Bull Bronson

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 6/8/15

Here is the Indy Power Rankings for the week of 6/8/15.

#1 Santana Garrett (@BrittanyTNA)-It has been one hell of a year for Santana Garrett and that continued this week as she grabbed her second #1 ranking. She has been relevant almost every single week since winning the NWA Women’s Title. Over the weekend she defeated Jayme Jameson at Wet Wrestling Cowgirl Rumble on 6/1 and then beat Josh Hess at FIP on 6/5 to go 2-0 on the week. With 15 straight wins and something like 35 wins in her last 36 matches, she is damn near unstoppable. Who’s next to step up to the challenge of the SHINE, NWA Women’s, Battling Bombshells, and JCW Women’s Champion?
#2 John Wayne Murdoch (@johnmurdoch25)-It really looked like JWM was going to grab the #1 spot after his performance Saturday night at CCW’s First Annual King of the Coliseum. Unfortunately for him, his loss to Reed Bentley the next day at IWA Mid-South in an “Opportunity in a Box Match” may have ruined his chances of getting his second #1 ranking. That being said, he did win the tournament by defeating Reed Bentley, then Matt Tremont, and finally, JC Rotten to also retain his CCW Hardcore Title on 3 occasions. This week was absolutely bananas and Murdoch’s weekend was evidence of that fact.
#3 AR Fox-“The Whole Foxin’ Show” had as good of an argument as anyone on this strange week to grab his first #1 ranking this year, but it wasn’t to be. After a great 2013 and a so-so 2014, Fox is back in the driver’s seat in 2014 after winning the Legacy Heavyweight title when he defeated JT Dunn on 6/6. He added to that victory as he defeated JT Dunn, Eddie Smooth, Shane Strickland, & PJ Black the same night to become the inaugural champion. A 2-0 weekend and his undefeated record in his last 5 matches gets him the #3 spot this week. If he can keep this momentum going, he’ll be #1 again in no time.
#4 Rich Swann (@GottaGetSwann)-The FIP World Heavyweight Champion returns to the Top 10 this week as he defeated Mason Ryan on 6/5 to retain the title. He also defeated Sebastian Suave at SMASH Wrestling on 6/6, but was unable to complete a perfect weekend as he reportedly took a loss in the ALS Gauntlet, dubbed “The Infinity Gauntlet” where Chris Hero wrestled for over 3 hours. That being said, Swann has been as good as anyone in 2015 as he looks to continue his winning ways as he tours the North American continent and elsewhere.
#5 Rampage Brown (@RampageBrown)-The NGW Heavyweight Champion and 1/2 of PCW Tag Team Champions teamed with T-Bone at PCW on 6/5 to defeat The UK Hooligans (Roy Knight & Zak Knight) to retain the titles and then defeated Bram at Brit Wrestling Fest on 6/7 to retain the NGW title to go 2-0 for the week. One of the UK’s top talents returned to the Top 10 this week after a relatively successful 2015, following a very successful 2014. He’s one of the best the UK has to offer and we expect to see much more of him going forward.
#6 Brandon White-Great weekend for Brandon White as he makes his first appearance in the Indy Power Rankings Top 10. He defeated Tommy Redneck at NBPW on 6/6, then teamed with Ethan Steele the same night to defeat Sean Spade & Tommy Redneck and then teamed with L.A. Rocker and Criss Gage on 6/7 to defeat Pretty Boy James and the Chicago Overcoats to go 3-0 for the week. He was one of the very few who were able to pick up more than 2 victories over the weekend. Can he continue this type of success?
#7 Bull Bronson (@BullBronson)-After Outlaw Wrestling’s first show on 6/7, the dominant monster, standing in a 6 ‘4’’ tall and weighing in at almost 400 pounds, held the Outlaw Title high after defeating Zakk Sawyers to become the first champion. He also teamed with The Hooligans to hand The Viking War Party their only loss of the weekend on 6/6 at SNPW. This was particularly impressive as The Vikings don’t frequently lose in 6-man tag team action as a unit. With the title over his shoulder, expect Bull Bronson to continue to mow through the competition. You can go back and listen to the big Outlaw Wrestling Hype Central with Devin Cutter, American Viking, and Frank Wyatt here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fillingthevoidrn/2015/06/02/indy-power-rankings-reveal-outlaw-wrestling-hype-central
#8 Cauliflower Chase Brown (@CatchChaseBrown)-The indie rock frontman and self-proclaimed philosopher grabbed his first ranking this week and it’s been long overdue. “Cauliflower” grabs the #8 spot this week after he defeated one of the best wrestlers on the indies in Cedric Alexander on 6/6 to retain the TSW Title. He’s been picking up win after win in the Carolinas recently and with him scoring his first Top 10 ranking, he’s got even more on the line going forward.
#9 Jewells Malone (@JewellsMalone)-One of Canada’s top female athletes proved that the “Hardcore Princess” can compete with any of the top females in North America after a very good weekend at SMASH Wrestling. She defeated Kaitlin Diemond at Smash on 6/6 and then teamed with Courtney Rush, Portia Perez, Vanessa Kraven & Xandra Bale the same night to defeat Candice LeRae, Cherry Bomb, Jennifer Blake, Kaitlin Diemond & Veda Scott the same night. One of the hardest hitting women in independent wrestling has been on the outside of the Top 10 looking to get in for far too long and she broke through this week.
#10 Donny Idol-The NEW EMERGE Champion scored perhaps the biggest victory of his career when he defeated the monstrous JD Mariani for the title in an insane TLC Match on 6/6. With the title now in hand, he’s looking to continue his success at EMERGE as he AND the company have picked up quite a bit of momentum as of late. He also secured 53 votes to come in third in the online voting competition. You can go back and listen to his thoughts heading into his match with JD Mariani from last week here:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elitepodcastnetwork/2015/06/03/indy-power-rankings-tag-team-top-5-reveal-emergewrestling-hype-central
People’s Champ. Hellcat-Well, after crushing the competition in the tag team voting competition last week, he added the singles voting competition this week as the KDW Champion (and ½ of the UPW Tag Team Champions) defeated Gabreal Saint on 6/6 to retain the title to get on the poll. He then racked up 249 votes to easily win the competition this week.
Honorable Mention. Portia Perez (@pperezninja)-She defeated Veda Scott and Angie Sky at Smash on 6/6; then teamed with Courtney Rush, Jewells Malone, Vanessa Kraven & Xandra Bale to defeat Candice LeRae, Cherry Bomb, Jennifer Blake, Kaitlin Diemond & Veda Scott the same night to go 2-0 for the week; has won 3 straight matches.
Others missing out/receiving votes:
Samoa Joe
Idol Bane
Joe Gacy
Dragon Kid
Mark Vandy-#2 in the online voting competition with 76 votes
Minoru Tanaka
Benny Conley
Cody Deaner
Aja Kong
AC Riley
Skylar Cruze
Brian Myers
Frank Wyatt
Jeremy Hadley
Brent Banks
Kimber Lee
James Blade
Big Damo
Bad Bones
Katsuhijo Nakajima
Rory Steele
Negro Navarro
Kidd Riot
Slim J
Courtney Rush
Dan Maff
Hy Zaya
Eddie Diamond
Deadly Dale
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