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Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 2/23/15

Here are the Indy Power Rankings for the week of 2/23/15.

1.       Akira Tozawa (@TozawaAkira)-The domination of the Indy Power Rankings by Akira Tozawa and Monster Express continues this week after he went 3-0 to continue his insane winning streak to become #1 for the 2nd straight week. He teamed with teamed with Uhaa Nation at Dragon Gate on 2/16 to beat MAD BLANKEY (Cyber Kong and Don Fujii) then teamed with Uhaa Nation and Shingo Takagi on 2/21 to beat Dia.HEARTS (BxB Hulk, Kzy and Big R Shimizu) and finally teamed with Shachihoko BOY and Keirin Man on 2/22 to defeat MAD BLANKEY (YAMATO, Don Fujii and Punch Tominaga) to wrap up the week. He has won EIGHTEEN straight matches and is just the second person in 2015 to grab TWO #1 rankings and the first to do it two weeks straight.

2.       Volador, Jr.-A STAGGERING 5-0 week gets Mexico some recognition this week after Volador, Jr. cruised through a VERY successful week. Despite not much support in the online voting competition, he got a lot of #1 votes from the official voters after the UIPW Heavyweight Champ, NWA Historic Welterweight Champ and 1/3 of CMLL World Trios Champs; teamed with Dragón Rojo Jr., Stuka Jr. at CMLL on 2/17 to beat Boby Zavala, Gran Guerrero and Último Guerrero, then teamed with Rey Bucanero on 2/20 to beat Bárbaro Cavernario and Titán in the first round, La Sombra and Negro Casas in the quarterfinals, and La Máscara and El Mephisto in the semis, and then wrapped up the weekend when he teamed with Místico and El Valiente on 2/22 to beat Ephesto, Euforia and El Mephisto. Though his success was in tags, there’s an argument that there’s a certain degree of difficulty to survive that many tags with so many partners.
3.       Josh Alexander (@Walking_Weapon)-The NEW AIW Absolute Champion gets a very high ranking this week after a successful 3-1 weekend, highlighted by winning one of the most important titles on the indies vs. Ethan Page, Eddie Kingston, and Rickey Shane Page. He also secured a #1 contender spot in A1W by winning a 6 Man #1 contendership match. While he didn’t quite have a flawless weekend, he still got a lot of support from the official voters who felt that his wins most certainly outweighed his one tag team loss. Much like partner, Ethan Page, we will see if he can continue to build on this success throughout 2015.

4.       Uhaa Nation (@UhaaNation)-The “One Man Nation” drops slightly from last week despite going 2-0 at Dragon Gate to continue his recent success. One thing that may have hurt him this week was his lack of singles victories as he teamed twice with Akira Tozawa to win two tag team matches, but make no mistake, the PCW Champion has been as good as anyone as of late. If he truly is going to the WWE as reported, the indies will be missing one of the best. Need proof? On top of all of his other accomplishments, he was #7 in the 2014 IPR 100 proving that the big man has limitless potential.

5.       Jimmy Havoc (@JimmyHavoc)-One of the best in the UK gets his highest ranking to date as he had another solid weekend to add to his recent success. Though he had 4 honorable mentions in 2014, he was never able to crack the Top 10. This year has been different as this is his second ranking after the Progress Champion and FPW Champion; teamed with Marty Scurll at WWL to beat 2Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon) then beat Ryan Hendricks, Wild Boar, Josh Bodom, Owen Phoenix & Tiger Ali in a #1 contenders six-way match at RPW the same night to go 2-0 for the week. Once again, as with previous weeks, the UK is proving that their talent ranks right up there with talent across the world.
6.       FUMA-We get some more representation from Japan as FUMA became the NEW UPW Max Champion at Union in Japan on 2/22 as he defeated Goro Jr in the first round, Shuji Ishikawa in the semifinals and Isami Kodaka in the final to win the tournament and go 3-0 for the week. With 7 wins in his last 10 matches, he’s definitely showing that he could be a player in 2015 as we are heading into the end of the second month of the year. While Dragon Gate, AJPW, NOAH, and several others have stolen the attention, this week Union gets a little credit where it’s due.

7.       Roderick Strong (@RoderickStrong)-Roderick Strong, despite his many years on the indies, is just now starting to become a title collector as he is the NEW FIP World Champion after defeating Trent ? for the vacant title in a No DQ Match over the weekend. He is also the PWG World Champion, meaning he holds two of the top independent wrestling titles in the United States. With as dominant as he has been throughout his career, it’s good to see him getting more success in 2015 as he is still at the top of his game.
8.       Marty Scurll (@MartyScurll)-We get our second UK talent in the Top 10 this week as the RPW British Heavyweight Champion (and 1/2 of SWE Tag Team Champions) teamed with Jimmy Havoc at WWL on 2/22 to beat 2Unlimited (Jay & Patrick Sammon) and then defeated Doug Williams the same night to defend his title and go 2-0 on the weekend. With 5 straight victories, he’s been really picking up steam as 2015 is just getting going. One thing that did hurt him this week was that he was unable to secure any votes in the online voting competition, so perhaps fan support is one thing that might improve his ranking in the future.
9.       Shane Mercer (@TheIronDemon)-If you have not seen Shane Mercer wrestle, you’re really missing out. He’s one of the strongest competitors in all of wrestling right now, not to mention his insane agility and high-flying repertoire. With a victory vs. Kaden Sade in a very well received match and a draw vs. Kongo Kong, Mercer gets enough support, plus a ton of fan support to crack the Top 10 this week. He has been toiling away all year for this chance and now that he’s in the Top 10, look out as he has been as good as anyone in recent weeks.

10.    Adonis-For the first time, we have representation from the country of Georgia. No, not the state…the COUNTRY. He is the NEW APW Champion and APW Georgia Champion after he teamed with Amor on 2/19 to beat Vladamir Petrov & Mikey Yolo, then won a money in the bank battle royal the same night, then beat Logan Stevens on 2/21 to retain his Georgia title, and then finally cashed in his money in the bank to beat Ironman the same night to go 4-0 for the week. Incredible success story overseas as once again, the Indy Power Rankings are truly international.

People’s Champ. Maxwell Chicago (@HenryMaxwellCHI)-One of the most entertaining “acts” on the indies gets a mention for the very first time in the Indy Power Rankings after he defeated Chasyn Rance for the FIP Florida Heritage Title and then won the online voting competition! Huge week for the lounge singer who also pro wrestles.
Honorable Mention. Mann Dozer 1/2 of the Snakepit Tag Team Champios teamed with Joey Triton on 2/21 to beat Acid Haze & John E Radic to retain their titles, then defeated Dark Valentine at Snakepit on 2/22 in the first round, then beat Joey Triton in the semis the same day,  then Matt Hayter in the final to win the Snakepit tournament and go 4-0 for the week. A snub? Perhaps, but it was very close this week.
Others missing out/receiving votes:
AJ Istria
Joey Hayes
Tessa Blanchard
Joe Black
El Ligero
Kristian Thorn
Sammy Baynz
John Klinger
Aaron Williams
BLK Jeez
Lucas Gold
Captain Ultimate
Blake Steel
Ace Perry
Kyusei Sakura Hirota
Dragon Rojo Jr.
Cedric Alexander
Daft Bump
Sha Samuels
Santana Garrett
Chris Vice
Mika Ida
Mike Maze
Jake Dirden
Scotty Young
Chet Sterling
Will Ospreay
Adrian Severe
Davey Vega
Candice LeRae
Ray Rosas
Andy Brown
Xavier Frost
Damian Blade
Mark Andrews
Rob Araujo
Drew Mastone
Biff Busick
TAKA Michinoku
Queen Charlene
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