Chavo Guerrero

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Air Piper (RIP)

Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt here on TWC! My name is Simon K also known as HobosGhost on Twitter! For anyone new to the hunt then let me explain, each week I compile five clips from the history of wrestling for you to have a watch. The good, bad, and ugly of our fave escapism!

Let’s begin!

Military Professional Wrestling/Wildkat
13th June 2015
Damian 666/ Bestia 666/ Chavo Guerrero vs Vordell Walker/ Mike Dell/ Luke Hawx

Kicking off with a match from this year as Luke Hawx, Mike Dell and Vordell Walker team to take on the Latino trio of Damian, Bestia and Chavo!

The show was a free show for the troops. Chavo is currently associated with Lucha Underground while Damian and Bestia 666 are wrestling independently. Damian 666 was formerly in WCW and wrestled for AAA in Mexico while Rey Mysterio once tried to get Bestia 666 to the WWE without success except for a try out among other Mexican talent.

The Latino trio are very much the faces in this match as the show was held in San Diego, California which is right on the border with Mexico. Viva La Raza!

Ohio Valley Wrestling
26th March 2005
Alexis Laree (Mickie James) vs Jillian Hall

Taking a trip back to 2005 as Mickie James faces Jillian Hall in OVW at a time when it was WWE’s developmental system! Mickie worked on the indie scene from 1999 and started working for TNA in 2002. After two years of trying, Mickie was finally signed by WWE and was sent to OVW for training in 2003. It would be October 2005 that Mickie debuted on the main roster on Raw in a storyline with Trish Stratus. Mickie is the only person to hold the WWE Women’s, WWE Divas and TNA Knockout Championships and had nine reigns in total with those three Championships.

Jillian Hall started out in wrestling in 1998 as Macaela Mercedes and was also signed by WWE in 2003 and was assigned to OVW. Mickie and Jillian would wrestle many times against each other on the indie scene, OVW and WWE. It was Mickie who Jillian defeated for the WWE Divas title before losing it to Melina five minutes later on 12th October 2009. Both Mickie and Jillian were released by WWE in 2010.

Good chemistry between the two competitors. The second of their OVW matches to appear on the Scavenger Hunt!

13th October 1957
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lou Thesz vs Rikidozan

We are travelling way back again to the 50’s as WWE Hall Of Famer Lou Thesz defends the NWA Championship in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Rikidozan in Japan!

Lou Thesz and Rikidozan feuded for a year over the NWA Championship. The wrestled to a 60 minute time limit draw a few days before this match which got high ratings for the time. Rikidozan would go on to beat Lou Thesz for the title on 27th August 1958 then Thesz agreed to put over Riki at the expense of his own reputation. After that the two had mutual respect for each other.

Having been born in Korea, Riki moved to Japan to take up sumo but left in 1950. He is considered the Godfather of Puroresu and Japans first wrestling hero. He was murdered on 8th December 1963 after being stabbed in a nightclub by a fellow wrestler named Katsuji Murata who worked for the Yakuza with a urine-soaked blade. He served 7 years for manslaughter.
Rikidozan started the charge for Japanese wrestling that many know and enjoy today. Check out the video package before the match, very old school!

Mid-South Wrestling
28th June 1985
Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs Jake Roberts/The Barbarian (John Nord)

On to Mid South now as Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson do battle against Jake Roberts and The Barbarian AKA John Nord who would later be The Berzerker in WWE!

John Nord debuted in 1984 and worked for Mid South until late 1985 when he joined AWA. It was in AWA that John Nord frequently teamed with Bruiser Brody. After playing a lumberjack in a second run in AWA John Nord is best known as The Berzerker in the WWE. A viking gimmick complete with sword and shield and a habit of beating opponents via count out rather than seeking pinfalls, the gimmick was daft but entertaining!

Having left Mid-South for a few years to work in Stampede, NWA and WCCW, Jake Roberts returned to Mid-South in 1985 until February 1986. He debuted in WWE on March 1986 and his Pay Per View debut came on month later at Wrestlemania 2 defeating George Wells.

The Rock “N” Roll Express are their typical high flying selves in this match. They come unstuck by the strength of Nord and the slithering style of Jake Roberts.

And Finally….

10th February 1990
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs Tom Stone

Finishing this weeks Hunt is the one and only Rowdy Roddy Piper who passed away aged 61. I picked this match as he just manages to entertain against his opponent. Without even removing his shirt and kilt he pretends he is an aeroplane in the ring while knocking his opponent down. A fun reminder of a legend who entertained millions throughout the years.

Rest In Peace HotRod and thank you for giving your all to entertain me and wrestling fans around the world selflessly. The best of the best.

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt. Previous Hunts from the last year are still up for you to have a look. Many matches involving a whole host of talents big and small.

New Hunts every Friday, hope you pop back next week for more here on TWC!


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