Brie Bella

Main Event Results – 1/6/15

Here are the results for the 1/6/15 edition of Main Event.


Paige def. Nikki Bella
Fandango def. R-Truth
Titus O’Neil def. Jack Swagger

Paige starts the show accompanied to the ring by Natalya. She will be taking on the Divas Champion Nikki Bella. For a Divas match featuring a Bella, this match had some nice nuances to it that make it enjoyable. Nikki does an awesome job working Paige’s arm including a nice whip from the apron to the floor. Nikki is really working Paige’s arm. Armbars, trapping the arm under the rope, the whole nine. Nikki spends a lot of time fixing her wardrobe, annoying. They do the spot where Brie distracts Paige, Brie gets taken out by Natalya, Natalya gets taken out by Nikki, and Paige goes for the roll up off the distraction. It only warrants a two count but the rebound thrust kick to Nikki’s face was a nice touch. Paige hits the RamPaige DDT for the win. Divas got way more time they would on Raw which translated into a decent match to say the least.

Rusev officially declares himself an entrant into the Royal Rumble.

I find it hysterical that they changed Fandango’s theme. It was the one thing that got Fandango over with the crowd, so much so WWE took it and shoved it down our throats and most likely blamed Fandango when it didn’t help catapult his career. If he keeps doing that top rope legdrop he’s going to be five inches shorter by the time he’s forty.

Jack Swagger comes out complete with his Macklemore $10 Supercut without Zeb Colter. Give me back my Zeb Colter dammit! He wouldn’t stand for such foolish haircut shenanigans! Titus O’Neil gets on the mic and the only thing worth noting is his name is spelled T-I-T-U-*dog bark thing* S. Fantastic. Titus is freakishly strong. He threw Swagger over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Referee botched a pinfall because Titus wiggled to the rope rather than just kicked out. Booker T. tried to come to the referee’s defense saying they don’t have the benefit of instant replay, except they do. Titus hits a big boot that causes him to bounce off the rope and into a vicious sitout powerbomb he calls “Clash of the Titus”. 1…2…3 holy [bleep] Titus got a win! Against a former World Champion! That’s the end of the show folks.

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