HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Year of the Rat!

It’s Friday! That means it’s that time once again for the Scavenger Hunt! Each week I pick five clips from the world of wrestling for you to take a look at! Whether classic battles, bizarre encounters, or downright shockingly bad stuff, nothing is off limits for the Hunt! I am Simon Knowles AKA @HobosGhost from Twitter and I hope you enjoy the episode!

Let’s begin!

17th December 2005
Jamie Noble vs DeMarso Whitney (Tommaso Ciampa)

Kicking off with the first of two matches from Velocity as Jamie Noble takes on former Ring of Honor competitor Tommaso Ciampa in 2005! Ciampa recently was on NXT with Johnny Gargano for a future episode in a tag team match. The one time ROH Television Champion was trained by Killer Kowalski and debuted in 2005 on the indie scene for promotions mostly around Massachusetts. He appeared as Thomas Whitney ESQ, Mohammed Hassan’s lawyer on an episode of Smackdown before being Tombstoned by The Undertaker. Ciampa was signed by WWE on 4th February 2007 and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling. After suffering an injury for a period of time he was eventually released on 9th August 2007 having made a return to the ring. Ciampa joined ROH in 2011 and spent four years there before announcing his departure on 29th March 2015.

Now 30 years old, Tommaso Ciampa could be headed to NXT for a second shot at the WWE!

25th January 2003
Chuck Palumbo vs River Rat (Brian Kendrick)

Chuck Palumbo takes on Brian Kendrick on an episode of Velocity in 2003! Kendrick signed with WWE in late 2002 and debuted on the 11th January 2003 episode of Velocity. He debuted under a mask and was called Diamondback representing the local sports team. He defeated Funaki on his debut. He then appeared in a different mask called The Jet, This match as the River Rat and then The Rough Rider. Kendrick left in 2004 to wrestle on the indie scene before returning to the WWE in 2005 where he won the WWE Tag Team Championships with Paul London and broke the record for the longest reign as Tag Team Champion (the Smackdown version of the titles), a run that lasted 331 days.

The River Rat falls short against Palumbo on Velocity!

22nd April 1989
AWA Women’s Championship Match
Wendi Richter vs The Dazzler

AWA action now as WWE Hall of Famer Wendi Richter defends her Championship against The Dazzler! The Dazzler is Tracy Ardovich and was brought in by AWA to be another challenger for Wendi to overcome. She wasn’t around for long and soon disappeared from the wrestling scene.

Wendi Richter was the wrestler who ended Fabulous Moolah’s 28 year reign as WWE Women’s Champion although Moolah had actually lost the title a few times during her 28 year reign. The match was the only match from the MTV special event “The Brawl To End It All” to be shown on TV although the whole event was recorded. Wendi left the WWE after the original screwjob where Moolah (as the Spider Lady) was in on the plan to take the title off Wendi after contract talks broke down. The match has been on the Scavenger Hunt already.

Wendi Richter was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2010 and rightfully so!

Hong Kong Wrestling
1st July 2015
Datin Z vs Pete Dunne

Birmingham born Pete Dunne in action now competing in Hong Kong! Having started training at Midlands Pro Wrestling at a young age, Pete Dunne has gone on to become a staple of British wrestling. He has also done tours of USA (including participating in the Kings Of Trios tournament for CHIKARA) and through 4FW in UK he has had the chance to work for Michinoku Pro in Japan through the link up between the two companies. He wrestled twice on his debut at an outdoor festival in Coventry. He first wrestled fellow student Jordan E. in an intergender match and then later in the day against Mark Andrews (currently working for TNA). Pete and Mark with help from others run the ATTACK! promotion with Pete Dunne also being the head trainer of their wrestling school.

Never featured a match from Hong Kong before on the Scavenger Hunt….until now!

And Finally…

9th July 2006
CAPW Championship 30 Minute Triple Threat Iron Man Match
Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson vs Christopher Daniels

We conclude with Cesaro (Castagnoli) defending the CAPW Championship against Daniel Bryan (Danielson) and Christopher Daniels in an Iron Man Match in Cleveland, Ohio! Cesaro and Bryan were both on the card for what was ROH’s first Pay Per View “Respect Is Earned” in 2007. They were both also involved on opposite sides in the cross promotion ROH vs CZW feud in 2006. Christopher Daniels was working for TNA at the time of this match but would work for both TNA and ROH at the same time until TNA changed their contract policy.

Sit back and enjoy an indie fan’s dream booking in a 30 minute Iron Man match! Cesaro is the man!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Plenty more to come and plenty more has been as every Hunt is on TWC’s archive. Hope you check back next Friday for another installment of the Scavenger Hunt!

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