HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Funk’s Feeling Juicy!

As quickly as Vince Russo ending his website after several subscribers re-subscribed, it’s that time again for a new Scavenger Hunt episode with me, Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles! I search the Internet for random/historic/bizarre matches, promos, and other stuff from the world of wrestling! From WWE to TNA to NJPW to indie promotions worldwide I compile a new one which is available every Friday/Saturday.

Five clips as usual so let’s begin with…

Pro Wrestling Extreme
28th January 2012
Jillian Hall vs Leva Bates

Blue Pants herself Leva Bates takes on WWE alumni Jillian Hall from 2012! Leva Bates is known for her cosplay ring attire of various movie and comic book characters like The Joker and The Bride from Kill Bill. Having started training at the 3D Academy run by Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley, Leva made her wrestling debut in 2006. A regular for Shimmer and Shine promotions, Leva has been used as an outside talent for WWE NXT against Carmella and recently against new NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

Jillian Hall was the former adviser to JBL in WWE and had a five minute run as WWE Divas Champion defeating Mickie James before losing to Melina in the same night. Jillian announced her retirement from wrestling in January 2014.

Progress Wrestling
25th March 2012
El Ligero vs Noam Dar

Here we have the opening match from the first Progress Wrestling event in 2012 in a Semi Final match to crown the first Progress Champion. This match pits El Ligero against Noam Dar!

Noam Dar did very well in the TNA British Boot Camp 2 show and won many new fans. The British-Israeli youngster is only 21 years old yet has been wrestling since his debut in 2008 aged 15. With his knee bar finisher and Double Foot Stomp, Noam Dar is a fast rising star on the UK scene.

El Ligero is a 30 year old British star wrestling as a Mexican Luchadore. Debuting in 2001, he has appeared for over 100 companies in the UK, Netherlands , USA, Belgium, Switzerland and others as well as appearing on the NOAH tour of the UK. El Ligero is a wrestling trainer in his hometown of Leeds.

British wrestling at it’s best! Who would have ever expected to hear a crowd chant of “Deep Fried Mars Bars” though?

22nd June 1985
Terry Funk pre-debut vignette

Rolling into the WWE in 1985 was the legend himself Terry Funk! Here he is on horseback as a cowboy talking about having a big heart and feeling juicy….. you couldn’t make it up!

December 1992
Christmas Creature vs Trey Keller

I know Christmas has already been and gone, but I couldn’t resist this! Here we have Glenn Jacobs AKA Kane dressed like a Christmas tree debuting on USWA TV in Memphis. Despite what Jerry Lawler says in his promo, Jacobs wasn’t under contract to WWE at the time so he wasn’t sent by them to invade USWA. Jacobs had only been wrestling for a few months before this. He would be repackaged as Doomsday before joining SMW as Unabomb in 1994. The holiday season got a little ridiculous in USWA before Lawler sent the Christmas Creature packing.

And Finally…

5-Way Falls Count Anywhere Match
Kota Ibushi vs Sanshiro Takagi vs Harashima vs Isami Kodaka vs Michael Nakazawa

Ending with a fan cam view of the totally barmy Five way match from DDT’s Handmade In Japan event from 2013! The match takes place in and around a shopping mall! Featuring a giant hammer, two stacks of chairs, and Michael Nakazawa’s underwear. It is a totally ridiculous match that I personally loved viewing! Watch as the fans shuffle to different parts of the mall while the wrestler split into groups, almost like an interactive experience for the fans. I seriously advise checking out more DDT matches and I will add more to future episodes as this company is great!

Formed in 1997 and still active today, DDT (Dramatic Dream Team) are owned by Shoichi Ichimiya and one of the participants in this match, Sanshiro Takagi (bigger guy in black trunks in this match). Through the eyes of the fan with his camera, enjoy this bemusing encounter uncut!

That dear viewers completes another episode of the Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for stopping by and gratitude to all the uploaders to the Internet of all these moments in wrestling history.

Next Scavenger Hunt will be up Friday so until then I wish you a pleasant day (and check out past Scavenger Hunts if you missed any). Also make sure to follow me on Twitter by clicking here!


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