NXT Review – Episode 258

Here’s a review of NXT Episode 258 which can be found on the WWE Network.


Hideo Itami def. Curtis Axel
Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss
Tyler Breeze def. Chad Gable
Lucha Dragons def. Vaudevillains


The show kicks off with the newly crowned NXT Champion Sami Zayn. Remember it has been about four weeks since we’ve seen Zayn who was attacked by Kevin Owens back at NXT Takeover R-Evolution. Before talking to the NXT Universe he takes a little stroll through the crowd with his shiny new belt. He delivers such an intense and passionate promo about being yourself and trusting yourself to get you to the top. It was one of those promos that if you’re a fan of seeing one of your favorites finally make it to the top, you feel it when they say “…this one was for you.” He has some words for Owens basically saying come find me and we’ll settle the beef before he is interrupted by former champion Adrian Neville. The former champion isn’t out there to start trouble just to congratulate Zayn. Sami reminds Neville that he is due for a rematch. We are then joined by NXT GM William Regal who congratulates both men for their battle at R-Evolution. Regal says indeed Adrian Neville is allowed to have a rematch…which will happen next Wednesday!

Solid match from Itami and Curtis Axel. I hope we see more of Axel and he can rejuvenate his career similar to Tyson Kidd. Speaking of Kidd he is backstage with his wife Natalya. SmackDown’s newest commentator Byron Saxton hoped to get a word in with Kidd but he was too busy preparing for his match next week (why would they have him “prepare” a whole week in advance?) against Finn Balor. Before Natalya could give us her thoughts on the new season of Total Divas Tyson sends her off to feed his cats. You see, they’re his cats because he chews their food up before…you know what forget about that. I just hope she remembered that Louie the cat is allergic to plastic.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss was okay. From what I can recall, Bliss usually comes out on the losing end of her matches. She’s booked against stronger opponents for the most part but with Charlotte poised to get called up soon the NXT Women’s Division could look a little thin. It would be wise to start making Bliss look a little stronger so you have an option to build a believable story.

Been a while since NXT had Tyler Breeze on the card. Who is Chad Gable? WHY IS MORE THAN HALF THE ARENA CHANTING FOR HIM BEFORE THE MATCH?! WHAT AM I MISSING?!!!! Gable reminds me of someone who would replace Benjamin or Haas in World’s Greatest Tag Team. Before I could really gauge Gable he gets kicked in the face and the match is over.

The main event tonight, Lucha Dragons vs. Vaudevillains, was a solid one. Vaudevillains did a great job of isolating and working just one opponent and not letting the champs get off their feet much. My only gripe has nothing to do with the competitors but more so the production. A critical point in the match was Kalisto needed to desperately get the tag to his partner Sin Cara. Everyone did an excellent job creating a hot tag moment for the crowd to go crazy over. Kalisto goes to hit a head scissor takeover and while in the air tags his partner! Innovative! Except we get a hard camera shot and miss the tag. Then for the closing moments Sin Cara hoists English up for a stalling powerbomb almost while the legal man Kalisto does a corkscrew off the top. Again we get an awkward camera angle so it just looks like Kalisto did all the cool flippy stuff for nothing. My guess is Kalisto is supposed to hit the corkscrew like a crossbody going down in a powerbomb motion from Sin Cara. The tag champs get the three and the show is over. Make sure if you watch NXT on the WWE Network you tune in WEDNESDAY 8PM EST, their new night and time!

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