HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – A Low Ki Start For Daniel Bryan!

Welcome everyone once again to the Scavenger Hunt! It’s me, it’s me, I’m HobosGhost from Twitter and each week I bring five clips from the wacky world of wrestling! From brilliant matches to downright bizarre matches I try to showcase everyone who’s laced up the boots and gone to a ring to wrestle!

 A real odd collection this week…let’s begin with…

6th December 2014
Scotty 2 Hotty/Funaki/Super Crazy vs Pesadilla/Zack Sabre Jr/Yoshinari Ogawa

Yes we begin with a 6 man tag match from NOAH in Japan! Wait a minute…is that Scotty 2 Hotty on a Japan wrestling card in 2014? You bet it is! Scotty teams with WWE alumni Funaki and Super Crazy to take on Crazy’s nephew Pesadilla, UK’s Zack Sabre Jr (a 2 time NOAH GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Champ) and his partner Yoshinari Ogawa. A nice way to kick off this weeks Scavenger Hunt!

Beauty Slammers
29th April 2014
Serena Deeb vs Beautiful Beaa

Onto the next clip as former Straight Edge Society member Serena Deeb takes on Beautiful Beaa in a venue which looks like an ice hockey rink! These two wrestled the next night in what looked like a pub (a bar for you American readers). Serena Deeb works as a yoga instructor as well as wrestling. Having trained at OVW’s training school and making her wrestling debut on 4th November 2005 in a tag match, the 28 year old has had spells with Shimmer between 2006-2013 and a stint in the WWE. After signing with WWE Serena spent time in FCW as Mia Mancini, a mafia bosses daughter gimmick. She won the Queen of FCW crown once before losing it to April Lee ( AJ Lee ). After that she lost the final for the newly created FCW Women’s Championship to Naomi before being called up to the main roster. She was released after “failing to live up to the SES persona in public”.

An 18 month break from wrestling due to concussion and injury was ended when Serena returned to Shimmer in 2013. Serena wrestles most of the match with her coat on, bits of comedy are added. Enjoy!

Joint Promotions
Big Daddy/Richie Brookes/Roy Regal vs Giant Haystacks/Sid Cooper/Charlie McGhee

British wrestling from the 80’s next! In the shiny blue jacket is 18 year old Roy Regal who would go on to be the much respected William Regal. Having started as a wrestler aged 15 at the Horseshow Showbar at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, he first appeared on TV for Joint Promotions in 1986 before teaming with Robbie Brookside as the Golden Boys primarily for All Star Wrestling.

Joint Promotions was in it’s final stages at this time having been a staple for British wrestling on TV as part of the World Of Sport since 1964. Joint Promotions was made up of a small number of promoters similar to NWA to survive the post-war tax that took 25% of all entertainment revenue. After several buy-outs due to declining popularity and rival promotions emerging, Max Crabtree took over in 1986. He brought his brother Shirley Crabtree out of retirement and he would eventually be the top babyface Big Daddy. His battles with Giant Haystacks are legendary in British wrestling history. Big Daddy would be partnered with younger talent due to his size and declining health. British rules in this one! Win by 2 falls/2 submissions or by knockout. Don’t forget the public warnings for bad behavior. Two warnings equals a DQ! Nostalgia!

24th February 2012
Bra And Panties Match
SoCal Val vs Traci Brooks

The crowd make me laugh in this one especially one guy yelling out “Kick her ass you f**king bitch!” at the 8:39 mark. SoCal Val has only wrestled sparingly while Traci Brooks does well winding up the crowd while looking after her rookie opponent. Both were a part of TNA but Traci has had much better matches. All parts of wrestling makes it into the Scavenger Hunt! I will leave it at that.

And Finally…

14th January 2010
Daniel Bryan vs Kaval

How could I follow on from SoCal Val in her underwear? How about Daniel Bryan’s journey in the WWE beginning with this match from FCW! This is indeed D-Bry’s debut as he battles old time rival Kaval AKA Low-Ki while The Miz and Bad News Barrett do commentary! Bryan was signed by WWE after a 10 year run on the indie scene in August 1999. He was released in 2010 before being re-signed in the same year.

Kaval was in the WWE for 2 years and the majority of that time was in FCW/NXT. Currently in TNA as X Division Champion and part of MVP’s heel stable The Beat Down Clan, Kaval/Low Ki is still stiff kicking opponents despite temporarily retiring on October 14th 2013 after getting injured on an AJPW tour in Japan.

And that concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope you enjoyed this odd batch and hope you pop back next week for another episode! Until next time!

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