Charlie Garrett

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Stan-ding on the Shoulders of Giants

It’s Friday so that means it’s time! It’s time! It’s Scavenger Hunt time! My name is Simon and each Friday I compile five clips from the world of wrestling for your viewing pleasure/bemusement.
Let’s get straight to the action shall we?

Global Wrestling Federation
28th June 1991
Chaz vs Axl Rotten

Kicking off with Axl Rotten in his pre-ECW days in GWF! Axl Rotten was recently on Chris Jericho’s podcast where he revealed he had been in bad health and in hospital. Having nearly always been billed as from the UK, Axl was really born in Baltimore, Maryland. With his name and style influenced by Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, Rotten debuted aged 17. He trained Ian Rotten who was a storyline brother rather than his real brother (which fans still believe they are brothers). A huge fan of the rock group Kiss, Rotten is best known for his stint in ECW between 1993-1999. He never held a Championship in ECW but was a two time IWA-Mid South Champion and two time IWA-MS Tag Champ as well as various titles on the indie scene.
Having been living a clean life for months Axl’s back gave out in October and surgery is unavoidable. A fan set up a GoFundMe page to help his medical bills. I wish Axl all the best.
Axl Rotten in 1991 before his days in the land of extreme!

CSF Wrestling
21st February 2015
All Nations Championship Match
Charlie Garrett vs Chris Andrews

I like to have indie talent on the Scavenger Hunt so here is a match from the UK! Here we have Chris Andrews challenging Charlie Garrett for the All Nations Championship from February of this year.

Having debuted in 2012, Charlie Garrett is becoming one of the rising newer talents here in the UK. He made himself noticeable in his Preston City Wrestling debut on 28th March 2014. In the 30 man rumble match for the vacant title he eliminated the 315lbs Dave Mastiff in the unexpected moment of the match. Having won the CSF All Nations Championship in a triple threat match on 4th October 2014, Garrett is still the champ today.

Debuting in 2005 Chris Andrews has pinfall victories over Charlie Garrett as well as former WWE star Mason Ryan and highly rated German star “Bad Bones” John Klinger among others. A two time Pro Wrestling Pride Champion and one time Varsity Pro Champion, Chris Andrews as wrestled mostly in UK but has made trips to USA and recently Switzerland.

Good solid match with a cool ending, two more British talents to look out for!

13th May 2007
Texas Death Match
Chris Harris vs James Storm

It’s well known but I’m including it anyway as here we have from TNA’s archive the Texas Death Match between former America’s Most Wanted tag partners Chris Harris and James Storm!

Having been an ever present along with Abyss since TNA’s creation in 2002, James Storm recently announced his departure from the company. Storm and Harris were signed by TNA after teaming at a Legend’s Night show on 1st June 2002. They became one of the most successful teams in TNA with 6 NWA Tag Team Title reigns. James Storm himself is a 13 time TNA/NWA Tag Champ as well as a one time TNA Heavyweight Champion after he defeated Kurt Angle in October 2011.

It was his feud with Chris Harris which certainly had memorable moments. After teasing a split in 2003 and 2004, it was actually 14th December 2006 when the split happened. James Storm hit Chris Harris with a beer bottle causing blindness to his eye after ending their feud with Latin American Xchange. Storm went on an undefeated streak until this match at Sacrifice where the blood was spilled with Harris getting his revenge.

To win you have to pin your opponent for a 3 count then they have to stay down for a ten count, it got very violent at the Impact Zone in 2007!

3rd September 2009 (Broadcast 4th October 2009)
Queen Of FCW Crown Match
Serena Mancini vs April Lee

As Serena Deeb prepares for her retirement match on July 10th it seems, I thought I’d take you back to her days in FCW as she takes on April Lee AKA AJ Lee! Having debuted in wrestling in March 2005 in Ohio Valley Wrestling and working for Shimmer from episode 5 on wards, it would be 15th July 2009 when Serena debuted in FCW. Florida Championship Wrestling was WWE’s developmental (and replacement for Ohio Valley Wrestling as well as Deep South and HWA). Serena debuted at a house show in a 6 woman tag match. She made her TV debut for FCW in a winning effort against Layla. Her name was changed to Serena Mancini then Mia Mancini, portraying a mafia boss’ daughter.

Serena defeated Angela Fong for the Queen of FCW tiara (it wasn’t a championship just like the Jack Brisco 15 medal). Serena would go on to compete against main roster talent such as Natalya, Gail Kim and Tiffany AKA Taryn Terrell in FCW in both title and non title matches. This match vs AJ Lee would be her first defense. It would be AJ Lee who would dethrone Serena of the Queen Of FCW crown on 9th February 2010. Before that on 22nd January 2010 Serena appeared as a fan on WWE Smackdown and had her head shaved to join CM Punk and Luke Gallows in the Straight Edge Society.

Japanese Wrestling company REINA announced Serena would be having her retirement match on their show on 10th July. Would be a shame as Serena is great in the squared circle.

And finally…

23rd September 1981
Stan Hansen vs Andre The Giant

We end this week’s Hunt with a brawl between two of the most popular Gaijins in Japanese history as Stan Hansen battles Andre The Giant! This bout looks to end in a double count out but the match is restarted.

Stan Hansen was more successful in Japan than in the USA. Despite appearances with WWE, WCW and AWA, Hansen found success mostly in AJPW but did make appearances for NJPW. It was the Stan Hansen vs. Vader match where Vader had his eye accidentally popped out by Hansen’s thumb. Vader popped his eye back in and continued the match.

This match has a real high spot with an impressive body slam, this doesn’t too much explaining….enjoy to legends battling in Japan!

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! I hope you found something you liked or hadn’t seen before! Remember to check out the TWC site and pop back next Friday for another Scavenger Hunt! All previous Hunts still up on the site, some of the early ones have gems in there.

All the best, have a nice day!

Simon Knowles AKA @HobosGhost


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