HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – A "Stunning" Victory for the Macho Man!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! I’m your host Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles and alongside me is… err no-one actually, but never mind about that! Each week I compile five clips from the wacky world of wrestling! From WWE to NJPW to the indie scene and all around the world, I try to cover it all to expand your wrestling history!

Are You Ready? Then let’s start things off with…

Force 1- Pro
27th February 2011
Sugar Dunkerton vs Sami Callihan

Kicking things off with current NXT talent who many are waiting to see debut, Sami Callihan AKA Solomon Crowe. Here he battles the (as of time of writing) new SSW Heavyweight Champion Sugar Dunkerton!

Having signed with WWE on May 27th 2013, Solomon Crowe is still to debut on NXT programming. Solomon has been wrestling since March 2006 when he began working for Heartland Wrestling Association. He went on to appear for CZW, ROH, Chikara and PWG amongst others. There is quite an eagerness for his debut having seemingly shed the computer hacker gimmick WWE were toying with back on December 6th 2013. He did appear in the celebration at NXT R-Evolution after Sami Zayn’s title victory. Sugar Dunkerton was a regular for Chikara and wrestles for many companies, notably Resistance Pro Wrestling where he was Tag Team Champion, Beyond Wrestling and NWA Smokey Mountain. The 29 year old makes the basketball gimmick work, I love how he dribbles Sami’s head like a basketball! A pretty cool match!

28th July 2013
Ludark Shaitan vs Crazy Mary Dobson

On to a match from the International Wrestling League, a Mexican organization that features hardcore wrestling as well as the lucha libre style. We have here a women’s hardcore match between Ludark Shaitan and Crazy Mary Dobson! Mary Dobson is engaged to death match veteran Mad Man Pondo. Pondo and Mickie Knuckles trained Dobson and she made her wrestling debut in November 2011. A fan of death matches, Dobson’s not afraid to get bloody although she also wrestles regular matches, having now wrestled for the likes of Shimmer and Shine as well as both Reina and Ice Ribbon in Japan. Dobson has also appeared on WWE TV late last year as The Miz’s make up artist, a Rosebud and as Kane’s boss on the concession stand after the Authority lost at Survivor Series. The spikes to the head look pretty nasty, this match isn’t PG! The 21 year old puts up quite a fight.

UCW Showdown
24th July 2014
UCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Johnny Swinger vs Buff Bagwell

This match is pretty awful, which means it’s a perfect fit for the Scavenger Hunt! Former ECW and TNA star Johnny Swinger goes up against the gigolo himself, Buff Bagwell! The ring looks completely unstable, the first few minutes of the match nothing happens, and the run in and ref recovery are completely botched…I can’t help but like it! I’ll say no more, enjoy!

WCW Worldwide
14th May 1994
I Quit Match
Sting vs Rick Rude

This match was Rick Rude’s final TV match (besides a 6 man cage match in 1997 on ECW Hardcore TV in which he was in fact a bystander in the match). Rick Rude damaged his back against Sting on an NJPW event for the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship in which Rude lost the title. That injury would force Rick to retire at the age of 36 years old. An I Quit match tends to be a big PPV match, this was a typical TV match with a pretty weird ending. Not a fitting ending to a great wrestlers career, but it is the final match in the career of Rick Rude who passed away just 4 years later on 20th April 1999 aged 40 years old.

And finally…

WCW Saturday Night
27th May 1995
Macho Man Randy Savage vs Stunning Steve Austin

With the Macho Man finally going into the WWE Hall Of Fame (would have loved to see him on stage giving a speech) I thought I would end with a Randy Savage match. A little curiosity here, many know it happened, but here from WCW is Randy vs. Steve Austin in a quick TV match! This match was a WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Quarter Final match and was also Steve Austin’s last match in WCW before being injured and released from his contract.

Macho Man Randy Savage would be eliminated along with Ric Flair from this tournament as their semi final match was a no contest, with both wrestling in the main event of Great American Bash 1995 with Sting facing Meng for the U.S Championship on the undercard. With Steve Austin asking Vince about Savage on his podcast, this match goes on last, two legends collide!

That fellow wrestling fans is that for another week! Thanks for stopping by! You can say hello to me via Twitter if you wish! Also check out past editions of the Scavenger Hunt here. Until next time, I might snap into a Slim Jim OOOHHH YYYEAAHHH Dig It!


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