NXT Review – Episode 257 [1/1/15]

Here is a quick review of Episode 257 of NXT which you can watch on the WWE Network.

The show starts off with the NXT Tag Team Champions the Lucha Dragons coming to the ring. I’m a huge fan of the Lucha Dragons because not only are they exciting, it’s good to see both the character of Sin Cara and the person portraying the character formerly known as Hunico do so well. They will be taking on Jason Jordan and Tye Dillenger in a non-title match. I don’t know much about Jordan or Dillenger however Dillenger does come highly regarded from his peers.

Dillenger and Jordan’s entrance music is so weird. It completely throws me off. It sounds like a horror/erotic film soundtrack. On to the match…

Lucha Dragons vs. Jason Jordan and Tye Dillenger

Right off the bat Kalisto shows off his impressive balance and high flying ability. He gets caught by Jordan who launches him halfway across the ring. Jordan has a nice size to him and both he and Dillenger have a clean cut babyface look, it’s just too early to tell if they have the other tools to take them further.  I know in a technical wrestling sense they are playing the heels in the match but mocking their opponents should be saved until they are well established. It just makes them look foolish when their opponents gain the upper hand. At least if they were more established on the NXT roster I would buy into it more. The crowd seems to be really behind Dillenger which is the beauty of being a part of the live NXT audience, the crowd can be vocal about whoever they please. Kalisto gets worked over pretty good to start the match with frequent tags coming from Jordan and Dillenger. Jordan attempts a back body drop but Kalisto lands on his feet and gets the hot tag to his partner Sin Cara. I’ve never seen a hot tag done that way, pretty impressive. Sin Cara begins bouncing off the ropes like a pinball and only slightly misses the mark with a head scissor take down. Kalisto takes out Jordan on the outside with a beautiful springboard corkscrew moonsault. Dillenger looks to hit Sin Cara with a double knee strike but Sin Cara blocks it, sets Dillenger up on the top turnbuckle, and hits him with a sunset powerbomb off the top. Sin Cara get the three count and the win for the Lucha Dragons. At first watch I thought this match was super quick and with entrances included it clocks in at six minutes. Don’t blink or the Lucha Dragons might make you miss something.

Winners: Lucha Dragons

After the match the Tag Team Champions get attacked by their R-Evolution opponents the Vaudevillians. Usually I’m not too excited for rematches after a major event but with NXT only being an hour long you’re not burnt out from said rematches, much like what happens on the main roster shows. Next week the Vaudevillians will face the Lucha Dragons in a rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Backstage Bull Dempsey tries to give CJ Parker a little pep talk before Parker’s 1000th (I’m exaggerating obviously) match against Baron Corbin.

Back to the ring where Enzo Amore and Big Cass introduce their diva counterpart Carmella. Amore and Big Cass do a pretty good job of putting over Carmella’s opponent Blue Pants. Again the crowd is wildly behind the underdog Blue Pants which I have to imagine is the reason why she is being used more than once. The fact that whoever is in charge of NXT is willing to listen to what the audience takes a liking to rather than assume what they want is another reason why NXT is so popular.

Carmella vs. Blue Pants

Match starts pretty standard with a hold and a shoulder block from Carmella. She shows off a pretty mean side of her by stepping on the hair of Blue Pants. Both women get back to their feet with Blue Pants fighting back but that is short lived. As Carmella stays on offense Enzo hops up on the apron begging Carmella to hit Blue Pants with the ‘ol one two okie doke (that’s what we Jersey folk call it. Enzo knows what I’m talking about). Carmella takes exception to Enzo’s antics and mushes his face off the apron. This distraction allows Blue Pants to roll up Carmella for the victory and the crowd goes nuts.

Enzo’s face = classic. Source:

Winner: Blue Pants

Now to anyone who doesn’t understand the dynamic of NXT a no name (in the NXT/WWE sense) defeating someone who is well on her way of being established in NXT wouldn’t make sense. But again, the powers that be actually listen to their audience and every once in a while they’ll throw them a bone to keep them happy. I can’t tell you why the crowd loves Blue Pants but I can tell you Leva Bates, the wrestler who is Blue Pants, is a mighty fine performer in the ring so here’s hoping we see more of her in 2015.

Baron Corbin vs. CJ Parker

If you watch NXT regularly, you know how it went down. If you don’t (what are you sick?), Corbin beat that boy quick…again. Bull Dempsey has had a bone to pick with Corbin ever since the two briefly crossed paths a few weeks ago. Since then it’s been weeks of stare downs seeing which one would make the first move. The entire 30 second match Corbin barely took his eyes of Dempsey who was standing ringside. I don’t think Corbin even blinked! After he laid to waste CJ Parker, Corbin grabs a mic and asks Dempsey if he’s going to stand there looking scared or are they going to do this. Corbin pulls Dempsey over the barricade and both men just start throwing bombs on each other. It takes a gang of referees to separate both men.

Backstage NXT GM William Regal announces that Sami Zayn will be making his first appearance as NXT Champion next week to update everyone on his status after his championship celebration was cut short by Kevin Owens. Regal is interrupted by former WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel who has been looking to rejuvenate his career in NXT. Regal finally grants his request and books Axel in a match next week against Hideo Itami.

Back to the ring where NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte cuts a promo on her rival Sasha Banks. Sasha and her sidekick Becky Lynch interrupt Charlotte and make their way to give the champion “the beat down of her life”. As the women approach the ring the music of WWE Diva Natalya hits and she gets in the ring to even the odds. Banks and Lynch cowardly retreat while Charlotte and Natalya share an embrace in the ring.

A pre-recorded interview between Renee Young and Kevin Owens is shown. The interview is cut short when Owens gets annoyed with Renee when she mentions Owens and Zayn have been life long friends. Owens points out that he is 30 years old and has only known Zayn for 12 of those years so someone needs to get their facts straight. Owens walks off angrily. 

Hideo Itami and Finn Balor vs. The Ascension

This match starts off with hard hitting shots coming from Balor and Itami on Viktor. Classic tag team strategy from Balor and Itami with frequent tags and keeping Viktor away from his corner. Balor gets caught with an uppercut which changes the offense in the match. Balor gets worked over by The Ascension for a good while. Again this becomes a match based on a lot of old school tag team tactics. Keeping your opponent in your corner, frequent tags, and mocking the other opponent’s partner as they helplessly look on. Balor finally creates some separation with a nifty Pele Kick and gets the tag to Itami. Hideo comes in and just lights it up with kick after kick. He pulls out this really cool tornado guillotine drop over the top rope. Itami once again teases the Go 2 Sleep but it gets broken up by Konnor. Balor takes out Konnor on the outside with a diving foot stomp. In the ring Itami hits Viktor with a spinning kick and gets the win.

Winners: Finn Balor and Hideo Itami

That concludes another solid hour of NXT. What did you think of the show? Comment below, on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr!


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