Main Event Review – 1/13/15

Here is a recap of the 1/13/15 edition of Main Event. You can watch Main Event on the WWE Network. How much you ask? $9.99!


Los Matadores def. Gold & Stardust
The Ascension def. Two Jobbers with No Names
Rusev def. Justin Gabriel
The New Day def. Adam Rose, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro


The show opens with Gold & Stardust. I usually groan when these two come out on Raw and it’s nothing against them I just get impatient waiting for the good stuff (which there hasn’t been a lot of) to happen. Since it’s Main Event I know nothing of importance will take place so I’m much more relaxed this time around. I get the feeling Stardust really enjoys playing this really weird off the wall character. Truth be told I spent the majority of the match baffled at how good JBL is on commentary here than on Raw. I guess he is just better having one analyst next to him than two. JBL came across very Heenan like to me. Tom Phillips is equally as good and definitely looks as though one day he will be in the same position as Michael Cole who, whether you like him or not, deserves to be recognized as the voice of a WWE generation.

I’ve loved The Ascension on the main roster for two reasons: A) JBL continues to bury them on commentary over their promos which are not really that spectacular and B) I’m always so curious as to where they find the “enhancement talent” they feed to The Ascension. Other than that it went the same way Ascension matches have been going.

Justin Gabriel was called upon to take on Rusev and we all know how that went down. Justin Gabriel had some really awesome ring gear. JBL made me crack up when he made the comment, “WWE Universe chanting USA for a guy from South Africa.” Pretty good to see Gabriel get some decent offense in a match where we already know what the outcome would be. I don’t know why but when someone taps quickly once in a submission hold I always wonder why because that would be something someone like me, who has no business being in the ring, would do. Good match though.

They air the Randy Savage Hall of Fame vignette. These are really well done. I’ve tried my hand on making my own but my own make me cringe in comparison to these. I love these. Oh trust me the announcement of Hulk Hogan inducting Savage makes me scratch my head too but I assume Lanny Poffo will accept the induction on his brother’s behalf. I say Ricky Steamboat would have been a great option.

The New Day took on Adam Rose, Cesaro, and Tyson Kidd. I think the WWE wants The New Day to succeed. I believe the reason behind the stable falling flat is simply because of their placement on the Raw card. Again, the past few Raw episodes have been lackluster at best. We’re constantly as the audience are counting on something big to happen that the entire episode we sit at hoping for a moment that makes us go, “Wow I definitely have to tune in next week.” and we haven’t gotten that in a long time. How does that affect The New Day as performers? Well right now since the stable and the idea behind it are still pretty fresh they would fit better earlier in the show or to use to cool the audience down from a hot segment or match where the audience really got into what was going on. It has been a while since that happened. Oh yeah, I’m totally confused by the Adam Rose pairing with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro team. Totally contradicts Cesaro wanting to be taken seriously as a performer. I know I sound like the typical wrestling fan gushing over Cesaro and Kidd but don’t they look like a solid tag team who could put on great matches with let’s say The Usos or Miz and Mizdow? As for the match holy crap what a good match. All six men killed it in this one. Everything had a great flow to it, the pacing was great, multiple big spots, multiple hot tags I mean the whole nine folks. If you’re bored and need a good match to watch this is a good one.

 That seems to be all for the show folks. What did you think of Main Event? Comment below, or visit or Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr!


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