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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – No Laughing Matter for Bill!

Good day everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! I am Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles who you can find on Twitter (say hi!) and this is the weekly segment here on TWC where I compile five clips from the world of wrestling!

A real mix bag of clips today (no surprise there) so let’s begin!

7th December 2012
Tito Santana vs Mantaur

I remember this match happening but had never seen it….until now! The sound isn’t great but the match some might say is worse! Here we have from PWS El Matador Tito Santana taking on Mantaur….the matador vs the bull!

Mantaur (Mike Halac) actually had three stints in the WWE. He was Mantaur in 1995, Goldust’s unnamed bodyguard at In Your House 7 in Goldust’s IC Title match vs. Ultimate Warrior in 1996, and as Tank for one match as part of the Truth Commission in 1997.

Santana shows the bull who’s boss….ole!

Al Snow/Unabomb promo

I love this promo for many reasons. Al Snow shows so much charisma in his rather brutally entertaining verbal attack on the Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Express. Unabomb (Glenn Jacobs AKA Kane) shows his comedy side without saying a word and Jim Ross shows his disgust for Snow’s comments brilliantly!

Smokey Mountain Wrestling was where Jacobs went to after his brief stint in USWA as the Christmas Creature (see the previous Scavenger Hunt for that one) and as Doomsday. Jacobs and Snow would battle the Express for the SMW Tag Team Championships as The Dynamic Dudes, finally defeating the Express in a Coal Miner’s Glove match.

Snow and Unabomb lost a loser leaves town match against The Thugs (Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers) and both joined WWE soon afterwards in August 1995.

ASW 2nd Anniversary Show
22nd March 2008
No Disqualification Match
Mad Man Pondo vs Jerry ” The King ” Lawler

Now who would think to book Jerry Lawler against Mad Man Pondo? Here it is in it’s entirety from 2008! Takes ages before the match gets under way, Pondo plays the heel role and even gets the staple gun out! Jerry Lawler is accompanied to the ring by Baby Doll who was a valet and wrestler in WCCW, UWF and Jim Crockett Promotions. She was married to Sam Houston. Pondo is a well known hardcore wrestler having brawled for CZW, IWA-Mid South and in Japan. He was even hired as a guest a few times for the Jerry Springer Show. A bit silly, but intriguing nonetheless!

WWE Wrestling Challenge
27th September 1987
Sherri Martel vs Velvet McIntyre

Next is a non title match between Hall Of Famer Sherri Martel taking on the agile and rather talented Velvet McIntyre! The Irish-Canadian Velvet wore wrestling boots for the first four years of her career before a practical joke forced her to wrestle barefoot one night and it became one of her trademarks. A former WWE Women’s Champion and two time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, Velvet appeared at Wrestlemania II in a losing effort against Fabulous Moolah. She retired in 1998 after becoming pregnant with twins.

Sherri unselfishly bumps all over the place in this one! Velvet’s agility and high flying style is exciting, and I love that she does the Giant Swing which is used by Cesaro today. Great match!

And finally…

14th May 2002
Albert vs Hugh Morrus

Ending with this match from WWE Jakked after what’s gone down recently in the WWE as the now former NXT Head Trainer Bill “Hugh Morrus” Demott battles the new Head NXT Trainer Albert! This match took place five days before the Judgement Day Pay Per View. Albert gives Demott a lesson in the ring, 13 years later Albert takes Bill’s job.

That my friends concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for stopping by! Go out hunting for weird and wonderful clips, maybe anything found could end up on a future Scavenger Hunt episode! Take a look back at the other 34 Hunts, lots of stuff you may enjoy!


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