HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Von Hess Ain’t Best For Business!

Hello grappling fans! Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt exclusive to TWC! Each week I compile five matches/promos/everything else from the world of wrestling for you to enjoy/cringe/laugh at! Episode 38 is here! Who’s on this week’s episode?

Let’s begin!

AIW Girl’s Night Out 11
29th March 2014
Jasmin Areebi vs Angelus Layne

You may have missed the news but WWE have signed two young female wrestlers to developmental contracts recently. Here is one of them in action! Jasmin Areebi (in the pink attire) is a 20 year old from Toronto, Canada and has been wrestling for two years. Trained by former TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde, Jasmin certainly has the personality similar to Bayley even if she isn’t the finished product just yet. Jasmin has held one Championship when she won the PWA Elite Women’s Championship defeating Beautiful Beaa before dropping the title back to Beaa 48 days later on 18th January 2014.

With youth and personality on her side, Jasmin may go far in the WWE via NXT! One to watch for sure!

18th May 2013
Scott Steiner vs Davey Boy Smith Jr

Pro Wrestling Syndicate make another appearance on the Scavenger Hunt! After putting the Tito Santana vs Mantaur match two episodes ago, here we have a match they booked between Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Genetic Freak himself, Scott Steiner!
The show was called “Empire State Strikes Back” and featured a match between Flash Funk and Marty Jannetty amongst others. Davey Boy Smith Jr is one half of The Killer Elite Squad with Lance Archer and they are currently the NOAH GHC Tag Team Champions. Davey is also a two time NJPW IWGP Tag Team Champion, a one time WWE Tag Champ and a 2 time NWA Tag Champ. Davey was also the first Heavyweight Champion in Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro Wrestling before vacating the title after 275 days as champ.

Scott Steiner is still technically in a lawsuit with TNA over accusations he made via Twitter and is also rumoured to have been banned from this years WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony. Scott was in Canada in January of this year wrestling six nights in a row for CWE who are celebrating their sixth anniversary. He managed to win the CWE Television Championship on night 4 defeating Tyler Colton before dropping the title back to Dalton on the 6th night.

He may be 52 years old now but the “Big Bad Booty Daddy” still has his freaks in support!

22nd February 1989
IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
Tatsumi Fujinami vs Vicious Warrior

Now onto NJPW as the newest member of the WWE Hall Of Fame Tatsumi Fujinami takes on Vicious Warrior AKA Psycho Sid Vicious!
Having entering the wrestling business after meeting Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo, Sid got training from Tojo Yamamoto. Wrestling against Jerry Lawler in CWA, he was Lord Humongous for a time before going on tour in Japan with NJPW in 1989. In his first appearance for NJPW, we have him here taking on Fujinami (talk about being thrown in at the deep end!). Sid would join WCW in the NWA days in July 1989.

Tatsumi Fujinami is a former NWA Champion, a five time NJPW Tag Champ and a six time NJPW Champion. Nicknamed “The Dragon” and credited with inventing both the Dragon Suplex and the Dragon Sleeper, Fujinami runs the Dradition indie wrestling company in Japan. Debuting aged 17 under the guidance of Antonio Inoki, Fujinami still performs occasionally to this day aged 61! New WWE Hall Of Fame inductee Tatsumi Fujinami takes on a vicious opponent!

11th July 2005
Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten vs Damian Adams/Johnny Candido

Here we have a dark match before an episode of Sunday Night Heat as Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten take on Damian Adams and Johnny Candido! Johnny Candido is the brother of the late Chris Candido. Axl Rotten has actually appeared in the WWE before. He wrestled twice in 1993 against Men On A Mission at house shows and appeared once in 1998 on Shotgun Saturday Night as Brian Knighton. In that match he was in the same ring as The Rock! Balls Mahoney would eventually sign with WWE in 2006 as part of the ECW relaunch. Balls actually started the Scavenger Hunt back in Episode 1 when he wrestled as John Rechner against Virgil on WWE Superstars in 1992! Slightly rough footage in places, a fun match nonetheless!

19th January 2013
NWA World Championship Match
Kahagas vs Von Hess

We end with possibly one of the worst wrestlers I have ever seen challenging the rather awesome Kahagas for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Von Hess claims he is a 20 year veteran, I hope that isn’t true! From carelessly chucking the German flag out of the ring to not seemingly being able to take a bump or sell a move, Von Hess is just awful! Kahagas seems to get annoyed at times but acts professional throughout.

Kahagas was the first wrestler to have won the NWA National, NWA North American and the NWA World Heavyweight Championships. Kahagas is a one time NWA World Champ, winning a nine way elimination match at NWA DAWG on 2nd November 2012. He held the title for 134 days before losing it to Rob Conway on 16th March 2013.
Kahagas is great, Von Hess is just plain horrible to watch, I feel he deserved having chairs thrown at him! Even a fan gets to slap him!

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for stopping by! What will be on next week’s SH? It could be anything, that’s why the Hunt is always unpredictable! Have a great week and catch you next Friday!

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