HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Flair Fights King Kong!

Hello everyone! It is Friday so that means it is time once again for everybody to climb aboard the Scavenger Hunt train! Each week I compile five clips for you to divulge in from the crazy world of wrestling! The good, the bad, and the ugly is always represented here exclusive to TWC!

Without further adieu let’s begin!

4th April 1998
Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Yuji Nagata

Kicking off this weeks episode is a little match during the WCW years between two current NJPW stars Tenzan and Nagata!
Appearing on WCW’s version of Superstars if you will, Tenzan is representing NWO Japan as part of the working relationship at the time between WCW and NJPW. Tenzan only made a small handful of appearances in WCW as part of the partnership.

Yuji Nagata made a lot of appearances in WCW and mostly appeared in 1997-1998. He has featured before on the Hunt as he was part of Goldberg’s undefeated streak on an episode of WCW Thunder. Both Tenzan and Nagata are a part of NJPW winning multiple titles in the process.

A rather bizarre sight as two long serving NJPW talents battle it out on an episode of WCW Worldwide!

4th February 1981
Hulk Hogan vs Jim Duggan

Before he made his name in Mid South in the mid-80s, here we see Jim Duggan as an enhancement talent against the heel Hulk Hogan!

Hulk Hogan wasn’t running wild as part of Hulkamania at this point. He was only in WWE for a couple of years before returning to AWA and appearing often in Japan. Hogan debuted for WWE in 1979 and departed in mid 1981 after losing to Tony Atlas in Hogan’s last recorded match on 18th April 1981 at the Philadelphia Spectrum.

Jim Duggan was mostly used as an enhancement against stars such as Sgt Slaughter, Stan Hansen and the Moondogs although he did pick up wins against other lower card talent at live events. Duggan would join Mid South in 1982 where he would feud with Ted Dibiase in arguably his biggest feud in his time in Mid South. Their feud was highlighted by the crazy multi gimmicked cage match on 30th March 1985. That match was a Loser Leaves Town Tuxedo Street Fight Coal Miner’s Glove On A Pole Cage Match!

Jim Duggan would rejoin WWE in 1987 until 1993 but got in trouble with Iron Sheik after they were arrested by police after being found with illegal substances while in the same car. That caused confusion when news got out among fans as wrestling was real to them so to see two foes in the same car was confusing!

No shirt ripping, leg drops of doom, chants of USA or 2X4’s in this one. It’s a very quiet Jim Duggan vs. a show off Hulk Hogan on WWE All Star Wrestling!

1st January 1994
Ric Flair vs King Kong

Next up Ric Flair takes on the 6 foot 5 450lb King Kong on WCW Power Hour at the Disney Studio in Orlando, Florida! King Kong got his break in wrestling with All Japan in 1991. In USWA Kong became friends with another wrestler named Awesome Kong and together they became the Colossal Kongs. They moved on to WCW in 1993 after working for Global Wrestling Federation. They lost to Sting and Ric Flair in a tag match at Clash Of The Champions XXIV and competed at the Battlebowl event in 1993 with King Kong making it to the Battlebowl main event itself. King Kong lost to The Shockmaster at Starrcade 1993 in a quick match. This bout with Ric Flair was his final appearance for the company. He would go back to the indies as Krusher Kong until 2010.

Ric Flair styles and profiles against a man twice his size….WOOOOOO!

19th July 1987
Tiger Mask vs Ted Dibiase

On to AJPW’s heyday as a Pre-Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase goes up against Japanese legend Tiger Mask! Having been trained by Terry and Dory Funk Jr, Ted Dibiase started making appearances for AJPW in 1976. Ted won the NWA National Championship on 14th October 1983 against Jerry Lawler in AJPW. Ted was also a two time PWF Tag Champion with Stan Hansen and a one time AJPW World Tag Champion with Hansen right near the end of Dibiases in ring career in 1993.

Tiger Mask originally appeared in a popular manga comic book series first published in 1968. The series was adapted in an animated series from October 1969 to September 1971 spawning 105 episodes. It was New Japan who licensed the character in 1980 to boost their Cruiserweight division. The first Tiger Mask was Satoru Sayama who is the only star to hold the WWE Junior Heavyweight and NWA Junior Heavyweight titles simultaneously. AJPW bought the rights to the character in 1984 after Sayama quit NJPW in 1983. The late Mitsuharu Misawa was the second Tiger Mask. It is Misawa who is wrestling Dibiase here. Misawa died in the ring in 2009 after taking a belly to back suplex in a tag match for NOAH which is the company he set up in 2000 after a disagreement with AJPW.

A very well worked back and forth match between two legends!

And Finally…

20th May 2007
Triple Threat AIW Intense Championship Match
Starless vs Tyler Black vs Shiima Xion

We end this weeks hunt with a triple threat match where Starless defends his title against DJ Z of TNA and current WWE Champion Seth Rollins in their indie days!

Starless was a two time AIW Intense Champion in 2006-2007 and the first holder of the title. He wrestled to a time limit draw against AJ Styles in 2007 and competed against multiple talents in triple threats and fatal 4 way matches.
Shiima Xion is currently in TNA as DJ Z. He has worked numerous matches for Absolute Intense Wrestling between 2006 up to the present day. The 28 year old has won all 3 major Championships in AIW.

Tyler Black rides high as WWE Champion Seth Rollins but was AIW Intense Champion for 371 days before losing the title to Johnny Gargano in a 30 minute Iron Man match by 2 falls to 1 on 25th May 2008.

A great match between three great competitors for the AIW Intense Championship!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope you were entertained! New hunts drop here on TWC every Friday so hope you will return next week for more of the good, the bad and the ugly of wrestling! To check out past Hunts click here. Make sure you follow me on Twitter!

So long folks!


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