HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Meet Joe Black

Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! Each week I compile five clips, whether it’s matches, promos or anything else wrestling related for you to check out! What randomness awaits this week?

11th May 1985 (Broadcast Date)
Ken Patera vs “Judo” Joe Black

Kicking off with another awful enhancement talent in action! Following on from Steve Reese and Paul Fisher from previous Scavenger Hunts, Joe Black oversells turnbuckle shots against the second ever WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera!

Ken Patera won numerous medals in Weightlifting and competed in the 1982 Olympics. Entering wrestling, Patera had stints in AWA and Mid-Atlantic before taking Bruno Sammartino to the limit for the WWE Championship in 1977. In 1980 he simultaneously held the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship. Patera’s career halted after being sent to prison for two years for criminal damage and assaulting a police officer. Judo Joe Black doesn’t show much judo skills and I could watch his turnbuckle head shots all day!

Deep South Wrestling
18th March 2007
Kofi Kingston vs Brian Cage (Kris Logan)

Here we have current member of The New Day, Kofi Kingston vs. current Lucha Underground wrestler Brian Cage! Brian Cage was never under contract in WWE when Deep South was a WWE developmental organization, but was signed by WWE eventually in 2008. He was sent to FCW to train and captured the FCW Tag Team Championships with Justin Gabriel. After departing WWE Cage started working for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Since late 2014 Cage has been wrestling for Lucha Underground and has started appearing for AAA in Mexico, defeating Alberto El Patron.

Kofi Kingston signed for WWE in 2006 and was assigned to Deep South and Ohio Valley Wrestling before being moved to FCW appearing on the debut episode. The master of avoiding elimination from Royal Rumbles has won multiple titles in WWE and is currently slipping into a heel role for the first time in his career possibly with New Day stable mates Xavier Woods and Big E.

Osaka Pro Wrestling
1st February 2003
OPW Meibutsu Sekaiichi Title Match 2 Out Of 3 Falls
Kuishinibo Kamen vs Ebessan

I’ve watched this match twice and I still don’t know what I’ve watched but I love it! Here we have a comedy match where even the referee gets involved. Ebessan has been wrestling for 20 years and has appeared for nearly all the Japanese companies as well as Chikara, TNA and bizarrely Ring Of Honor! Ebessan (also known as Kikutaro) has been in the ring with Jushin Liger, Great Muta and Satoshi Kojima amongst others. I’ll say no more except I need to learn Japanese so I can join in with the comedy! Check out the slo-mo Shining Wizard and Muta pose during the match!

7th February 2015
NWA Women’s Championship Match
Barbi Hayden vs Santana Garrett

Here we have the match for the NWA Women’s Championship which has started a successful period on the indie scene for former TNA Knockout Santana Garrett!

26 year old Santana has had two stints in TNA and received a try out in NXT, losing to Charlotte on the 13th September 2013 tapings. Santana has appeared regular for SHINE Wrestling since the debut show and on 3rd April 2015 she won a title vs title match against Mia Yim to win the SHINE Championship with the NWA Women’s title also on the line.

Barbi Hayden is 24 years old and was trained partly by Funaki. She also works as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Bryan, Texas. Barbi ranked at number 12 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 female wrestlers for 2014. Having worked with NWA since 2010, Barbi held the NWA Women’s Championship for 378 days before this match.

Two young stars who have a lot of talent… whats not to like?

And Finally…

Dragon Gate USA
9th September 2011
“Omega” Aaron Draven vs Uhaa Nation

We end with new WWE signing Uhaa Nation in action for Dragon Gate USA. Uhaa is 27 years old and began training when he was 21 at Curtis Hughes’ WWA4 promotion. He participated in a training seminar with Dragon Gate and was immediately signed. This match was on the same day as his training seminar! Soon after he started doing tours of Japan with Dragon Gate as well as working for FIP and Evolve who are affiliated with Dragon Gate.

Uhaa won the Dragon Gate Tag belts once with BxB Hulk. He is also a former FIP Florida Heritage Champ and the PCW-UK Champ, losing the title to Chris Masters in a no-DQ loser leaves PCW-UK match in one of Uhaa’s last matches before officially starting work with WWE.

A big applause in a quick squash match doesn’t happen too often. I’m hopeful Uhaa Nation will be a big star in the WWE in the future!

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! A usual mix bag for you to sample! Plenty more wrestling out there to see! Lots more to come every Friday! How about checking out previous Hunts as they are all archived here on The Wrestling Chronicle!

From me, Simon AKA HobosGhost on Twitter, I wish you a pleasant weekend!


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