HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – No Clowning Around!

Keep Brock Lesnar away from here as we reach number 21 in the Scavenger Hunt streak here on TWC!

Hello everyone once again for more of the weird and wonderful action in the history of wrestling! From early appearances of legends to odd matches to current indie stars, I try to keep things fresh and random for your viewing pleasure/displeasure! five clips as is standard, I am HobosGhost from the UK/Twitter!

So let’s get this weeks episode started!

NWA Grandslam
17th April 1993
Terry Funk vs Road Warrior Hawk

Kicking off with a quiet, submission based match…ah who am I kidding! We kick off with the main event of NWA Grandslam from 1993, a wild brawl between Hawk and Terry Funk!

At this time Hawk had quit the WWE and was wrestling solo on the Indie scene and in Japan for NJPW. Reports suggested Hawk hated the puppet Rocco that Paul Ellering brought to the ring in 1992 as well as booking, resulting in Hawk quitting, thus splitting up the Road Warriors/L.O.D for a brief time.

Terry Funk in 1994 would pledge his allegiance to ECW when it was Eastern Championship Wrestling by promising to appear regularly when able to to help the company grow. ECW had split from NWA in 1993 in controversial circumstances. With chairs flying, bells ringing, fans running and Hawk no-selling a piledriver (nothing new there), a wild end to NWA!

7th August 1993
Marcus Bagwell vs Yoshi Kwan

Still in 1993 here we have Chris Champion going all oriental for the WCW crowd as the Hong Kong nerve hold specialist Yoshi Kwan! Accompanied by WWE HOF’er Harley Race, Kwan would wrestle a few times for WCW and be involved in a feud with Cactus Jack. Chris Champion wrestled for NWA and USWA before debuting as Kwan. After his short stint he went to Japan to work for FMW before returning to USWA in 1996.

Marcus Bagwell debuted in wrestling in 1990 as Fabulous Fabian for North Georgia Wrestling before joining WCW in 1991. After forming several tag teams he turned on his last partner Scotty Riggs and joined the NWO as Buff Bagwell. On 23rd April 2012, Bagwell was hospitalized after a car accident, spending the rest of 2012 recovering before returning to the indie scene in 2013.

22nd April 2012
Bray Wyatt vs Aiden English

Next is the debut match of the Bray Wyatt character in FCW! Accompanied to the ring by Eli Cottonwood, the former Husky Harris makes his re-debut against Aiden English! Note the fact that Wyatt is using his current theme here which I didn’t realize he used in FCW!

After being a part of the Nexus group, Harris returned to FCW in March 2011. He wrestled as the hockey masked Axel Mulligan at live events but reverted back as Husky Harris on FCW TV, teaming with his brother Bo Rotunda (Bo Dallas). A two-time FCW Tag Team Champion, it would be April 2012 where Harris would become Bray Wyatt, with this match being on the fourth episode of FCW when it was rebranded as NXT. An injury in July would force him out of the ring but he still was present, leading Luke Harper and Erick Rowan into battles on his behalf.

Aiden English is currently one half of The Vaudevillians with Simon Gotch in NXT. He was signed by WWE in early 2012 having debuted in wrestling in 2011. It would not be until September 2013 where English would pick up his first win in NXT against Michael Q.Laurie.

Note Sister Abigail isn’t the finisher, Bray Wyatt shows he indeed does have time on his side….

11th March 2012
AAA Trios Championship Match
Los Perros Del Mal vs Los Psycho Circus

I’ve been wanting to feature Psycho Circus for a while, and now is a good time! In the same year as the debut of Bray Wyatt Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Monster Clown and Murder Clown) won their 1st AAA Trios Championship. They are currently in their 2nd reign as champs. The Circus debuted on 14th December 2007 and went on an undefeated streak in trios action. The record was fabricated and supposedly stretched for over 600 matches before they were defeated by Los Perros Del Mal in a steel cage weapons match on 5th December 2010. Psycho Clown is the smallest at 6 foot 1, Monster Clown is 6 foot 3 and Murder Clown is the tallest at 6 foot 5. Their size makes them a dominant force against their much smaller opponents.

Los Perros Del Mal are Halloween, X-Fly and Damian 666. Halloween was Ciclope in WCW during the influx of Mexican Luchadors in WCW. Damian 666 was also part of WCW’s roster as a part of LWO as well as wrestling as Galaxy at the same time in WCW without it being acknowledged they were the same person. Damian’s son Bestia 666 currently tags with Damian and has had trials with WWE in the past. X-Fly used to wrestle as Mosco De La Merced (Mosquito Of Mercy) before adopting the X-Fly name. He wrestled 4 times for WWE in 1997 as El Mosco and wrestled for ECW in 1999 for 3 months as Mosco De La Merced, featuring at live events, Hardcore TV and 2 Pay Per Views in that time.

Los Psycho Circus standing tall!

UWA Hardcore Wrestling
26th May 2007

Motor City Machine Guns vs Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon

We end this weeks episode with a two night event from Ontario, Canada where UWA welcomed a few Japanese wrestlers. This was the main event from night 2! The undercard featured Josh Prohibition defeating Kazuchika Okada. Here we have Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin taking on Japanese legends Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Ultimo Dragon.

Shelley and Sabin were working for TNA as well as being on the indie scene, something they continued to do before their departure from TNA in 2012. Alex Shelley continues to work for NJPW as Time Splitters with KUSHIDA, something he has done before including MMG winning the NJPW Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Championships while working for TNA.

The commentator sounds like he is impersonating Joey Styles in this match. Liger and Dragon show no signs of slowing down despite being 42 (Liger) and 40 (Dragon) at the time of this match. Dragon is 47 years old and still competing mainly for AJPW while Liger is 49 years old and recently became the NWA Jr Heavyweight Champion by defeating Chase Owens at NJPW Power Struggle 2014.

Cool match!

That is it for another episode of the non-award winning Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for taking the time to check this out, another random mix bag for you to digest! There was a little error last week where the link to the Casket Match was missing, apologies for that so here it is:

Can’t get the colleagues these days sheesh!

Make sure you guys check out past Scavenger Hunts by clicking here! Until next time scripted sports fans!


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