HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – A Little Snakespeare For You!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt only on TWC! I’m HobosGhost on Twitter and since August of last year I’ve been compiling a weekly bit here on TWC of five clips from the crazy world of wrestling for you to enjoy/laugh/watch in bemusement! This week’s batch is a typical mix bag you can expect if this is your first time checking out the Hunt!

Let’s begin shall we?

Legend The Pro Wrestling
8th January 2012
Kikutaro vs Ebessan


This match was tweeted to me by @jwbolin last week so it goes in this week’s hunt! Here we have the original Ebessan now known as Kikutaro taking on Ebessan II! Not often you see a wrestler fighting his former persona but then this is Osaka Pro!

Kikutaro is Mitsunobu Kikuzawa and started his wrestling career in 1994. Having wrestled under his own name in W*ING and FMW (two Japanese hardcore promotions), he started appearing under the Ebessan mask in a comedy role in Osaka Pro in 2001. The 38 year old gave the Ebessan character away in 2009 and solely wrestled as Kikutaro. Having impersonated and done tributes to wrestlers such as Great Muta, Cactus Jack, Triple H and Bill Goldberg amongst others in the past, Kikutaro continues to entertain fans to this day. Kikuzawa battles his former creation in Osaka Pro!

24th March 1980
Tito Santana vs Hulk Hogan

Wasn’t expecting to find this but here is a heel Hulk Hogan taking on one half of the WWE Tag Champs Tito Santana!

Hulk Hogan was introduced to Vince McMahon Senior by Terry Funk and debuted in November 1979. He would stay with WWE until April 1981 before joining AWA after filming his part in Rocky III. Hogan was making appearances for NJPW while with WWE and AWA and built up a huge following. He would wrestle stars such as Antonio Inoki, Abdullah The Butcher, Tatsumi Fujinami and Andre The Giant amongst others while in NJPW.

Tito Santana and his tag partner Ivan Putski would lose the WWE Tag Team Championships in April 1980 to the Wild Samoans after a 6 month run. Santana joined WWE in 1979 as well but left for AWA for 3 years before returning to WWE in 1983.
This match between two Hall Of Famers headlined this Madison Square Garden event! Hogan’s early heel days!

8th March 1992
Jake Roberts Promo on Wrestling Challenge

A little Snakespeare here as Jake Roberts cuts another twisted promo on The Undertaker leading up to what would be Jake’s last match for four years in the WWE at Wrestlemania VIII. Jake would leave afterwards after being upset he didn’t get a place on the writing team after Pat Patterson stepped down. Undertaker would go to win the match and Jake Roberts became the second victim of the Streak.

28th October 2011
Last Man Standing Match
Lionheart vs Kris Travis

Here’s a match from the rather brilliant Preston City Wrestling here in the UK between Lionheart and Kris Travis! Lionheart has recently returned to in ring action after suffering a neck injury after AJ Styles used the Styles Clash on him on the PCW Road To Glory 3 show on the 3rd show over three days in the main event. That broken neck injury would keep Lionheart out of action for just over a year before he returned to action in March of this year.

Kris Travis has been out of action since October 2014 after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. The 31 year old is synonymous with PCW-UK and has a large following in the UK since debuting in 2002. Travis was a part of TNA’s British Bootcamp 2 and has held the PCW Championship as well as several singles and tag titles around the UK. PCW owner Steven Fludder set up an indiegogo fund called Trav Aid which raised over £5000 to help cover costs while Kris Travis was recovering from chemo. The level of support is rather awesome!

Both have been through alot and they continue to recover and continue their careers! Now watch them kick the crap out of each other!

And Finally…

28th April 1991
Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Owen Hart

Ending this week’s Hunt with a truly brilliant match from 1991 between Jushin Liger and Owen Hart! This was part of the NJPW Explosion Tour which featured Tatsumi Fujinami, Keiji Muto, Samu of the Headshrinkers and Chris Benoit as Pegasus Kid. Owen had been working for WCW before working on this tour. He would rejoin WWE in November to form the New Foundation with Jim Neidhart.

Despite the finish not going in Owen Hart’s favour (what a move by Liger though!) it’s a great match to mark what would have been Owen Hart’s birthday on 7th May.

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for tuning in! I hope you will check out the next Scavenger Hunt every Friday on TWC! Past episodes still available, over 200 clips to enjoy! Until next time, good day everybody!


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