Buddy Murphy

NXT Review – Episode 261

A recap of the latest episode of NXT.


Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy def. Lucha Dragons to become the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions
Adrian Neville def. Tyson Kidd
Charlotte and Bayley vs. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch ends in a No Contest
Baron Corbin def. Bull Dempsey


The show kicks off with Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy getting a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships versus the Lucha Dragons. Jesus I hope Blake and Murphy drop that god awful dubstep entrance theme. It’s not even good dubstep like Bassnectar, it’s the kind of dubstep that people play when they make fun of dubstep. The fast camera motion mixed with the crazy lights doesn’t make things better, I feel like I’m going to be sick. Thankfully the bell rings and the match begins. Nothing really crazy about the match, it’s pretty standard. The closing moments saw Blake come in of a blind tag that Kalisto never saw. Kalisto hits his Silinas del Sol finisher on Murphy but Murphy isn’t the legal man. Blake goes in for the cover and gets the three count. Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy are the new NXT Tag Team Champions. I don’t hate the move but I’m not over the moon about it. The one thing I like about Blake and Murphy is what I mention in last week’s recap, they look like a legit tag team. The type of tag team that looks as though they have great chemistry before you even see what they do in the ring. As Jason Albert said on commentary the NXT Tag Team division is stacked so this can ultimately be a good thing.

Tyson Kidd took on Adrian Neville to see who would advance in the #1 contender tournament for the NXT Championship. The beginning of the match is super heavy on the technical wrestling which is awesome. Tyson running up the ref count then going right back outside made me laugh. In this day and age it is really hard to get the people to hate you but Tyson Kidd gets by simply by just amping up the douchebag level and making it look second nature. At one point Kidd takes Neville’s head and puts under the ring skirt then goes on the attack which is something I’ve never seen before. The rest of the match saw both men go back and forth matching each other move for move but int the end it was Neville picking the win and advancing in the tournament with a picture perfect Red Arrow.

We saw the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte team up with Bayley to take on Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Interesting since all four women will be taking on each other on the next NXT special on the WWE Network. I’m really digging this aggressive side of Bayley. Pretty solid tag match till Bayley inadvertently struck her partner Charlotte while breaking up a pin. Charlotte gets mad at Bayley and both women go blow for blow. Banks and Lynch break up the cat fight but get deposited out of the ring. Charlotte and Bayley go back to fighting each other. Safe to say that fatal four way at the next NXT special will be a good one.

Next up Baron Corbin took on his nemesis Bull Dempsey, the winner advances in the #1 contender tournament for the NXT Championship. Unlike the typical Corbin match this one went a few minutes as opposed to just a few seconds and Corbin was only on offense for about 80% of the match instead of the usual 99%. However in the end it went the same way all Corbin matches go, End of Days equals end of match.

To close out the show there was a contract signing between NXT Champion Sami Zayn and his opponent at the next NXT special Kevin Owens. This was arguably one of the best contract signings since Hogan and Warrior’s for WrestleMania VI (Okay maybe I’m exaggerating). The best part was not one single punch was thrown. Everything was going according to plan up until Owens refused to sign on the dotted line. Owens says he fights for a prize and the prize in this match isn’t Zayn, it’s the NXT Championship. Up until this point the title was not on the line for this match but that title to Owens means more money and a better life for him and his family. Zayn knows Owens won’t sign unless he gets what he wants so he make the case to Regal who obliges. If you’re watching this look at the expression on Owens’ face. So stoic it’s down right petrifying. It almost gives you the impression that Zayn did more than just sign a contract, he might of signed his own death certificate.

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