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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Peeling Potatoes on MTV!

Hello and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! Every Friday a new batch of clips is compiled by myself, Simon K. aka HobosGhost on Twitter for you to take a look at. Historical matches, unknown gems and shockingly bad stuff, this is why we love wrestling!

Let’s begin!

6th February 1999
7 Man Snowbrawl Battle Royal
Konnan vs Kaos vs Booker T vs Chris Adams vs Billy Kidman vs Disco Inferno vs Wrath

Kicking off with a special event on MTV involving rock bands, snow sports and… a 7 man battle royal?! WCW didn’t send any of their top stars however. The crowd just seem to be cheering for the hell of it. I’m still trying to work out what Konnan means at the end when he says “The NWO can bow down, toss my salad and peel my potato” without him sounding foolish. What was with the weird commentary team of Jimmy Hart, Larry Zbyszko and rock star Rob Zombie?

Disco Inferno gets pelted with snowballs, the Nitro Girls dance around…all on MTV!

24th June 1989
Scott Steiner vs Great Muta

To 1989 as Scott Steiner takes on the mysterious Great Muta on WCW programming! The finish was a bit sudden with the post match brawl between the Steiners and Sullivan/Rotunda extending the storyline feud between those two teams. Great Muta appeared at least once for WCW every year between 1989-1998 and then another brief run in 2000. The current promoter of his Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan, he was also at one time the President of All Japan Pro Wrestling. NJPW sent Muta out for experience to Florida, Puerto Rico, WCCW and finally NWA/WCW. He is one of only three wrestlers to hold the NWA World Championship, the AJPW Triple Crown and NJPW’s IWGP Heavyweight Championships in his career at different times.

The Great Muta jabs his fingers right in the throat of Scott Steiner, what a dastardly move!

Connecticut Championship Wrestling
2nd April 2005
“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs Matt Striker

From 2005 we have Matt Striker taking on WWE HOF’er Jimmy Snuka in Connecticut! Jimmy Snuka was recently reported to be getting treatment for stomach cancer. He has had his lymph nodes, part of his stomach and the cancer removed via surgery and is expecting to recover fully. Still under investigation for the death of his ex girlfriend Nancy Argentino back in on 10th May 1983, Snuka hasn’t been proven innocent nor guilty. Snuka is a two time ECW (then Eastern Championship Wrestling) and a one time ECW TV Champion. He started his career in the NWA Territories winning numerous titles including six reigns as NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championships all with Dutch Savage.

Matt Striker is currently wrestling on the indie scene and is one of the commentators of Lucha Underground. He trained with WWE HOF’er Johnny Rodz and debuted in 2000. He left his job as a high school teacher to pursue wrestling full time. After signing with WWE in mid-2005, he spent 8 years with the company as a wrestler and commentator. Striker has commentated at Wrestlemania, AAA’s Triplemania and NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom, the big three if you will.
Matt Striker does his best with the veteran Jimmy Snuka!

World Of Sport
13th June 1987
World Middle Heavyweight Championship Match
2 Out Of 3 Falls European Rounds Match
Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger) vs Mark Rollerball Rocco

With the impending arrival of Jushin “Thunder” Liger to WWE NXT for one night only on 22nd August, he we have an unmasked Liger taking on the original Black Tiger, Mark “Rollerball” Rocco in the UK! As part of the UK wrestling scene when it was televised as part of ITV’s World Of Sport, Liger as Fuji Yamada wrestled between 1986-1987 and then returned in 1989 in the UK, winning the World Heavy Middleweight Championship twice. Both times he lost the title to Englishman Mark Rocco. Liger initially didn’t get into NJPW’s Dojo as he didn’t meet the height requirement so went to Mexico to train. He was struggling and NJPW officials took pity and let him into the dojo to train back in Japan. He had training in the Hart family dungeon in Canada as well. A much decorated Champion, he has held titles in NJPW, CMLL in Mexico, WCW and NOAH amongst others and is regarded as one of the best Light Heavyweights of all time. He also holds the little fact of having wrestled all 4 Black Tigers in Japanese wrestling.

Mark Rocco was a big wrestler in the British scene. He toured North America teaming with Greg Gagne. He briefly appeared for WWE when it was WWWF and had a match against Terry Bollea Pre-Hulk Hogan days. Rocco was approached by NJPW about being the first Black Tiger to feud with Satoru Sayama who was the original Tiger Mask. The feud lasted a couple of years in the early 80’s and was a television success. Mark Rocco retired after collapsing backstage after a match with Fit Finlay in the UK in 1991. His heart was found to only be working 30% and was diagnosed with a career ending heart condition.

Unmasked Liger vs unmasked Black Tiger in the UK!

And Finally…

21st August 2002
Falls Count Anywhere Match
AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn

We conclude with a falls count anywhere match between Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles! Jerry Lynn was in the wrestling news recently after a GoFundMe account was set up to raise $16,000 for Jerry Lynn’s surgery with anything raised over that amount going to charity. The money was raised in just over a day with Chris Jericho chipping in the final $2000 to reach the required amount. Jerry Lynn appeared in WCW, USWA, WWE, TNA, NWA, ROH and ECW and is considered one of the best and hard working talents without the spotlight being on him.

Jerry Lynn’s surgery went well and I share the hope of many wrestling fans in a speedy recovery!

That concludes this week’s Hunt. Be sure to check out the Piledriver Podcast with Erik and Emil as they review Summerslam 2002 and chat to the new CZW Champ Matt Tremont! Also be sure to check out all the previous Scavenger Hunts going back to the first in July 2014! Well over 200 clips used which could fill several podcasts!

Thanks for tuning in! Hope you will return next Friday for more Hunting!



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