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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Oh What a Car Jacking Rush!

Happy New Year Hunters and welcome to Episode 25 of the Scavenger Hunt! After a week absence for the holidays I am back! Same protocol as usual, five clips found on the internet for your curiosity!

What’s in store this week? Let’s find out!

APW Gym Wars
24th May 2002
Joey Ryan, Bryan Danielson and Cheerleader Melissa vs Jardi Frantz, JoJo Fantastico and Nikki (Sara Del Rey)

Kicking off with pretty intriguing six person intergender match from 2002! PWG star Joey Ryan teams with WWE fan favorite Daniel Bryan and former Shimmer Champion Cheerleader Melissa in this bout. While Jardi Frantz and JoJo Fantistico are more obscure, their tag partner Nikki is none other than Sara Del Rey!

Having started training in 2001 at APW (partly by Danielson) Del Rey would go on to have success in Chikara, Shimmer, ROH and JAPW. Del Rey became only the 4th female to feature in Pro Wrestling Illustrated list of the top 500 wrestlers in the world in 2012. The same year she signed with the WWE and became the 1st full time female trainer in NXT and is credited for the impressive skills of the NXT women’s division. The NXT trainer in her own early days as a rookie!

Road Warriors Japan debut promo video

This is bizarre! While working for the AWA, The Road Warriors Hawk and Animal were booked to do a tour of Japan with AJPW. They were the current AWA Tag Team Champions at the time. They would make an immediate impact by defeating tag teams featuring big names at the time like Giant Baba, Genichiro Tenryu and Killer Khan all in just under 3 minutes. They became huge in Japan and would return often while between jobs. This promotional video has them as being from outer space, carjacking, drinking motor oil before being led by Paul Ellering to AJPW. What a rush!!

WWE 25th November 1985
WWE Women’s Championship Match
Wendi Richter vs The Spider-Lady

This match is often referred to as “The Original Screwjob” in some circles. From a Madison Square Garden taped event here we have fan favorite and WWE Hall of Fame inductee Wendi Richter vs. Spider Lady. Wendi had been wrestling Spider Lady at live events prior to this match… only difference this time is Fabulous Moolah was booked as Spider Lady. Wendi Richter was the one who ended Moolah’s long reign as WWE Women’s Champion. This match is knee deep in controversy which would end up being Wendi’s last match ever in the WWE as a result.

Conflicting stories about Wendi’s contract confused the reason WWE wanted the title off Wendi. WWE, Moolah, and the ref were all involved in the outcome of the match. A dark moment in the career of these two Hall Of Famers, Wendi continues to try working the match before raw anger kicks in which Moolah reacts by constantly raising her arms in celebration while a bemused Howard Finkel looks on. An uncomfortable match to watch, the predecessor to the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

BCC Wrestling
15th October 2011
El Generico vs Tajiri vs Shelton Benjamin

A pretty cool match from Belgium next as Sami Zayn in his El Generico days battles both the Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri and Shelton Benjamin! El Generico is of course now the current NXT Champion Sami Zayn. Since his debut in 2002, the Canadian made a name for himself achieving success in ROH, PWG, Chikara and internationally in Europe, Japan and Mexico. His most notorious feud was against Kevin Steen in ROH which ended with an unsanctioned match at the ROH Final Battle 2010 event which Generico won. They both continued to wrestle for different promotions up to Generico’s last match in ROH in a Ladder War match in 2012. Shelton Benjamin continues to appear for NJPW on occasions since 2012. He was eliminated in the semi=finals of the 2014 New Japan Cup by Bad Luck Fale. He also took part in the G1 Climax tournament, finishing tied 5th place in his block with 5 wins and 5 losses. Tajiri currently works for Wrestle-1 since the WNC promotion he was in control of shut down after being made an offer by Keiji Mutoh to join. Great match from Belgium!

And Finally…..

Apache Army
2nd November 2006
Barbed-Wire Boards, Car Windshield Death Match
Jun Kasai vs Takashi Sasaki

The plan was to end with a nice sensible match….plans changed! Here we have the crazy mutilated Jun Kasai in action against Takashi Sasaki! Having never seen car windshield’s being used as weapons before this had to go in! The man dubbed “Crazy Monkey” is both a technical wrestler and a death match wrestler. Having worked mostly for BJW, he has also wrestled for CZW. He is a former CZW Ultraviolent, CZW Junior Heavyweight and CZW Tag Team Champion and the 2014 CZW Tournament of Death winner. Having wrestled in matches involving various nasty objects including fire tables, light tubes, cacti, razor blade boards and a gusset plate board (which practically ripped his forehead open), car windshields could be considered a nice change! Jun Kasai finally appears on the Scavenger Hunt!

That folks is it for the first episode in 2015! I hope I didn’t disappoint! Thanks for tuning in, I hope you return next time for more randomness to quench your wrestling thirst! Until then…. watch out for carjacking Road Warriors from outer space!

You can check out past Scavenger Hunts from HobosGhost here and while you’re at it follow him on Twitter!


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