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Friends and followers of The Wrestling Chronicle:

We had a slight but major equipment damage. We humbly ask for your assistance.

In the process of getting everything together for tonight’s Piledriver Podcast episode I discovered my USB connected microphone was not working. Upon further investigation I realized the port on the inside was damaged beyond repair. Bummer but things happen. Unfortunately I won’t be able to purchase a new microphone anytime soon so I’ve set up a PayPal account where you can donate whatever you can to the site.

We also have an Amazon link available for those who enjoy online shopping. Just click the link if you plan to use Amazon to shop and proceed. Fast, simple, safe, and most of all you’d really be helping myself and everyone who works on the site out.

Use This Link When Shopping On Amazon!
I hate asking for anyone to have to give their hard earned money to me. I (Erik) didn’t start this site for money. I started running ads from Google and I only make about a penny, if I’m lucky, a day. I started The Wrestling Chronicle because the only thing I was ever good at was talking about wrestling. I say it time and time again I never thought this site would be going this long and has gained the attention it has in it’s existence. I figured this site would be like all my other projects would just turn to dust as I grew bored with it. Fast forward two years later and I’m still having a hell of a time doing what I do. It’s also great to see someone like Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles get some recognition for the work he has put in with the Scavenger Hunt feature on the site. The guy sacrifices his own spare time away from work to post quality entertainment from the world of wrestling. Honestly the guy works harder than I do and it is awesome to see people from the wrestling world appreciate his work.

No matter what, times are going to be hard for everyone. These days even when things are good it is important to save and invest in the future just in case you hit a rough patch. It is a part of life. It’s also important to understand the value of a dollar. I myself due to a disability live off disability benefits while I look hard to find any means of gainful employment. That is in no means a statement for pity. Far more people in this world have it way worse than I. Many people struggle to find shelter, I am lucky to say I have that, food, heat, and clean water. I am beyond fortunate. I started The Wrestling Chronicle because no matter what we all want to do something meaningful with our time on Earth. Wrestling is the only thing I know. To many, even wrestling fans themselves, having an obsession with what is now known as “Sports Entertainment”, is just silly. Especially for a man who is about to enter his thirties. There is just something about wrestling. It’s like watching beautiful art, music, and theater being composed all at once. Add a dash of psychology and you have the magic that is professional wrestling. Cerebral Palsy may have taken any chance of me being a wrestler, but rest assured I was born to work in this industry.

Truth be told I absolutely love what I do. I love being able to analyze the sport/artform all day. I love learning the backstage happenings that makes “this business” move like the unstoppable machine it is. I love being able to say I have interviewed guys like Michael Elgin and Brian Cage two huge names in our industry. Proud to call people like CZW veteran Chrissy Rivera a true friend who helped put this site and show on the map. DJ Hyde and CZW have been so kind to me beyond words. I’m forever grateful for anyone in CZW who has taken the time to even shake my hand and introduce themselves. I’m not important, you the performer who sacrifices your life, health, and family for my entertainment, are the important ones. I will forever maintain the practice of showing the utmost respect to any performer this site interacts with, although there are some in this industry who might not deserve it. I will continue to always be myself first. Something I’ve learned is the reason I’m having fun doing this and I’m pretty good at it if I say so myself. My number one gift is the ability to make people laugh, as evident in my tweets. If you can’t laugh you’re not having fun, and if you’re not having fun what are you doing? Life’s too short.

So what will the money go toward? Excellent question. Basically any and all currency will go 100% back into the website, The Wrestling Chronicle. It will pay the yearly hosting fee from Google, the monthly fee from PodoMatic (the site that hosts the podcast), new microphone equipment for the podcast, promotion (facebook ads, t-shirts etc.), and to pay people who work on this site what they deserve for their work. I seriously don’t want money for myself, at best maybe a job down the line doing something (whatever. I don’t care. I’ll scrub toilets) for WWE is what I hope to accomplish because lets be honest, every die hard wrestling fan has always envisioned themselves working for the ‘E. Triple H! Shoot me an email, lets do business.

No but seriously, the friends I have made, the memories, the connections I’ve been blessed to make, the chance to hear pride in my mother’s voice when I feel like the site has made an accomplishment, that’s all the payment I need. I love pro wrestling.

Thank you for your generosity and even if you can’t donate, thanks for taking the time to read my story. On behalf of everyone who has ever contributed anything to this site. Thank you.

***UPDATE*** A new microphone has been purchased! I cannot put into words the overwhelming feeling I have knowing that complete strangers from all parts of the globe gave me their hard earned money because they believe in me and they love professional wrestling. It’s amazing and I vow to work harder along with everyone else here at TWC so you know your investment is truly being put to good use. With that said we can always use a spare dollar if you have one. As mentioned above every dollar donated goes back into the site. Hosting fees, promotion, maintaining my laptop which is on it’s final leg…basically all of what we receive goes back into making the site better, because we love what we do. We can continue to feel a part of the wrestling community through our work thanks to you.


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