Dragon Gate

Here’s What You Need to Know About Uhaa Nation

Here is all you need to know about WWE’s newest signee Sesugh Uhaa, better known to Independent and Japanese Wrestling fans as Uhaa Nation.

Height: 6’1
Weight: 264
Trained By: Mr. Hughes
Debut: 8/17/2009
Promotions Worked For: Dragon Gate (Japan), Dragon Gate USA, Combat Zone Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling (UK), Evolve, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and more.
Titles Held: FIP Florida Heritage Championship (650 days)
Open the Twin Gate Championship (64 days)
PCW Championship (105 days)

Don’t let the size and build of this man fool you. The reason Uhaa Nation has become so popular around the world is because of his breathtaking agility, speed, and of course his power.

Uhaa began working for Dragon Gate USA in September of 2011. He was not only signed on the spot during a tryout seminar, he debuted for the company the very same day. Uhaa made his Japanese debut for DGUSA’s parent company Dragon Gate on November 30, 2011. This is where Uhaa began to flourish and really make a name for himself. Take a look at this match against Shingo Takagi from June 2013. Although Uhaa came up on the losing end of this contest this match showcased everything that makes Uhaa special. It also is a testament to the physical conditioning of Uhaa as this match went 20+ minutes. A fantastic contest.


As NXT continues to evolve into WWE’s hottest commodity, the excitement grows even bigger with the edition of Sesugh Uhaa. With a repertoire of maneuvers to keep the crowd in awe the potential to see great matches against current NXT stars like Balor, Breeze, and Corbin is a very real possibility. It has yet to be determined what Uhaa will be known as during his WWE career but whether it is Sesugh Uhaa or Uhaa Nation I am confident we will be talking about him for a long time to come.  


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