HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Florida Championship Wrestling Special!

Hello and welcome everyone to the 40th edition of the Scavenger Hunt! Each week I, Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles, compile five clips whether it’s matches, promos or anything else wrestling related for you to take a look at for your own wrestling pleasure/displeasure.

It’s a Florida Championship Wrestling special when it was WWE’s developmental in the pre-NXT days!

23rd October 2011 (Broadcast Date)
Antonio Cesaro vs Mike Dalton

Kicking off with the debut match of Cesaro in FCW from 2011! Here we have him showing his strength and brutal European uppercut against Mike Dalton AKA Tyler Breeze in NXT!

Tyler debuted on screen for FCW in June 2011 against Rusev and this was only his 3rd on screen appearance. Cesaro joined in 2011 and was brought up to the main roster in 2012. The much traveled Swiss appeared for a wide range of companies prior to signing for WWE including ROH, NOAH, Chikara and CZW.

27th May 2012 (Broadcast Date)
FCW Divas Championship Match
Raquel Diaz vs Paige

Onto a Divas Championship match with Paige taking on Eddie Guerrero’s daughter Raquel Diaz! Born Shaul Guerrero, Diaz was signed to by WWE in October 2010 and won the FCW Queen of FCW crown then the FCW Divas Championship on back to back episodes of FCW TV at the end of 2011. She was the last Queen of FCW crown holder (title was a queen’s tiara) before it was deactivated. Diaz asked for her release on 27th September 2012 before rejoining in September 2013. Her second run was short and she was released on April 2014 as she continued to battle an eating disorder. In December 2014 she got engaged to Aiden English.

Paige comes from the British Knight wrestling family and debuted as a wrestler aged only 13. Paige is the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history when she won aged 21. The first NXT Women’s Champion in NXT’s history, Paige will make her film debut in Santa’s Little Helper along with The Miz in a WWE Studios production.

Also featuring Ivelisse Velez from Lucha Underground as Sofia Cortez in Paige’s corner, Raquel Diaz lies, cheats and steals her way to retaining as good as her HOF father did.

2nd May 2010 (Broadcast Date)
The Rotundos/Eli Cottonwood vs Leo Kruger/Curt Hawkins/Jackson Andrews

Here we have a six man tag featuring a host of current stars. The Rotundos are currently Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt while Leo Kruger is the bunny hating Adam Rose. Curt Hawkins is on the indie scene under his real name of Brian Myers and also started the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy with Pat Buck in 2013. Trained by Mikey Whipwreck, Brian Myers teamed with Zack Ryder in NYWC before both were signed to WWE in 2006.

Eli Cottonwood and Jackson Andrews never really got a chance on the main roster. Eli was in the second series of NXT with John Morrison as his mentor and was with Bray Wyatt in the early days of the character.
Jackson Andrews was briefly the unidentified bodyguard of Tyson Kidd in December 2010 before being sent back to FCW. The Rotundo Brothers teaming is cool to see, a good match!

13th November 2011 (Broadcast Date)
FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship Match
Damien Sandow vs Seth Rollins

Here we have Damien Sandow defending the Jack Brisco 15 medal against Seth Rollins! The Jack Brisco 15 title was a medal rather than a Championship and was defended usually in 15 minute Iron Man rules matches but sometimes the time limit was extended. Seth Rollins was the first champion, defeating Hunico in the final of a tournament to crown the first Champion in a 20 minute time limit match on 13th January 2011. Rollins won 1-0 in that match.

Damien Sandow ended Seth Rollins 252 day run with the medal on the 22nd September episode of FCW by 2 falls to 1. Sandow would have the 3rd longest reign with the medal for 113 days. Rollins reign of 252 days was the longest, followed by Richie Steamboat (160 days), then Sandow and finally Brad Maddox. Maddox won the medal at a live event and held it for 42 days before the medal was retired on 1st August 2012.

Named after the late WWE Hall Of Famer and two time NWA World Champion Jack Brisco, I’d love it if this idea was used on the main roster!

And finally…

13th December 2009 (Broadcast Date)
Joe Hennig vs Lennox McEnroe

We end this weeks FCW special with a little bit of pre-AxelMania Joe Hennig taking on NWA wrestler Byron Wilcott! Wilcott was Lennox McEnroe in FCW and was trained by Rodney Mack and Jazz in 2004. A staple of the current NWA, Byron is a 2 time NWA North American Heavyweight Champion and former NWA North American Tag Team Champion. He has appeared on a couple of occasions as Big Daddy Yum Yum in NJPW as part of the work partnership with NWA. He was also the father of Awesome Kong’s baby that Kong tragically lost via a miscarriage. Byron spent a year in FCW before being released in 2010.

Joe Hennig is of course the son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Trained at Harley Race’s World League Wrestling in Missouri he joined WWE in late 2007. The 35 year old has been with WWE ever since and is currently getting attention for his Hulk Hogan inspired AxelMania gimmick.

Great end sequence to this match, Curtis Axel headlines a Scavenger Hunt at last!

That concludes this 40th edition of the Scavenger Hunt! Thank you to all of you who have seen at least one of these hunts (thanks to those that comment!), thanks to TWC for giving me a segment each week and to all the wrestlers of course!

Have a good week, hope to catch you next Friday for number 41!

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