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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Mr. Havoc Your Table Is Now Ready!

Hello everyone and welcome to a more viewer friendly Scavenger Hunt (unlike last week) with me Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost on Twitter! Same formula as all the previous weeks. I have compiled five matches from the world of Indie Wrestling this time for your viewing curiousness.

Without further delay let’s get this weeks episode started!

Strong Style Wrestling
20th March 2015
SSW Heavyweight Championship Match
Sugar Dunkerton vs Shannon Moore

Kicking off with a Championship match from Strong Style Wrestling pitting former WWE/WCW star Shannon Moore challenging the champ Sugar Dunkerton!

Having won the SSW Heavyweight Championship on 10th January 2015 in a battle royal (after defeating Chris Hero on the same night), Suge D successfully defended against Silas Young before this match against Shannon Moore. His Championship has since been vacated leaving Dunkerton still the current Resistance Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

Shannon Moore dropped out of the wrestling scene after leaving TNA in 2012 to focus on his tattoo business before resurfacing at the XICW event on 14th December 2014 winning the XICW Championship. Shannon Moore used to be in Jeff Hardy’s band “Peroxwhy?gen” at one time.

Shannon Moore tests Sugar Dunkerton at SSW!

16th August 2013
Hardcore Match
Sabu vs Jimmy Havoc

Botchamania fans rejoice as the legend Sabu appears in the UK going up against British high flyer/hardcore wrestler Jimmy Havoc! In the main event of Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s “Menace II Society 3” event at the Rushcliffe Arena in Nottinghamshire, Sabu and Havoc cause a mess with broken tables and chairs.

Jimmy Havoc is 31 years old from Dartford in Kent and is fast becoming one of the best heels in the UK. Transitioning from a hardcore death match style to a brawling traditional wrestler has helped Jimmy Havoc add depth to his character. He has been the PROGRESS Champion since 24th November 2013 and is also the All England Champion and the Future Pro Wrestling Champion. He is also technically still the NWA United Kingdom Jr Heavyweight Champion but hasn’t defended the title since 2012. NWA Hammerlock Wrestling used to be the UK member of NWA.

The Crowd have fun, the commentator can’t stop laughing and the match is pure chaos…good times all round!

7th December 2012
Mickie James vs Mistress Belmont

To 2012 now as the bizarre Mistress Belmont makes her second appearance on the Scavenger Hunt taking on former WWE and current TNA James Storm victim Mickie James in women’s action!

Mickie James has been in the wrestling news lately in the unsettling and frankly bizarre incident with James Storm in TNA where he seemed to push her onto train tracks. TNA followed up the scene saying she is fine but it left a bad taste in many fans mouths. Mickie has made the odd wrestling appearance since giving birth.

Mistress Belmont debuted in 2004 and has appeared for many promotions on the indie scene including NWA, Top Rope Promotions and WSU (a partner of Combat Zone Wrestling). She was trained by former WWE Enhancement Steve Bradley (who also trained Damien Sandow and Fandango) who sadly passed away at aged 32.

A pretty decent match, I like Belmont’s look and persona!

26th April 2015 (Broadcast Date)
Davey Boy Smith Jr/Lance Archer/Shelton Benjamin/Brian Breaker/Taichi
Chris Hero/Colt Cabana/Zack Sabre Jr/Jack Gamble/Jon Webb

Here we have a 10 man tag match as part of NOAH’s Global Tag League set of shows involving an assemble of talent! Featuring the current NOAH Tag Team Champions The Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer) and the NOAH Jr Heavyweight Champion Taichi, all 10 combatants just go for it full on.

Chris Hero recently raised money for the ALS charity by wrestling 17 matches in three hours which was awesome for him to do. It had been four years since Brian Breaker first appeared for NOAH. He was in NXT in 2012/13 as Brandon Traven appearing only 3 times on TV before being released. Breaker, Jack Gamble and Jon Webb were all trained by WWE HOF member Harley Race and started at his WLW company.

A fun 10 man tag match featuring some well known faces!

And Finally…

Empire State Wrestling
4th April 2015
Johnny Gargano vs Anthony Nese

We conclude with an absolutely brilliant match from Empire State Wrestling from this year as Johnny Gargano battles Anthony Nese!

A two time Chikara Tag Champion and a two time DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Champion amongst others, 27 year old Johnny Gargano has been making waves in indie wrestling. He was once recommended by a doctor to rethink his career as a wrestler after being diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his back caused by his left leg being a little shorter than his right leg. He started wrestling again six months after that diagnosis. Having had try outs with WWE, TNA and ROH, it’s only a matter of time before Gargano performs on a bigger stage. Gargano won the DGUSA Open The Freedom Championship for the second time on a tour of China on 16th November 2014.

Anthony Nese is a 29 year old New Yorker trained by ECW original Mikey Whipwreck. Debuting in 2005 (the same year Gargano debuted), Nese was briefly in TNA in 2011-12 wrestling as Matt Maverick. He asked for his release from TNA after being refused permission to wrestle a tag match for Pro Wrestling Syndicate where he and Sami Callahan faced KAI and The Great Muta. Like Gargano, Anthony Nese appears for DGUSA and Evolve as well as competing for NYWC amongst other promotions.
Two guys who have wrestled each other many times before put on a real classic of a match. A great way to close proceedings!

And that dear friends concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt (#ScavengerHunt on twitter)! I hope you have enjoyed this weeks episode compared to last weeks very dark one. Keep checking out the indie scene, there’s lots of talent out there!
From me HobosGhost and the TWC I wish you a great day!

You can find a new Scavenger Hunt every Friday exclusively on TWC! For past Hunts click here. So long folks!


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