NXT Review – Episode 259

Here’s a review/recap of NXT which originally aired on 1/14/15 on the WWE Network.


Finn Bálor def. Tyson Kidd
Baron Corbin def. Bull Dempsey
Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch def. Natalya & Charlotte


Bálor vs. Kidd was really good. One thing you can’t really teach is presence and Bálor just oozes presence. How he walks to the ring, poses to the tempo of his entrance theme, and the occasional body paint transformation he knows exactly how to get people to look at him and pay attention to everything he does in the ring. Bálor started off hot hitting Kidd with a middle dropkick that sent Kidd flying into the corner. Bálor is able to hit his low delayed dropkick and almost got a double stomp off giving the impression this one was going to end early. Kidd was able to mount decent offense as well as show of his ring expertise. Bálor goes for a baseball slide to the outside in which Kidd moves out of the way and catches Bálor with a spear into the barricade without missing a beat. More unseen offense from Balor including a nice double underhook reverse DDT and even breaking out a Slingblade which is a move NJPW fans are used to seeing from IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. Solid match from two very similar competitors, well worth your time.

Not to be outdone in the wow department was Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey. Truth be told the way they were building up this match one would think they would have saved it for another NXT special but are we really going to complain if they give it to us now? This is must watch for many reasons. 1) Both men are undefeated. 2) I was 99% sure this match wasn’t going to be the typical Corbin squash and thankfully it wasn’t. 3) We were going to see if Corbin had the arsenal to keep the fans in the match since it was going to go longer then thirty seconds. Something small and minor that I really love was Dempsey being the heel completely kills the momentum of the match by sliding to the outside AND instead of getting baited coming back in Corbin doesn’t wait and goes right after him. The slide was agitating as you should expect coming from a heel so it was nice to see the face keeping the momentum up by going right after him. I wish both men would have gotten more time but then you run the risk of overexposing Corbin so the quickness is small potatoes. I’ll tell you what wasn’t small potatoes was Corbin hitting the End of Days finisher with ease on a 300+ pound Dempsey. Goodness.

Next up was a tag match pitting Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch aka Team Best At Everything or Team BAE (I hate that word) versus main roster diva Natalya and the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte. Right off the bell Natalya and Lynch pull off a long sequence of chain wrestling that has me grinning from ear to ear. Both teams work well together. I seriously could watch these four ladies go for thirty minutes in the ring they are that good. Solid idea to have Banks get the shady win with a rollup and a handful of tights. Watch this one folks, the ladies pulled off a show stealer in about five minutes.

 The main event was the NXT Championship rematch from R-Evolution where newly crowned Champion Sami Zayn faced off against Adrian Neville. One would expect this one to be not as good as the first bout but let me tell you my eyes stayed glued to my TV as these two men pulled out all the stops. Neville hits a hurricanrana that drives Zayn’s head straight into the mat not once…but twice! Zayn goes for his patented Tornado DDT through the ring post but gets stopped DEAD by a superkick from Neville. We almost had a referee stoppage and by then I was already sold into the match. The setup for the Helluva Kick is the perfect climatic scenario you want in a main event championship match. I dare you to watch this one and not get sucked in.

This entire episode is stacked full with some great wrestling so if you need to pass the time I highly recommend watching this one.

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