Dusty Rhodes

Remembering Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes passed away on June 11, 2015

Thursday June 11 will forever be a day linked to history in the minds of everyone in the wrestling community whether it be fans or those who work in the industry. It will be the day we lost “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

As sad as the day will forever be it was a day for people connected with Dusty to share their favorite moments spent with Mr. Rhodes. From Steve Corino’s back and forth badgering of Rhodes while going from city to city. Or a Twitter user recounting how he tried desperately to meet Dusty and finally when he got the chance Rhodes offered him a job mowing his lawn for $50 dollars a week. When Dusty sold his house and no longer needed the young man’s services he left him $500 cash. Here’s the real kicker, Dusty never even knew his name.

We had fans and wrestlers tweet countless Dusty Rhodes one liners whether it be from the infamous “Hard Times” promo or telling folks how he “wined and dined with kings and queens and “slept in alleys and ate pork and beans”. Or who can forget Dusty being the brain behind “The Shockmaster” who’s now legendary blunder caused a young Cody Rhodes to scream out “That’s Uncle Fred!” As it unfolded on TV.
Everyone has attempted to do a Dusty impression. Some are great and some are not so great but we’ve all been guilty of throwing out an “If you weeel” when talking about “The American Dream “. I’ll always remember the Sam Roberts interview with Stardust during this past WrestleMania week and Stardust telling people “it’s all about the body of work” ala his father. It brought a smile to my face.
Through all the great moments we relived celebrating the life of Dusty Rhodes like he would have wanted the wrestling community to do, we read heartfelt tributes from many of the future stars of the WWE like Corey Graves, Charlotte, Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady and many others who gave fans just a glimpse of a side to Dream that made us all feel like he was a family member. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both posted amazing written tributes to Rhodes speaking of how much admiration and love and an unbreakable bond between mentor and student that has shaped the confidence of many we see tearing down the house in NXT. It was said that Dusty considered the young talent in NXT “his kids”, something I’m sure they took to heart.

Thursday was a very tough day for me. Once again I was reminded that someone I grew up idolizing as I was becoming exposed to the magic of professional wrestling was no longer here with us. With each passing idol and reality check of immortality I am reminded that each piece of my childhood innocence, each piece of the wonder, amazement, and total farce that I have come to love and devote my time for as long as I can, is fading away.
But for now I will say that I will never forget you Mr. Rhodes. I did not know you personally and unfortunately I never got the chance to meet you but I want to thank you for the impact you have left in professional wrestling. That impact will carry on and one day I will be able to tell my children about the man who told me to reach out and touch my TV screen and to believe that hard times will pass. 
Thank you Dream.

Here is a playlist of YouTube content we liked related to Dusty Rhodes. Much of the content is very old which adds to the magic of the time in wrestling, and the magic that is Dusty Rhodes.


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