HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – No Sympathy For The Devil!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Scavenger Hunt with me, Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost who lurks around on Twitter! Each week I compile five clips from the history of wrestling, from well known matches to random little stuff from the indie scene!

What’s in store this week? Let’s begin with…

Shimmer Volume 1
6th November 2005
Come As You Are Rumble Dark Match

A Royal Rumble Dark Match involving various male wrestlers before the first all female promotion Shimmer’s debut event! Here we have stars such as Matt Sydal, Alex Shelley, Delirious, Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs amongst others who were all involved with Ring Of Honor at the time. Ring Of Honor and Shimmer have had a partnership since the very start of Shimmer with various women wrestlers appearing at ROH events.

This match is just a fun silly match, with the highlights undoubtedly being the human buzzer sound, Claudio Castagnoli (now known as Cesaro in WWE) in a really shiny suit and the pillow fight that breaks out!

Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation
18th November 2010
EMWF Championship Match
The Devil vs Baby Jesus

I was tempted to put this last as it’s great! here we have an EMWF Championship match filmed by a fan between the Little Devil vs. Kid J AKA Baby Jesus. The smallest wrestler in the company pulls off a 619, Frog Splash and possibly the world’s smallest RKO!

Still going strong, EMWF have sold out venues mostly in nightclubs and casinos and wrestled in front of crowds between 300-5000 fans! They were also voted best alternative act 3 years running in Night Club and Bar Magazine. Brutal spinebuster by the Devil, overall a great match!

Empire State Wrestling
24th September 2011
The Peacock Experience vs Gillberg and Barry Hardy

Hold on to your hats as legendary WWE enhancement tag team Barry Hardy and Duane “Gillberg” Gill team up to take on the Peacock Experience! The second match on the ESW Wrestlebash card that also featured Sgt Slaughter, Pepper Parks and TNA’s Robbie E, Duane performs as Gillberg complete with having someone knock on his dressing room door.

The Peacock Experience were Dalton Castle and Will Calrissian who teamed between 2010-2013. Dalton Castle is Ashley Remington in Chikara and he has also wrestled for 2CW, CZW and recently for both TNA and ROH!

The former 15 month WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg teams with his long time tag partner Barry Hardy one more time!

WWE Shotgun Saturday Night
30th August 1997
Tiger Ali Singh vs Adam O’Brien (Adam Pearce)

Onto 1997 for a match between Tiger Ali Singh and a younger Adam Pearce as Adam O’Brien! Adam Pearce actually posted this on youtube himself. The former 5 time former NWA Champion and inductee in the class of 2015 NWA Hall Of Fame has been working as a guest trainer for WWE in short stints between 2013 and 2014. Pearce was also a producer at the NXT Takeover R:Evolution event. Having started in the business in 1996, Pearce turned down a WCW contract twice and went on to work for PWG, NWA, ROH, and briefly TNA amongst others. He retired from in ring activity in December 2014.

Tiger Ali Singh is the son of legendary heel Tiger Jeet Singh who wrestled for 22 years in Japan for NJPW and AJPW. Tiger Ali trained in the NJPW dojo before debuting with his dad for Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling. He suffered a career ending injury in 2002 after being sent to IWA in Puerto Rico by WWE. The Singhs are currently involved in charity work in Canada.

And Finally…

26th October 1985
NWA/AWA Title vs Title Unification Match
Ric Flair vs Rick Martel

We end this week’s episode with a nod to Rick Martel who turned 58 years old this past Wednesday. Here we have a great encounter from AJPW as Rick Martel puts his AWA Championship on the line against Ric Flair who puts the NWA Championship on the line.

Having wrestled in WWE between 1980-1982 winning the Tag Team Championships twice with Tony Garea, the Canadian born Martel joined AWA where he defeated Jumbo Tsuruta for the AWA Heavyweight Championship. His reign lasted 19 months as he battled Ric Flair, Nick Bockwinkel and Haku as King Tonga. It was his feud with Stan Hansen that would result in him being dethroned as Hansen made him submit to a Boston Crab on 29th December 1985. Martel would rejoin WWE in 1986 and go on to win the Tag Titles one more time with Tito Santana. Rick Martel is still number 9 on the list of wrestlers who spent the longest time in a Royal Rumble match, lasting 52 mins 17 secs in the 1991 Rumble. The ending is predictable, but a great bout nonetheless!

That dear fellow wrestling fans concludes this week’s episode. Who would have thought you could see a mini RKO, Gillberg and Barry Hardy in 2011, and Cesaro in a very shiny suit fighting with a pillow all in one place? Just another normal edition of the Scavenger Hunt! Thanks to everybody who makes this happen and thanks to you for stopping by! Catch you next week where we do it all again! Holla!

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