Jim Neidhart

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – The Most Controversial Scavenger Hunt Ever!


Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt with me, Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost from Twitter! This week is very different to past Hunts as we dive into the less pleasing, controversial and downright disgusting part of wrestling. As the disclaimer at the top hints at, these clips contain excess blood, racist visuals and real fighting so you have been warned.

If you are prepared to continue then let’s begin!

Smokey Mountain Wrestling
Jim Ross interviews The Gangstas

Kicking things off with a promo from SMW which I may have used before but including regardless as New Jack tells the fans in Tennessee exactly what he thinks of them. The Gangstas were involved in a feud with the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and even defeated them in controversial circumstances to win the Tag Team Championships. The Gangstas (with New Jack especially) would get very hostile receptions from the Southern fans and would twist the racial subject to become one of the most controversial tag teams of all time. The Gangstas (minus D’Lo Brown who at one time was a member) would jump ship to ECW in 1995 and debut by attacking The Public Enemy.

With Jim Ross looking on, New Jack tells the hillbillies what they can do…and the crowd don’t like it!

24th September 1995
Virgil vs The Thug

Here we have a segment from NWC that I actually was going to include in last week’s Hunt and seeked clearance from Erik who runs TWC (he advised against it, on my head be it) as Virgil prepares to face The Thug in one on one action. But The Thug throws a swerve and sends out Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart in his place. What makes this tasteless and incredibly uncomfortable was that Jim Neidhart is disguised…in a Ku-Klux Klan outfit….and this is a recorded TV episode! What were the promoters thinking?! It should be noted that Virgil goes along with the angle but that’s not to say he wasn’t offended either.
Jim Neidhart sinks lower than the whole WHO gimmick with this appearance, pretty shameful of the promoters to gain cheap heat.

29th June 2012
Bacardi vs Mercedes

“I might need a bacardi after this one” to quote the commentator of this one as we try to lighten the tone a little with a truly awful women’s match that falls apart right from the start. British wrestler Bacardi heads over to USA to take on Mercedes (a former WWE developmental talent) for Florida Underground Wrestling as part of the NWA.

Bacardi was initially trained by Jake Roberts in 2004 and is still wrestling on the UK wrestling scene to this day. The commentator tries his best to talk highly of this match but the match itself is completely messy. This was a PPV match as well. Let’s all get a drink after this one!

8th December 1977
Antonio Inoki vs The Great Antonio

On to an infamous worked-turned-shoot match as Antonio Inoki takes on the giant Great Antonio from NJPW! Great Antonio was born Antonio Barichievich in Croatia but moved to Canada after World War 2. The man was 6 foot 4 and over 450 lbs and seemingly insane! He owned the largest rocking chair in the world (4 meters high and 2 meters wide), he pulled a 433 ton train 19.8 meters which earned him a spot in the Guinness book of records in 1952. Strangest of all he hijacked a bus full of passengers just to prove he could pull it along!

Antonio Inoki was and still is a legend of Japan and wrestling in general. He didn’t take too kindly to The Great Antonio no selling his dropkick and generally making a mockery of him. Things turned sour for Antonio very quickly when Inoki started kicking him for real after Antonio clubbed him in the back of the head. A rather shameful match which was the main event on this show. The Great Antonio never wrestled again.

22nd February 2015
World Of Stardom Championship Match
Yoshiko vs Act Yasukawa

We conclude this darker episode of the Scavenger Hunt with one of the most shameful and disgusting acts of unprofessional behaviour I’ve ever seen. Here we have from Stardom in Japan the World Of Stardom Champion Yoshiko facing Act Yasukawa. Evil intentions seemed to be in Yoshiko’s mind before the bell even rang.

Act Yasukawa had a rough upbringing with mental illness, attempted suicide and being diagnosed with Graves Disease (a thyroid disorder) as well as having near total blindness in her right eye. The doctor offered her medication that would help her after she became very ill which would leave her infertile and would never allow her to have children. She chose to take the treatment due to her love for wrestling.

Having returned to wrestling in December 2014 after 6 months out, Act won the Wonder Of Stardom Championship defeating Mayu Iwatani on 18th January 2015. What happens in this match we have here just makes things even more horrific.
The reason why Yoshiko brutalizes Act (especially targeting Act’s eyes since she had had cataracts surgery) is still unknown at this time. Many say it is due to mutual animosity between the two, others say there was jealously from Yoshiko. Regardless this is just pure thuggery. Yoshiko has been suspended indefinitely and I hope unlikely to ever return. The owners have all taken a 30% pay cut for 3 months with resignations also occurring. Act Yasukawa had her mother help her type up a new entry into her blog where she apologises to the fans in just another example of Act’s decency. Despite being hurt and being dragged from the ring she wanted to continue the match and shouted “I am a pro wrestler!”.

A completely shocking incident so like the others, please don’t watch if you are sensitive.

That concludes this sombre toned, disturbing episode of the Scavenger Hunt. I know it’s not the feel good and goofy sort of Hunt I’m more accustomed to compile so apologies if anyone was offended or disturbed. Wrestling has it’s dark moments as highlighted here.

Back to normal next week with a much more light hearted episode I promise! Thank you for tuning in and checking out this and past episodes right here on TWC!
Take care folks!


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