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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Parka Life

Good day grapplin’ fans and welcome to this weeks edition of the Scavenger Hunt! A real mix bag for you as per usual! We got a lot of masked characters this week along with other action from the world of wrestling!

Without further delay let’s begin!

May 2014
Brian Kendrick vs Che Cabrera

Kicking off with a match from Brian Kendrick’s own school/promotion as he takes on Che Cabrera! Brian Kendrick is currently working with WWE Diva Eva Marie to work on her skills. Having won several titles in WWE, TNA, Zero-One and other promotions, Brian Kendrick tried out as a potential trainer for the WWE earlier this year at the Performance Center as well as wrestling Finn Balor in NXT.

Che Cabrera is an American wrestler who debuted in January 2012 and is the leader of the Chevolution! Wrestling for various promotions as a freelancer, Che Cabrera is a former Santino Bros Champion. Cabrera was trained at the Santino Bros training school with the company based in California.

Nice little opener here! Can’t help but laugh at the very loud lady in the audience, a good match nonetheless.

Mid-South Wrestling
Midnight Rider vignette

To Mid-South Wrestling as the world awaits for The Midnight Rider to debut. The Midnight Rider gimmick was originally portrayed by Dusty Rhodes in the 1970s in Florida for the NWA. This version however is Cowboy Bill Watts in UWF/Mid-South. Watts had lost a loser leaves town tag match and was to resurface as the Rider. The gimmick was short-lived as Bill Watts rivals (General Skandor Akbar, Kamala and Kareem Muhammad) departed for Texas All Star Wrestling.

The Midnight Rider rode out of town quicker than he came in!

19th February 2012
LA Par-K/LA Parka/Super Parka vs Raven/Tommy Dreamer/Super Crazy

Here’s an intriguing encounter that certainly ain’t pretty as Team ECW consisting of Tommy Dreamer, Raven and Super Crazy battle the three Parkas!

L.A Par-K is Adolfo Tapia, the former WCW wrestler LA Parka who couldn’t return to Mexico under the name as AAA owed the rights to the name in Mexico and had another wrestler portray the character. Super Parka is Ramon Ibarra Banda who is the uncle of L.A Par-K. Having wrestled as Volador in CMLL he started portraying the Super Parka name on the indie scene in Mexico and the USA. LA Parka is Jesus Escoboza and he has portrayed the LA Parka persona since the original LA Parka worked full time for WCW. He is a 5 time Rey De Reyes winner in AAA and headlined Triplemania XVIII against LA Par-K for the rights to the name. He subsequently lost the match but kept the name after the result was thrown out due to interference.
I don’t know about you but I’m a little confused myself! Three Parkas team together to get a little extreme!

17th September 2006
Canadian Super Girl’s Championship Match
Ivory vs Nattie Neidhart

From 2006 we have former WWE Diva Ivory defending the Canadian Super Girls Championship against current WWE Diva Natalya!
Trained by Mando Guerrero (brother to Hector, Chavo Sr and the late Eddie Guerrero), Lisa Moretti debuted for the GLOW promotion before wrestling for other women’s promotions as well as UWF (not to be confused with the Mid-South version). It wasn’t until 1999 that Lisa Moretti debuted as Ivory in the WWE, having started her wrestling career in 1986. Ivory would stay with the WWE until 2005 winning the WWE Women’s Championship on 3 separate occasions.

The Supergirls Championship is owned by ECCW in Canada. The first Champion was current NXT wrestler Becky Lynch in 2005. Ivory was the second champion holding the title for 170 days before this match with Natalya.

Two era’s of WWE collide!

And finally…

16th March 2011
Axl Mulligan vs Ricardo Rodriguez

Ending this week’s Hunt with what could have been as Ricardo Rodriguez takes on the pre-Bray Wyatt/post-Husky Harris Axl Mulligan!

The Axl Mulligan gimmick never made it to TV as Husky Harris continued to appear on FCW TV after the end of the Nexus storyline on the main roster. Harris would get involved in his brother Bo Dallas’ feud with Lucky Cannon and Damien Sandow. It would be April 2012 when the Bray Wyatt character would emerge originally flanked by Eli Cottonwood before Luke Harper and Erick Rowan debuted on NXT TV after the re-branding from FCW.

The hockey mask mixed with a Stone Cold Stunner was cool but luckily never got anywhere otherwise Bray Wyatt may never have happened!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope you have been entertained! Tune in next Friday for episode 45 and click this link to be directed to the previous 43 Hunts! Make sure to also follow me on Twitter!

So long folks!


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