull Dempsey
To the ring we go with Tyson Kidd taking on CJ Parker. I’m beginning to really like Tyson Kidd. His work on NXT and the main roster shows have proven to be must watch stuff as he is always performing maneuvers we don’t typically see on the main roster. With constantly bringing something new to the table while getting more TV time, pretty soon fans will be clamoring to see him consistently and maybe in bigger spots on the card.
I wish I could say the same about CJ Parker. For as long as he has been featured in NXT the guy offers nothing besides a gimmick that can easily rile the fans up. He hasn’t been placed in any feuds and I can’t remember anything memorable he has done. To me his crowning achievement so far is being Baron Corbin’s first victim.
Tyson Kidd vs. CJ Parker
Solid match where Parker is able to get at least half the offense so it doesn’t look one sided. One of my favorite aspects of NXT overall is how the commentary doesn’t shy away from calling the action the way it was meant to be called. Kidd gets the win using the Sharpshooter. He has one of the best Sharpshooters I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t sit back, he wrenches back. He places a fist on the hamstring of his opponent for added pressure. It’s the little things…
Winner: Tyson Kidd
After the match Tyson Kidd extends a challenge to Finn Balor for a match next week. That will no doubt be must watch.
Backstage Enzo Amore and Collin Cassady get ready for their match.
Collin Cassady and Enzo Amore vs. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
A quick match but it features some great tag work from both teams. What I notice from Enzo and Big Cass is Enzo brings all the charisma but his ring work doesn’t seem as polished as Big Cass. Heavy on the strikes which is more suited for a seven foot Cassady. In sports entertainment you can get away with having all skill and little charisma or vice versa so Enzo and Big Cass will always be on the upside. Enzo and Big Cass get the victory with a seated atomic drop/big boot combo.
Winners: Enzo Amore and Collin Cassady
After the match both teams get attacked by The Ascension. Angry about getting taken out by Hideo Itami and Finn Balor they say it is far from over and The Ascension will rise again. Sami Zayn enters the office to personally thank NXT GM William Regal for giving him time to address the NXT Universe.
Sami Zayn Addresses the NXT Universe
Sami says he’s always believed he always had the heart of a champion but clearly looking back at last week maybe things aren’t the case. He calls out NXT Champion to the ring. Sami says if he can’t beat Neville for the title he doesn’t know why he is even in NXT. Zayn says that if their friendship means anything to Neville he will give him one more shot at the title, if Sami Zayn cannot win this time, then he is done with NXT. Neville says that if it were up to him he would give Zayn a rematch anytime, anywhere. He respects Sami’s heart and will but he has nothing left to prove. An angry Zayn fires back that Neville doesn’t need to tell him what he does or doesn’t need to prove. Out comes GM Regal who says Zayn is more than worthy of a title rematch. The rematch will happen on December 11th at the next NXT Takeover live event on the WWE Network. Neville says he is glad to give the rematch but he will not have the burden of ending Zayn’s career on his hands. Zayn says whether it is in the contract or not if he cannot defeat Neville for the title he is done.
So what are your thoughts on NXT and Episode 250? Feel free to leave a comment below or let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr! Your feedback is greatly needed and appreciated.

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