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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – MVP Takes On Liechtenstein!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Scavenger Hunt here on TWC! My name is still Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost on Twitter and I have once again compiled five matches from the world of wrestling for you to have a look at. Nearly at the 50 episodes milestone, thank you to everyone who checks these out.

Right…Let’s begin!

21st December 1997
Dudleys/Tommy Dreamer/The Sandman/Terry Funk
Atsushi Onita/Gladiator/Tetsuhiro Kuroda/Hideo/Fake Great Nita

Kicking off with this 10 man tag team chaos as ECW heads to Japan to face a team of FMW regulars including future ECW Champion Mike Awesome as The Gladiator! ECW talents made a handful of appearances for Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling in the late 90’s. FMW was notorious for it’s death matches and was initially owned by Japanese death match specialist Atsushi Onita between 1989-1995. Ownership changed to Shoichi Arai who was previously the ring announcer as Onita took a break from wrestling. Arai ended up declaring bankruptcy in 2002 being 3 million dollars in debt and owing the Yakuza money. He committed suicide on 16th May 2002 so his wife could claim his life insurance. The Arai family were still paying the Yakuza back years later.

Mike Awesome would end up joining ECW before jumping ship to WCW while still the ECW Champion. Onita would quit FMW in 1998.
A chaotic match, a pure fight if you will!

XWA/Pro Wrestling Eve
Pro Wrestling Eve Championship Match
Britani Knight vs Jenny Sjodin

Paige fans look away now as she takes a stretching from the Swedish born MMA grappler Jenny Sjodin! Jenny moved to Ireland in April 2007 to train with Fergal Devitt (Finn Balor), Paul Tracy, Phil Boyd, and Peter Farrell for NWA Ireland. Wrestling for promotions in Europe Jenny moved to Manchester in 2009 and started training in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She won medals in grappling tournaments in USA and France.

This match was the last of a trio of matches between Sjodin and Knight. Paige was the first ever EVE Champion but finds it tough against a much stronger opponent. Sjodin would go on to capture the Nordic Women’s Champion on 13th August 2011 in a title vs. title match against Finnish wrestler Aurora Flame.

23rd March 2007
MVP vs Cedrick Von Haussen

After headlining last week’s Hunt, Johnny Gargano appears on back to back episodes…as the Champion of Liechtenstein?? Yes that is correct, Johnny Gargano dressed up more like a Swiss yodeler (close enough I guess) and took a bit of a beating from MVP as MVP tried to prove why he should be US Champion. MVP would go on to face Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 23 in a losing effort.

Johnny Gargano made a second appearance on screen a few years later as a security guard during a Michael Cole segment on NXT (before it was good). Just think…they could have made Cesaro dress this way! Johnny Gargano representing Liechtenstein on Smackdown!

2nd January 2009
15 Man Heavyweight Battle Royal

Here we have the main event during the first leg of the AJPW New Year Shining series from 2009 as 15 competitors take part in a Battle Royal! Elimination is via being thrown over the top rope or by pinfall. This match features Keiji Muto, Satoshi Kojima, a young Sanada who was in TNA recently and Zodiac AKA Carlito’s bodyguard briefly in WWE amongst others. Joe Doering is a Canadian wrestler who has held the AJPW Triple Crown Championship and still appears for them to this day. Ryota Hama, Sanada, Manabu Soya and KAI are regulars for Muto’s Wrestle-1 promotion.

Keiji Muto sells a move purely for comedy from Nobutaka Araya while many pinfalls come quick and fast. I didn’t expect the winner to be who it was. Isn’t that what Battle Royals should be about? And how random is the disco Star Wars theme as a entrance theme for the competitors?

And Finally…

Chris Adams vs Cactus Jack Manson

Couldn’t find an exact date for this one but we finish this week’s Hunt with USWA action as “Gentleman” Chris Adams takes on Cactus Jack Manson! Mick Foley was very new to wrestling having only competed for a couple of years at this point. In USWA he was once the Light heavyweight Champion (yes that is true). Cactus Jack was gone from USWA by the end of 1989 as he moved onto WCW and UWF in 1990.

Chris Adams was born in Rugby, Warwickshire in England. Responsible for training Steve Austin among others, Adams appeared for various promotions including USWA, NJPW, WCW, WCWA and in the UK on ITV’s World Of Sport show. A holder of many championships, Chris Adams experienced many problems in later life before his untimely death after an arguement with a friend who shot him in self defense on 7th October 2001.

Chris Adams has been credited as the innovator of the super kick more synonymous with Shawn Michaels and The Young Bucks amongst others. He would have a feud jumping across different promotions against Gary Young who interferes in this match. Cactus Jack takes a few nasty bumps, a hint of what he would do in later times!

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! I hope you have found something here that you will remember until the next Scavenger Hunt at least! Every Friday a new Hunt appears here on TWC (and promoted via Social Media), what will appear next week not even I know yet! For previous Scavenger Hunts click here.

Feel free to follow me and Erik on TWC via Twitter! Hope to catch you next time on the Scavenger Hunt!


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