Chris Hero

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – The Mountie Always Gets HIs Man…Brother!

Hello Scavenger Hunt fans (are there any still around?) and welcome once again to a new episode with me, Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost on Twitter! Each Friday I compile five clips, whether matches or promos or anything else from the wacky world of Wrestling!

Let’s begin with…

4th April 2008
NWA Women’s Championship Match
Amazing Kong vs Sara Del Rey

Kicking off with a hard hitting bout for the NWA Women’s Championship as current TNA star Amazing Kong defends against new assistant Head Coach of NXT Sara Del Rey! This match was recorded at an NWA Wrestling Showcase TV Taping which featured Greg Valentine and the Nasty Boys among others.

Amazing Kong won the NWA Women’s Title by beating MsChif and held the title for just under one year before dropping the title back to MsChif 23 days after this match with Sara Del Rey. Featuring brawling outside the ring and a bit of a screwy finish, these two ladies put on a great wrestling encounter.

Knights Of The Roxbury vs Shotokan Dojo

Here we have Hoodslam making their debut on the Scavenger Hunt! Formed in 2010 by Sam Khandaghabadi, who was wrestling as The Sheik at the time, Hoodslam is more of an adult art performance than mainstream wrestling. Sam was sick of having to modify his act to be more child friendly so he invited fellow wrestlers on the West Coast to start Hoodslam where sexuality, profanity and drug/alcohol consumption was acceptable at the shows. Hoodslam’s absurdity in characters and storylines doesn’t mean the action is the same. The talent do wrestle normally and perform impressive and dangerous moves.

In this match we see reference to the 1998 comedy A Night Of The Roxbury film that starred Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan and to Street Fighter. Other talents include or have included The Stoner Brothers Rick-Scott and Scott-Rick (a parody of the Steiners), Pooh Jack (a parody of New Jack), PONG and FONG (Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer and F**king Obese Nerdy Gamer) and Charlie Chaplin who is invisible. Highlighting the absurdity of wrestling in a comical way, Hoodslam can be seen at the Oakland Metro Opera House in California where the shows have been selling out. Hadouken!

18th January 2015
Act Yasukawa/Heidi Lovelace/Dragonita vs Hudson Envy/Kris Wolf/Kyoko Kimura

Here we have a 6 Woman tag match featuring American/Canadian indie wrestlers Heidi Lovelace and Hudson Envy respectively along with Spanish wrestler Dragonita from Stardom in Japan. 24 year old Heidi Lovelace began her wrestling career in 2010. She has been a regular for SHIMMER and SHINE and was the first woman to win the AAW Heritage Championship. Heidi was ranked number 48 in the top 50 women wrestlers in 2014 by PWI.

Hudson Envy is 24 years old and started her career in 2012. With a more unique look the “Tattooed Metalhead Pit bull” has wrestled in hardcore matches as well as more traditional matches.

Stardom has been bogged down in controversy since February when the then World Of Stardom Champion Yoshiko legitimately beat the challenger Act Yasukawa in the face causing the match to end abruptly. Yoshiko was suspended indefinitely after making a public apology and one of the founding members of Stardom and current wrestler Nanae Takahashi resigned in a dispute over the incident with fellow board members. Act Yasukawa had not long returned from a long layoff due to Thyroid issues as well as cataracts surgery.

28th August 2004
AJ Styles vs Chris Hero

Featuring New Jack on guest commentary here is the second meeting between AJ Styles and Chris Hero from back in 2004. Both talents are no strangers with each other. Both have wrestled since 1999/2000 and have both wrestled for a large number of companies including WWE, ROH, PWG, 2CW and NWA to name a few.

AJ Styles was the IWC (International Wrestling Cartel) Super Indy Champion on two occasions between 14th March 2003 to 10th May 2003 then again between 20th March 2004 to 8th May 2004. He vacated the title both times.

The International Wrestling Cartel has been in operation since 17th March 2001 when they debuted in McKee’s Rock, Pennsylvania. Tommy Dreamer is the current IWC Heavyweight Champion at time of writing.

AJ Styles and Chris Hero put on a great match here.

And Finally…

WCW House Show
11th April 1997
Hulk Hogan vs Jacques Rougeau

We conclude with a fan recording of a match from a live event in Canada booked by Jacques Rougeau during WCW’s existence! There is an interview on Youtube with Jacques Rougeau talking all about this match. Hulk Hogan asked Jacques how am he putting Rougeau over and wouldn’t accept any other outcome due to Hogan’s respect for the Rougeau name. On Colt Cabana’s podcast however Kevin Steen (who had a bit of initial training from Jacques) said that Hogan agreed to lose in return for an extra $10,000 payment. This was not a WCW show in Canada, Jacques paid and promoted it so this lose wasn’t mentioned on WCW broadcasting. With Canada behind him, the former Mountie got his man!

That concludes this week’s Hunt, I hope you had a jolly good time watching! Thanks for stopping by and pop back next Friday for more randomness! Check out previous Scavenger Hunts exclusively to The Wrestling Chronicle! So long everybody!


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