HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Me and My Shadow WX (Dedicated to Kendra)

Good day grapplin’ fans and welcome to episode 42 of the non-award winning, “Is it past it’s sell by date yet”? Scavenger Hunt with me Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles from the UK! Each week I compile five clips from the magical and quirky world of Sports Entertainment for you to check out! Over 210 matches/promos have been used including this week’s batch. We got Hall Of Famers, a bizarre gimmick match from Japan and a bit of dancing on this week’s episode so let’s get the ball rolling!

14th November 1976
Verne Gagne vs George “Scrap Iron” Gadaski

Kicking off with a match from AWA All Star Wrestling featuring Verne Gagne who passed away aged 89 this past Monday. Starting his wrestling career with the NWA in 1949, Gagne would capture the Junior Heavyweight Championship in a tournament in 1950. Gagne was recognized as the NWA World Champion in certain territories but not others due to a dispute when Ed Carpentier defeated Lou Thesz before the NWA board reversed the decision. Some territories still recognized Carpentier as champ so treated Gagne as champ when he won on 9th August 1958.

By the early 60’s Gagne started AWA and was the first and longest reigning AWA Champion in AWA history. He seeked to build the company on wrestlers who had wrestling skills rather than bulked up wrestlers which lacked skill. He didn’t see Hulk Hogan as championship material and there were allegations Iron Sheik was offered cash by AWA to injure Hogan which he refused.

The referee in this match funnily enough is Iron Sheik! Sheik was trained in Gagne’s training school along with stars such as Ric Flair, Bob Backlund, Ole Anderson and Ken Patera to name but a few.

Condolences to the family of the Hall Of Famer Verne Gagne.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
10th January 2015
CWF Television Championship Match
Manny Garcia vs Charlie Weston

From the New Year’s Knockout event this past January we have Charlie Weston challenging new WWE NXT recruit Manny Garcia! Having wrestled for a couple of years with CWF, Manny Garcia was a two time Television Champion. Nicknamed “El Jefe”, the Dominican was one of 11 new recruits alongside Uhaa Nation, Jessica McKay and others to start at the Performance Center at NXT. He graduated from the CWF Dojo and debuted against Ric Converse on 17th May 2013. Manny also has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and won awards for ballroom dancing in college!

Able to speak fluently in English and Spanish, the charismatic 6 foot 3 Garcia could have a very bright future indeed!

25th April 1999
Prison Cable Handcuff Chain Death Match
Shadow WX vs Abdullah The Butcher

Those of you that love technical wrestling should skip over this one as we have Shadow WX taking on the Madman From Sudan, Abdullah The Butcher. I’m taking a guess this match was a submission/KO rules match as pinfalls would be difficult! Both men are handcuffed to a long cable that goes from one corner to the opposite corner.
Not sure if the doc is fully qualified to decide if Abdullah was out cold, but when a man’s being choked by a chain I guess it’s an easy call. This one will go into the bizarre category!

Vendetta Pro
28th July 2012
Davina Rose vs KC Spinelli

Who wants a hug? Here we have Bayley from NXT back in 2012 taking on the Canadian KC Spinelli who busts out some shapes on her way to the ring!

Starting her wrestling career at Big Time Wrestling aged 18 in April 2008, she had her first match in September 2008 in a mixed tag team match. Bayley wrestled for Big Time between 2008-2012. From 2011-2012 Bayley started wrestling for other promotions such as NWA Hollywood, Shine and SHIMMER. Bayley was signed by WWE in December 2012 and debuted on NXT TV on 20th March 2013, losing to Paige.

KC Spinelli is a Canadian who regularly wrestles for ECCW. She debuted in 2009 having been a gold medallist in amateur wrestling in high school. KC has wrestled for SHIMMER, Big Time, NWA and the Washington based promotion Tulalip Championship Wrestling. Mentored by current SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews, KC defeated Matthews for the ECCW Women’s Championship on 28th October 2011.

And Finally…

6th September 1990
Mean Mark vs Max Miles

Ending the Hunt with another pre-Undertaker Mark Calaway match as he competes as Mean Mark against the outmatched Max Miles! Having joined WCW in 1989, Mark was only in WCW for 1 year. He gave his notice on 27th August 1990 and wrestled his last match on the 7th September 1990 WCW Worldwide taping. Mean Mark busts out some moves he never did as The Undertaker, especially walking the ropes before hitting an elbow drop!

Normally I would put that that is all for this weeks Scavenger Hunt but I’d like to take the time to mention a cause that’s going on on the GoFundMe site. I have the privilege of having a cool follower on Twitter by the name of Kendra Creek (@kendra_creek) who lost her hands and feet from bacterial meningitis in 2010. She’s waited five years for a kidney transplant and finally having surgery on 15th May. The target is $7000 for hotel visits and petrol as well as any other cost as it’s a long journey to and from the hospital for the next 6-8 weeks. I’ve never met her personally but she’s really inspirational and a big wrestling fan! Closing date for donations is Saturday 2nd May so not a lot of time! I’ve donated and I hope some of you wonderful Hunters would donate even a dollar towards her journey.
Click here to support Kendra is getting a kidney! by Kendra Creek

To check out past Scavenger Hunts click here. If you would like to get in touch with Simon you can follow him on Twitter here.


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