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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Virgil Goes For Gold!

Hello everybody, it is that time of the week for a new episode of the Scavenger Hunt with me, Simon K. AKA HobosGhost on Twitter! Each week I compile 5 clips for you to have a look at from the wacky world of wrestling! Whether quality matches, intriguing promos or downright bizarre stuff it is all covered! Nearly 250 clips used so far (click here to check out past episodes)! What’s going to appear this week? Let’s find out!

21st November 1992
WWE Championship Match
Bret Hart vs Virgil

Thanks to @EnjoysUKSoapToo and @FredrikCarlstrm for assisting by finding the link for me via Twitter after I posted that I had never seen the match before but knew of it. Here we have WWE Champion Bret Hart taking on all opponents to prove he was a fighting champion. His opponent to step up to the fray is none other than Virgil! Virgil never had a WWE title shot until this match. His only title victory was defeating Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase for Dibiase’s own Million Dollar Championship at Summerslam 1991.

Bret Hart won the WWE Championship for the first time defeating Ric Flair at an event in Saskatoon in Canada on 12th October 1992. He would go on to lose to Yokozuna at Wrestlemania IX. Bret Hart vs Virgil for the WWE Championship!

Stampede Wrestling
14th October 1988
Steve Renaud/Steve Blackman vs Goldie/Rip

Here we have a tag match from Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling as Rip and Goldie Rogers face Steve Renaud and a pre-Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman!

Steve Blackman made one appearance in WWE in 1987 in a six man tag and wrestled for Stampede and in Puerto Rico before serious illness left him bed ridden for several years. Through extensive treatment Blackman was able to recover, resurfacing on WWE TV in 1998 siding with Ken Shamrock against Dan Severn and Owen Hart. Steve Blackman would become one of the most dominant and popular WWE Hardcore Champions of all time and had a feud with Shane McMahon over the title. Steve Blackman did a tour for New Japan Pro Wrestling in January and February and made an appearance on WWE Superstars on 21st April 1988 in a 6 man tag. He teamed up with Outback Jack and Brady Boone (who was Battle Kat briefly in WWE) in a losing effort to The Islanders (Haku, Sivi and Tama). Steve Blackman in Stampede back before the kendo sticks and nunchaku.

29th January 1998
Goldberg vs Yuji Nagata

Here we have Goldberg in match 26 of the streak as he takes on current NJPW star Yuji Nagata! Nagata is a long time performer in NJPW since 1992. A two time IWGP Champion and a two time IWGP Tag Champion as well as a former GHC Champion last year in NOAH, Nagata is known for his stiff shoot style technique. He was signed to WCW between 1997-1998 managed by Sonny Onoo. His main feud was against Ultimo Dragon where Nagata came out on top.

The Goldberg streak started on 22nd September 1997 on an episode of Nitro when Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus. By the time this match on Thunder came around Goldberg’s list of wins included names such as The Barbarian, Roadblock, Steve McMichael (twice), Chavo Guerrero and Barry Horowitz!

Nagata tries to take it to Goldberg, but the streak would continue with Meng two days later on WCW Saturday Night.

23rd February 2002
IWA Puerto Rico Intercontinental Championship Match
Super Crazy vs Eddie Guerrero

A good match here from an early Ring Of Honor show as ECW alumni Super Crazy faces WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero for the vacant IWA Puerto Rico Intercontinental Championship!

This match took place on the first Ring Of Honor event which was headlined by a three way dance between Low Ki, Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels (won by Low Ki). This title was newly created for IWA Puerto Rico but the first champion was crowned here at ROH’s first show. Super Crazy would hold the title 3 times. Other champions included Joe E. Legend, El Mesias, Abyss and Big Vito among others.

A short match but a decent one to crown the first IWA Puerto Rico Intercontinental Champion!

And finally…

Big Time Wrestling
31st May 2014
The Handicapped Heroes vs John Skyler and Zane Riley

Concluding this weeks Hunt with one of the most unique and inspirational tag teams around as Zack Gowan teams with Gregory Iron to face John Skyler and Zane Riley. Zack Gowan lost his leg after a bout of cancer when he was 8 years old. Trained by Truth Martini, Gowan appeared as Tenacious Z before joining WWE in 2003. Gowan was involved in the feud between Mr America (Hulk Hogan) and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Zach Gowan has also worked as a stunt man and is a motivational speaker.

Gregory Iron was born with with cerebral palsy. Making his wrestling debut in 2006, Gregory Iron has appeared for promotions such as Chikara, Prime Wrestling, AIW and Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Iron defeated Johnny Gargano in his first appearance for Pro Wrestling Ohio (later Prime Wrestling) and was in a popular Youtube clip when CM Punk came to the ring at an indie show in 2011 and praised Iron with Colt Cabana.

Zack Gowan and Gregory Iron have been CLASH Tag Champs once, Prime Tag Champs twice (Iron has a 3rd title reign with Hobo Joe) and are the current Pro Wrestling Syndicate Tag Champs. They won the PWS Tag titles on 31st January 2015 defeating The Reynolds Brothers. They have since been in title defenses (sometimes in multi team matches) against The Reynolds, Reality Check (Devon Moore and Craven Varro) and the Dudley Boys among others.

An inspiring duo in a rather enjoyable match!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back next week for another episode! So long folks!


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