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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Women’s Wrestling Special 2!

Welcome everyone to the Scavenger Hunt! I am your host Simon K AKA HobosGhost on Twitter! With the Divas segment on WWE Raw getting a “This Is Awesome” chant it is funny that last week I planned to do my second all female episode! Each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling, whether they are matches or promos or segments, for you to have a look at and discover!

23rd November 2014
Lana Austin vs Nixon Newell vs Addy Star

Kicking off with a triple threat match from Leeds, England as Manchester born Lana Austin takes on the Welsh born Nixon Newell and Canadian Addy Star!

On 27th March of this year Nixon Newell took part in the first Triple Threat Women’s Steel Cage match ever in UK and European wrestling history for BEW. Nixon Newell was victorious over Australian star Toni Storm and England’s Erin Night. Trained at Welsh Wrestling Nixon Newell is quickly getting a good reputation.

Lana Austin debuted in 2013 after being trained by UK wrestler/booker Johnnie Brannigan. Lana Austin is the current FutureShock Women’s Champion having won the title in a triple threat vs. Toni Storm and former holder Danni Hunter on 4th April 2015. She might be small but Lana packs a real punch.

Addy Star is a Canadian who took part in a Lego Death Match for Inter Species Wrestling and took many bumps on the various blocks of Lego. She is a former Inter Species Wrestling King Of Crazy Champion and is currently the only female to hold that Championship. Addy since wrestled in Lego on 28th June 2015 for TCW in a “Barefoot Fans Bring The Lego” match vs JD Boom in a winning effort.

All 3 are under 30 years old and all 3 have very bright futures in wrestling. Liked the finishing move as well!

SNPW Girl Fight
12th May 2015
Crazy Mary Dobson vs Tessa Blanchard

Next up we have Crazy Mary Dobson taking on the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Tully Blanchard, Tessa! Tessa Blanchard debuted in June 2014 and is being labelled as part of the Female Revolution in wrestling. At just 19 years old Tessa is a 3rd generation wrestler who received training from her dad Tully, George South and Magnum T.A. Tessa won her first title on 11th October 2014 by defeating Jenny Rose in the final of the ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament. Not only did she win the tournament but won the ECWA Women’s Championship at the same time. After losing the Championship Tessa has since won the APWA World Ladies Championship on 10th May 2015. She defeated Mary Dobson for the title. Two days later these two battled in the match above.

Mary Dobson began wrestling in 2011 and was trained by her fiance Mad Man Pondo as well as Mickie Knuckles. Primarily Mary would compete in Death Matches but has since branched out in wrestling and has appeared for many big companies. Having appeared a couple of times in different roles on WWE TV, Mary Dobson wrestled as Sarah Dobson on an episode of NXT in a losing effort to Becky Lynch. She is currently the Resistance Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion as well as still the Juggalo Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion with Mad Man Pondo.

At 19 and 21 years old respectively, the future looks bright for both talents.

12th March 2013
World Of Stardom Championship Match
Nanae Takahashi vs Alpha Female

Now to Japan as Nanae Takahashi defends her undefeated streak and her Stardom Championship against the tall German star Alpha Female!

Nanae Takahashi was crowned the first World Of Stardom Champion after winning a tournament on 24th July 2011. Nanae held the title for 602 days. In that time she only lost one singles match in a non-title bout during the 5Star Grand Prix. Nanae still wrestles today at the age of 36 and plans to start her own promotion. A decorated Champion since her debut in 1996. She was a former owner of Stardom but left after the nasty shoot incident that has been on the Scavenger Hunt before.

Alpha Female started training in 2001 and debuted for the German company GWF. She has worked for Stardom since 2012 and has held 3 of the 5 Championships available in Stardom. Having wrestled in Europe and Japan, Alpha Female had a try out with TNA in 2013 and wrestled a couple of matches for TNA during their UK tour in 2014. She was unsuccessful in her WSU debut on 9th February 2014 on her debut against the then Champion Jessica Havok.

A somewhat unexpected moment going by the crowds reaction, on this night there was only one Alpha Female.

Maryland Championship Wrestling
19th June 2015
Kimber Lee vs Mandy Leon

Now for the second match from this year on the Hunt as Mandy Leon takes on one of the most popular wrestlers on the indie scene, Kimber Lee!

Trained at the CZW Academy, Kimber Lee has come on leaps and bounds despite only wrestling since 2011. Predominantly a hardcore wrestler and usually wrestling men, Kimber Lee has shown her wrestling skills which has led her to be the current Shimmer and Shine Tag Team Champions (with Cherry Bomb). She is also the current WSU Tag Team Champion with Annie Social and recently became the first Legacy Women’s Champion defeating Hania The Huntress on 6th June. Ranked number 28 in the top 50 women wrestlers on PWI’s list for 2014, Kimber Lee also wrestles as Princess Kimberlee in the comical Chikara promotion. Kimber Lee was also the subject of a mini documentary called “She’s A Wrestler”.

Mandy Leon appears for Ring Of Honor as a valet mostly. Trained at the ROH Dojo by Delirious, Mandy started wrestling only last year. A former VOW Vixens Champion which she won 2 months after her debut, Mandy Leon has wrestled for Maryland, Queens Of Combat and UWE where she won the Women’s Championship in a Hardcore rules match in March of this year.

Two more young wrestlers battle it out at Maryland!

And Finally….

27th December 2014
Mickie James vs Cherry Bomb

We conclude from a match that took place just after Christmas as Mickie James steps back into the ring after child birth to take on Canada’s own Cherry Bomb!

Cherry Bomb is currently both the Shimmer and Shine Tag Team Champions with Kimber Lee as the Kimber Bombs. She is also the current WSU Champion having defeated LuFisto for the title on 9th May this year. Having debuted on 20th May 2005, the 10 year career of Cherry Bomb is at an all time high. She has appeared three times for TNA, twice as Laura Dennis on TNA Impact and once as Cherry Bomb on the Knockouts One Night Only PPV special. Cherry Bomb has appeared for ROH and CZW among other promotions in her career.

Mickie James wrestles sparingly since giving birth to her first child but recently won the Maryland Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship defeating Amber Rodriguez. Lisa Marie Varon was the special guest ref in that match. Trained in part by Dory Funk Jr and debuting in 1999, Mickie is a five time WWE Women’s Champ, a one time Divas Champ and a three time TNA Knockouts Champ.

A great match between two great competitors!

That concludes this weeks Women’s Wrestling Special! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did compiling it! Women’s wrestling is on the rise and I hope one day they are just known as wrestlers without the need to say women’s wrestling. The future is bright and a revolution is approaching!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back again to TWC for podcasts, news and the Scavenger Hunt! For past Scavenger Hunt posts, click here.

Simon K


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