Dynamite Kid

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – And Boom Goes the Dynamite!

It is time once again for the Scavenger Hunt with me, Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles! The format is the same, five clips from the world of wrestling for you to take a look at for your own viewing pleasure/bewilderment!

Lucha Libre USA
12th December 2010
Blue Demon Jr vs Tatanka

Kicking off with current Lucha Underground and all round Mexican legend Blue Demon Jr taking on former WWE star Tatanka! Blue Demon Jr is the adopted son of the original Blue Demon. He was the first masked luchador and the first Mexican to win the NWA Heavyweight Championship back in 2008 in Mexico. Currently out injured in storyline in Lucha Underground, Blue Demon Jr’s real name is still unknown.

Tatanka had two runs in the WWE. He went on a two year undefeated streak since his debut before losing to Ludvig Borga on the October 30th 1993 edition of WWE Superstars in controversial circumstances. Intriguing match to start with (camera work is a bit annoying however)

13th January 1980
Bobby Heenan vs Lord Alfred Hayes

Loved this from the moment I first saw it! From AWA (and tucked away in WWE’s archive) is Bobby Heenan doing battle with Lord Alfred Hayes! Both are well known and loved in the WWE Universe but here they do battle in what was a series of matches that ended in a loser leaves town match that resulted in Hayes losing.

Alfred Hayes was born in London, England in 1928. He was a black belt in Judo before training as a wrestler. After spending 20 years on the British circuit he hopped over to USA to appear for many territories. Joining WWE in 1982 he was the co-host of Tuesday Night Titans. Known for his infectious laugh, Alfred commentated with Jesse Ventura and horror hostess Elvira on the main event of Wrestlemania 2. Battle of the WWE personalities!

12th February 2012
FCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Leo Kruger vs Leakee

Fresh off his popular Royal Rumble win (ahem) here we have Roman Reigns as Leakee in FCW challenging Leo Kruger who is now Adam Rose for the FCW Heavyweight Championship! FCW is Florida Championship Wrestling and was WWE’s main developmental organization and the early form of NXT. Steve Keirn AKA Skinner was in charge up until the transition to NXT. Adam Rose is from South Africa and had been in FCW for 4 years before debuting on the 5th May 2014 edition of Raw interrupting Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Roman started 7 months after Rose in FCW in 2010 before making his debut as part of The Shield at Survivor Series 2012 attacking Ryback. Adam Rose vs Roman Reigns everybody!

PBW Maximum Impact
16th October 2010
MDogg20 Matt Cross vs Prince Devitt

Here we have Prince Devitt AKA Finn Balor taking on Matt Cross in Scotland! Matt Cross has appeared in Lucha Underground as Son Of Havoc and has been a wrestler for just over 13 years having been involved in backyard wrestling two years before his actual wrestling debut. Having appeared all over Europe as well as ROH, CZW and other indie promotions, Matt Cross took part in the 2011 revival of WWE’s Tough Enough but was surprisingly eliminated in the second week. Prince Devitt shows all the confidence in the world in this match. Having been trained and debuting for NWA UK Hammerlock in Kent in the south east of England at the age of 18 in 2000, Devitt’s career never stopped rising. He impressed NJPW trainers enough to be signed in 2006 and continued to do tours for them until April 2014 after losing to Ryusuke Taguchi at NJPW Invasion Attack. Currently signed to WWE and appearing in NXT it won’t be long before Devitt as Finn Balor makes it onto the main roster.

And Finally….

5th August 1982
WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid

Finishing with this excellent encounter from Japan! Tiger Mask made his debut for NJPW against Dynamite Kid and a rivalry was born. Dynamite Kid won only one of their series of five singles matches by DQ. Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid even had one of their matches at a Madison Square Garden event that was recorded. Despite it being for the WWF/E Junior Heavyweight Championship, the title was defended mostly in Japan. Dynamite Kid was working for Stampede Wrestling in Canada while doing tours of NJPW. He would join the WWE in 1984 and quit the WWE in 1988 having injured his back while being one half of the Tag Champions with Davey Boy Smith. A match way beyond it’s years that still holds up well with modern wrestling, a true classic!

That is all from me this week! Thank you for stopping by! Remember every Friday or Saturday there’s a new Scavenger Hunt so look out on twitter for when the next one appears! Follow HobosGhost on Twitter here and check out past Scavenger Hunts here!


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