Cremator Von Slasher

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Right Hand! Tarver! Tarver! Right Hand! Down Goes Baretta!

Welcome everyone to the 23rd Scavenger Hunt with me HobosGhost from Twitter! Parodying the end to Wrestlemania 14 with the title, the Hunt continues for clips of complete randomness, the best and worst at times of wrestling!

Five clips as per usual so let’s get started!

16th July 2003
New Jack and Shark Boy vs Harris Twins

Kicking off with a match from the 54th NWA/TNA weekly Pay Per Views as the Harris Brothers face the bizarre duo of Shark Boy and New Jack! Shark Boy and New Jack were in a storyline were Sharkie wanted to be friends, resulting in some amusing vignettes with New Jack trying to resist before giving in and doing what Sharkie wanted (including playing a hoop game in a paddling pool at one point). Jack wears a Shark Boy mask for most of this match which is bizarre to see in itself! From wielding knives in ECW to wearing a shark mask, New Jack’s time in TNA wasn’t long. Jack was around for 4 months with this being his last match before departing. New Jack and Shark Boy…. they say opposite’s attract!

28th March 2007
Annie Social vs Talia Madison (Velvet Sky)

On to the not so great Women’s Extreme Wrestling (also known as Women’s Erotic Wrestling) as Annie Social takes on Talia Madison aka TNA’s Velvet Sky!

WEW would run a few shows and storylines would involve erotic or sexual themes. They would also have matches more typical of male hardcore wrestling like flaming tables matches and TLC matches. WEW would also feature adult movie stars in storylines in amongst the wrestling roster that at one time featured Mickie James, Mercedes Martinez and ODB amongst others. Talia debuted for the company in the last year of the company, ending up a 2 time Tag Champion and the WEW Champion. Annie Social was spotted working in a bar and was relatively new to wrestling (looks very green in this match). Annie went on to wrestle for Shimmer and WSU where she sharpened her skills as an in ring performer.

The debut of WEW to the Scavenger Hunt!

13th October 1992
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Natural Disasters vs Money Inc

The reason this match from WWE goes in this week’s Scavenger Hunt is because this was the only title change to occur on WWE Wrestling Challenge! Before the days of Raw and Smackdown, titles changes were few and far between on many WWE TV programming. Reason behind this was due to shows like Wrestling Challenge normally featuring Talent vs Enhancement Talent in quick squash matches. The storyline to this was that Jimmy Hart gave the Nasty Boys tag title shot to Money Inc, angering the Nasty’s who in turn turned face. A couple of unusual bits in this match, the heel challengers get beaten up by the Nasty’s before the match so they start at a disadvantage. Then the ending is a bit unexpected despite the simple booking of Earthquake suffering a head injury from taking a rather spectacular bump to the floor (great agility from the late John Tenta as was common from him).

The only title change on Wrestling Challenge…. Earthquake paid the price to the Million Dollar Man!

Big West Wrestling
12th August 2013
Street Fight
Cremator Von Slasher vs Tony Baroni

Having seen a few of his matches over the last year, it’s about time that Cremator Von Slasher debuts on the Scavenger Hunt! The 6 foot 10 monster from Canada made his wrestling debut on 20th September 2001 and has wrestled exclusively in Canada. A regular in ECCW (who were affiliated with NWA) since his debut, the masked chokeslamming monster (sounds familiar) is a former ECCW Champ, a two time ECCW Tag Team Champ, a two time ECCW Hardcore Champ and a one time ECCW Vancouver Island Heavyweight Champ. Also appearing for other Canadian companies like Big West Wrestling and Pure Wrestling Association, the 31 year old continues to be a regular on the Canadian indie circuit.

And Finally…..

9th February 2013
NWA FUW Heavyweight Championship Match
Michael Tarver vs Trent Baretta

Ending this weeks post with a title match for the NWA Florida Underground Wrestling Championship at the “Operation Reload” event as two former WWE wrestlers collide!

Trent Baretta didn’t achieve great success in WWE before his release January 11th 2013. This match was nearly one month after his release. He has gone on to appear for PWG, TNA, Dragon Gate USA, WXW in Germany, FIP and NJPW. A former WXW Tag Champ with Matt Striker and the former FIP Champion (losing the title on the WWNLive tour of China on November 14th to Rich Swann), Trent continues to ply his trade on the indies!

Michael Tarver has been working primarily with NWA since his WWE release on June 13th 2011. He was the first NWA FUW Bruiserweight Champion and is a two time FUW Heavyweight Champion. Tarver also appeared in two matches for NJPW, accidentally busting open Hiroyoshi Tenzan in an awkward match before teaming with Big Daddy Yum Yum in a losing effort to Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima.

Odd little bit in the match at the five and a half minute mark where Trent runs to the bathroom, a pretty entertaining match nonetheless!

That my fellow wrestling oddballs is the end of another Scavenger Hunt! Many thanks for stopping by! There will quite possibly be a compilation best of the Scavenger Hunt for the holidays and unless things change, the Hunt continues in the new year! Be sure to check out all of the past Scavenger Hunt posts by clicking here! And if you would like to talk wrestling with me follow and send me a tweet on Twitter by clicking here!

Until next time folks, have a nice day!


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