HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Viva La Funkster!

Hello and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! This week it’s an early days special involving talents starting out in a company as well as a Jon Moxley promo just for the hell of it! Five clips as always, this is what the Scavenger Hunt is all about! I’m Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost on Twitter and if you are ready then let’s begin!

NWA All Star Wrestling
John Tenta/Rick Davis vs Terry Rivera/Dave Scott

Kicking off with a wrestling TV taping in Canada featuring John Tenta before his Earthquake days! While wrestling for AJPW in Japan, John Tenta wrestled in his native Canada. Having achieved success in Sumo in Japan, Tenta was trained by former NWA Champion Giant Baba. John Tenta would work for AJPW until September 1989 when he signed for the WWE and debuted in a segment involving Ultimate Warrior and Dino Bravo. Cool to see John Tenta in the early days of his career!

Mid-South Wrestling
13th January 1984
Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Rick Rood

On to Mid South now and Butch Reed is taking on a pre-ravishing Rick Rood (later Rude). Having started his wrestling career in 1982, Rick Rude would hop from one promotion to another before becoming Ravishing in Memphis in a feud with Jerry Lawler. After joining Championship Wrestling From Florida in December 1984, Rude starting picking up Championships. It would be 1987 when when Rude joined the WWE. 1994 was when Rude’s in ring career ended in a match with Sting.

Butch Reed was a three time Mid-South Champion and wrestled a one hour time limit draw against NWA Champion Ric Flair. He is in WWE Royal Rumble history as the first man ever eliminated in the first Royal Rumble in 1988. His last major feud was in WCW when he squared off against his former Doom tag team partner Ron Simmons in a cage match at Superbrawl 1992.

15th December 1990 (Broadcast Date)
Cain The Undertaker vs Mario Mancini

You heard the announcement right, briefly after the Undertaker’s WWE debut he was Cain (Kane?) The Undertaker before the Cain part was quickly dropped. This was his debut TV match actually recorded before his WWE debut at Survivor Series against regular jobber Mario Mancini. Video quality not brilliant but it’s just very weird hearing the way The Undertaker is introduced to the ring!

Dragon Gate USA
Jon Moxley Promo

The Lunatic Fringe himself Dean Ambrose back when he was in Dragon Gate USA! Here he is cutting a promo in the dark telling Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) what he thinks about him. Leading up to their match at DGUSA Way Of The Ronin event (which Danielson won), Moxley was part of the group Kamikaze USA. Moxley was appearing for all sorts of promotions at the time as was Danielson. A crazy promo from the future Lunatic Fringe.

And Finally…

20th May 1989
Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero

Concluding this week’s Hunt here we have a match I never knew happened as the crazy Terry Funk takes on a young Eddie Guerrero in a little TV match from WCW! Terry Funk was terrorizing the NWA/WCW going after then WCW Champ Ric Flair. This was his first match back in NWA since 1985. His stint in NWA would end in November 1989 losing to Ric Flair in an I Quit match at Clash Of The Champions 9.

This match was also Eddie Guerrero’s first match in WCW and would be his only appearance until 1991 when he made another one night appearance. It would be 1995 when Eddie would sign with WCW. Terry Funk actually let’s Guerrero get a fair bit of offense in this one. Two legends meeting each other for one night only!

That concludes this week’s Hunt! I hope you have enjoyed this edition! There’s previous Hunts here on TWC and every Friday new editions will appear! Over 200 clips used so far and more to feature! Take it easy folks!


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