Chris Candido

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Blade The Walls Down!

Hello scripted sports fans and welcome once again to the Scavenger Hunt with me, the enigmatic HobosGhost!

What is the Scavenger Hunt I hear you say? Well for all you newbies each week I collect five clips for your viewing pleasure/bemusement! From WWE to TNA to ROH to NJPW and everything beyond, from all over the world! And all for free!

What’s in store this week? Let’s find out!

4th November 2006
OVW Women’s Championship Gauntlet Match
Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly vs Roni Jonah vs Melody vs Ariel vs Jennifer Mae vs ODB vs Katie Lea vs Serena Deeb

Kicking off with Ohio Valley Wrestling back when it was a WWE developmental organization! This is a gauntlet match for the Women’s Championship. Beth Phoenix saves the viewers and audience by taking out Kelly Kelly before the match starts (fabulous acting I think you will agree) before starting the “winner stays on” match. It’s near the end of the match where things get interesting. Ariel AKA Shelly Martinez makes a brief appearance. She was signed to WWE for two years before joining TNA as Salinas.

Next former TNA Knockout ODB appears! Currently signed to ROH, ODB made it to the top 25 in the first season of WWE’s Tough Enough competiton before making a few early appearances for TNA in 2004. She was in OVW for one year between 2006-2007. Katarina Waters was Katie Lea Burchill in WWE who was supposed to be in an incest angle with her onscreen brother Paul Burchill which was thankfully dropped. The German born British wrestler has a good night in this match and wrestled against Beth Phoenix in the first Women’s Ladder match in OVW history.

And finally there’s Serena Deeb who after a break from wrestling due to a severe head injury, wrestles on the indie scene and had a 60 minute match vs Ivelisse Velez last year for Shine. The former Straight Edge Society member was dismissed by WWE for supposedly not living up to the gimmick after being spotted in a bar despite the SES storyline beliefs.

The Gauntlet Match starts things off!

Smokey Mountain Wrestling
24th February 1995
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Candido vs Dan Severn

Here is raw footage of the match when Dan Severn of the MMA world became NWA World Champion! Dan Severn would appear for the WWE in 1998 while NWA Champion in a storyline feud where NWA invaded WWE.

This match was his first NWA Championship win and decided to be a traveling Champion instead of following on from Chris Candido’s lead of staying mainly in SMW. NWA had a short live arrangement with SMW after ECW broke away from the NWA in controversial circumstances. Severn’s reign would last 4 years. He did get another reign as NWA Champion in 2001 after defeating Shinya Hashimoto in Japan but he was stripped of the title after being unable to appear on the 1st NWA-TNA weekly PPV. Ken Shamrock (a one time rival of Severn’s in UFC) would go on to be the new NWA Champion.

Chris Candido had spells in WWE as Skip of the Bodydonna’s, ECW, WCW and NJPW among others. It was in TNA where he fractured his tibia and fibula and dislocated his ankle in a tag team steel cage match at the Lockdown event on 24th April 2005. After surgery there were complications and after a spell of illness, Candido tragically lost his life on April 28th 2005 after being diagnosed with pneumonia although his brother revealed he died from blood clots from surgery. He was 33 years old.

14th December 1991
WCW Television Championship Match
Stunning Steve Austin vs Arachnaman

For the second week in a row Steve Austin appears, this time defending the Television Championship against Arachnaman! Arachnaman was portrayed by the late Brad Armstrong. Brad was a former WCW Light Heavyweight Champion as well as a former WCW Six Man Tag Team Champion with The Freebirds. He also won numerous NWA Championships in his career. He didn’t appear as Arachnaman for too long (about 5 months sporadically) as Marvel Comics threatened with legal action over the strong resemblance to their comic book hero Spiderman. Brad worked as a producer for the WWE before sadly passing away on 1st November 2012. Arachnaman from Web City couldn’t pull off a “stunning” victory on this occasion!

Chikara High Noon
13th November 2011
The Colony vs The Young Bucks

Now this is one of my favorite matches to appear on the Scavenger Hunt! The opening match from the Chikara High Noon event features Fire Ant and Soldier Ant facing Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks!

The Young Bucks have been superkicking their way through the competition as part of the Bullet Club heel stable in NJPW. They have won numerous titles in their career and last year at one point they were the IWGP Jr Heavyweight, the PWG, and the ROH Tag Team Champions at the same time. Naming their Spike Tombstone combo after the wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, they can split opinion among fans, but this match is great in my opinion! Fire Ant steals the show in this match for me, sit back and enjoy the ride… Chikara style!

And Finally…..

SMW Night Of Legends
5th August 1994
Tag Team Street Fight
The Thrillseekers vs The Heavenly Bodies

We end with the infamous tag match between The Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho and Lance Storm) taking on the Heavenly Bodies (Tom Pritchard and the late Jimmy Del Ray). This match is known mostly because of Jericho. He wrestles this match with one arm as his right arm was broken. The story was due to a motorcycle accident but Jim Cornette said he botched a moonsault in training. This match is also known for the horrific blade job Jericho does. Knowing he had surgery the next day and the adrenaline plus using his left arm may have been factors in how deep Jericho cut. Managing to turn his blonde hair red, soaking the ring mat, the ref’s shirt, his opponents/tag partner and even members of the front row, it’s amazing Chris was still conscious! In front of 5,000 fans Smokey Mountain Wrestling certainly made a memorable moment in the history of wrestling with this match, probably more for the wrong reasons. Viewer advisory for this one, even Jim Ross sounds legitimately concerned for Jericho’s well being.

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope you have been entertained!

Next week it’s a WWE Superstars TV Special and don’t worry, Mantaur does make an appearance so don’t fret!

To check out past Scavenger Hunts click here. If you would like to get in touch with Hobosghost make sure to follow him on Twitter!

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