HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – WWE Superstars Special!

Good day wrestling fans and welcome to Episode 29 of the Scavenger Hunt with me, HobosGhost! It’s that time again where I collect five clips for your entertainment! Seems many check these out, for that I thank you and say hi on twitter!

It’s a WWE Superstars TV special this week, five matches from the past from the Superstars of Wrestling show!

Let us begin!

4th November 1989
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Brain Busters vs Demolition

Kicking off with The Brain Busters defending the Tag Team Titles against Demolition! Having defeated Demolition for the titles on 18th July 1989 in a 2 out of 3 falls match (ending Demolitions record breaking 478 day reign as Champs), Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard became the first team to have held the NWA and WWE Tag Team Championships. This match was recorded on 2nd October but not broadcast until 4th November. A short run with the titles, the Brain Busters would leave soon afterwards.

25th February 1995
20 Man Battle Royal

All you Mantaur fans will be happy as he is one of the 20 men in this battle royal! The main focus was the rivalry building between the British Bulldog and Shawn Michaels after the events of the Royal Rumble. It’s hard not to look at the collection of oddities in the ring as competitors such as Aldo Montoya, Mantaur, Duke Droese, Mabel and the last incarnation of The Headshrinkers battle it out. Shawn leaves early… and i don’t blame him!

4th March 1989
Hart Foundation vs Tony Durante/Gary Wolfe (ECW’s Pitbulls)

Before they became an early part in the development of the ECW brand, Gary Wolfe and Tony Durante were enhancement talent in the WWE! No better education than facing Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart! They were only in the WWE in 1989. After that the Pitbulls would join ECW and win their only Tag Team Championships in 1995. Pitbull #2 (Durante) would have a brief 21 day run as ECW TV Champion while Wolfe was out with a broken neck. Durante passed away along with his girlfriend from a drug overdose aged just 36 on 25th September 2003 while their two young children were apparently in the house.

11th May 1991
Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Rick Martel

In 1991 Roddy Piper was mostly on commentary and supporting Virgil in his pursuit of Ted Dibiases Million Dollar Championship. Rick Martel lost to Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania in the Blindfold match having set the then record for longest time in the Royal Rumble by lasting 53 minutes. Here is the two of them going at it with Roddy as the face and Rick as the cowardly yet devious heel. Roddy Piper would go on to feud with the debuting Ric Flair in late 1991 while Rick would go on to feud with Tatanka in early 1992. A fun match!

And Finally…

23rd February 1991
Virgil vs Haku

Speaking of Virgil, here he is battling Haku to end this weeks Scavenger Hunt! 1991 was probably the year where Virgil had his biggest storyline. His revenge on Ted Dibiase would result in him finally winning the Million Dollar Championship at Summerslam. Haku would team with The Barbarian to defeat The Rockers at Wrestlemania VII. After that Haku would leave after Royal Rumble 1992 and head to Japan then Mexico before joining WCW in 1994. The ending surprised me but then with regard to Virgil feuding with Ted it made sense!

That completes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope that helps get over the Royal Rumble a little bit for the disgruntled many! Thank you for checking this out, all my previous Hunts are still available to check out! [click here] Happy hunting!


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