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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Ballet, Secret Notes, and Velcro Shoes!

Hello and welcome to the 50th episode of the Scavenger Hunt! This week is a very light-hearted episode with laughable moments and just general craziness! I am Simon Knowles and you can find me on Twitter as HobosGhost and each week I have been compiling five clips, whether matches or promos, from the world of wrestling! The weird, wonderful and downright crazy has appeared on the Hunt so welcome if you are a new viewer or a regular viewer!

Let’s get started!

Wrestling Society X
15th November 2006
Human Tornado vs Matt Sydal

Kicking of with a match from MTV’s very short lived attempt at a wrestling show as Matt Sydal takes on the Human Tornado on Wrestling Society X!

Matt Sydal was Evan Bourne in WWE but between 2000-2007 Sydal wrestled for Ring Of Honor, TNA in their infant years, and here at WSX. A former WWE Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston as Air Boom, Sydal was released by WWE on 12th June 2014 after recovering from a serious foot injury from a car accident. He has since appeared for ROH and Dragon Gate USA as well as other indie promotions since leaving WWE.

Human Tornado debuted on 29th November 2003 and made an impact from the start. Basing his character on a stereotypical 70’s street pimp, Human Tornado would go on to be a two time PWG Champion and a PWG Tag Champ with El Generico. He got injured in his second run as PWG Champion after injuring himself wrestling for Juggalo Championship Wrestling. One of his trademark moves was the House Party move where he would stomp on his opponent who was down in the corner while jivin’ before doing a split legged low blow. He suddenly announced his retirement on 4th February 2010 via Facebook but appeared twice for ROH after that to make up for two bookings he missed due to his retirement. He reappeared on the wrestling scene in 2012 then again in 2013 sporadically and more regularly in 2014 and this year too. He also appeared as El Snowflake in the Jack Black film “Nacho Libre” in a cameo role.

Part of the crowd gets wiped out in a planned spot (I hope) by the tornado in this high impact bout!

Wrestling Classic
Ricki Starr vs Frank Fozo

Not the first time I’ve done this but here we have a very old school match from the 1950’s as Fozo takes on the ballet trained Ricki Starr!

Having been a boxer under his real name of Bernard Hermann, in 1953 Ricki Starr combined wrestling with ballet. He toured with the Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo group around Europe and appeared on Broadway in the shows “Paint Your Wagon” and “Annie Get Your Gun”. It was his unique acrobatic style of wrestling combined with people’s perceptions that helped Starr sell out Madison Square Garden. Ricki Starr came to England in the 60’s and achieved a near undefeated streak with only one loss that can be found in the history books during his two decade run in England. Ricki wrestled month long tournaments in Germany and toured countries such as Greece, Turkey and Egypt. He only had eight televised matches in the UK during the height of homophobia, it didn’t take him much to do to get people talking about his antics.

Ricki Starr passed away on 20th September 2014 in London, England after a short illness. This match has the crowd laughing throughout and Frank Fozo does a brilliant job at being bamboozled by Ricki Starr’s antics.

16th February 1993
Yokozuna vs Raven Clark

Yokozuna is in full merciless mode as he completely destroys his opponent as he prepared for his Wrestlemania IX match vs. WWE Champion Bret Hart. He seems to get annoyed as his opponent doesn’t fall down after the corner splash so makes him go down! Also Yokozuna hits a nice Rock Bottom at the 1:25 mark!

Yokozuna would go on to defeat Bret Hart for the WWE Championship only to lose to Hulk Hogan in 8 seconds straight afterwards.

No mercy shown by Yokozuna…Banzai!

Inter Species Wrestling
29th June 2008
Inter Species Title Match
Player Uno vs Kevin Steen

To 2008 we go as Player Uno of the Super Smash Brothers defends the Inter Species Wrestling Championship against current NXT Champion Kevin Owens/Steen!

Player Uno has a video game orientated gimmick and used to wear ring attire which resembled a NES controller. If an opponent hit the pause button Player Uno would pause until it was hit again to unpause him! A former Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and 2CW Tag Champ with Stupefied AKA Player Dos, the 27 year old Canadian started wrestling aged 14. He was also a one time Inter Species Champion having won the title against Kevin Steen and Zombified (who was Stupefied) in a triple threat match for the vacant title in February 2008.

Featuring such characters such as current ISW Champion Izzie Deadyet, the tag team of Dumbfuck 1 and Dumbfuck 2 and a giant scary bunny type character named Fluffy, ISW brings a very alternative product to the wrestling market. They have had Lego Death Matches and the Burger King Of The Ring tournament.

Player Uno takes a lot of punishment from Steen in this one!

And finally…

November 2014
Hardcore Tag Team Match

We end with a video that just made me laugh from start to finish! This is the uncut version featuring the ring entrances. The cameraman is Mike Jordan. Please check out his videos as they are great as he watches bad matches where pro wrestling comes to die. Mike is practically allowed to do what he likes thanks to the lack of security. He helps secure Bob Barker’s velcro shoe and takes another person’s glasses. He tries to insert a chair into the match and is handed the microphone!
Again check out Mike Jordan’s “This is where pro wrestling goes to die” videos on Youtube if you haven’t already! Oh and what was that lady’s problem at the end? Was it her birthday? Who knows!

That dear Hunters concludes Episode 50 of the Scavenger Hunt here on TWC! Thank you to everyone who has viewed one or all of these! Say hello! Thanks to Erik at TWC and all the video uploaders as well as the talent. Check out past Scavenger Hunts here. Will there be any future Scavenger Hunts? Yep so tune in next Friday for the next episode! Have A Nice Day!

Simon “HobosGhost” Knowles


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