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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Havok in Illinois!

It’s that time again for a new edition of the Scavenger Hunt! I am Simon K also known as HobosGhost on Twitter and each week I compile five clips from the weird and wonderful world of wrestling which you may or may not be aware ever happened, all exclusive to The Wrestling Chronicle!

Let’s begin!

Alex Koslov/Alexander Rusev Vignette (unused)

This could have been a good tag team as Alex Koslov (Peter Orlov) and Rusev produced this vignette before Koslov was released by the WWE and never aired. Koslov was in WWE developmental between 2010-2012 before being released. He has since achieved success in NJPW and ROH where at one point he and his tag partner Rocky Romero as the Forever Hooligans held both the ROH and IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Championships at the same time. Koslov is also a two time AAA Cruiserweight Champion in 2009 and AAA Mixed Tag Team Champion with Christina Von Eerie in 2010.

While this could have been good, both Koslov and Rusev have gone on to achieve success anyway!

16th April 1991
Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Demolition Smash

A random match from WWE as Jake Roberts battles Demolition Smash! Jake Roberts was heading into a feud with Earthquake while Smash would soon disappear with the Repo Man surfacing in the WWE (Barry Darsow being both characters of course). The last TV appearance of Demolition Smash was on the Madison Square Garden event on 3rd June 1991 in a losing effort to Ricky Steamboat. On 21st October 1991 Repo Man debuted on an episode of Superstars defeating Reno Riggins.
Demolition Smash doesn’t live up to his name against Jake Roberts.

Georgia Championship Wrestling
September 1979
Bret Hart vs Buzz Sawyer

Grainy footage but here we have a young Bret Hart taking on a young pre-crazy Buzz Sawyer for Georgia Championship Wrestling!

Georgia Championship Wrestling was formed in 1944 and existed until 1984 when Vince McMahon purchased the company in what is seen as the first major shift in wrestling in the expansion of WWE. Buzz Sawyer and Bret Hart were two of the many wrestlers who started out or developed their skills in GCW. Others include Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts, Ted Dibiase, Ric Flair, The Road Warriors, Junkyard Dog and more.

Buzz Sawyer briefly appeared in WWE in 1984 but was more associated with NWA. Sawyer won the Tag Team Titles (with Matt Osborne), Television Championship and Texas Heavyweight Championship in WCCW. On 7th February 1992 Buzz Sawyer died from heart failure due to an overdose aged just 32.

Not the best quality footage but a great early appearance of Bret Hart and the late Buzz Sawyer in Georgia!

WCW Grip ‘N’ Flip Action Figure Commercial

Here is the commercial for the WCW Grip ‘N’ Flip action figures from 1999! The figures were released as twin packs. Hulk Hogan/Goldberg, Raven/DDP and Chris Jericho/Dean Malenko were released. Curious they have Goldberg and Raven connecting fists at the start of the advert to lead into the magnetic twist to the action figures.

A little oddity from the toy world.

And Finally…

Resistance Pro Wrestling
1st August 2015
Resistance Pro Women’s Championship Match
Crazy Mary Dobson vs Jessicka Havok

To Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro Wrestling now as Mary Dobson defends her Women’s Championship against the dangerous Jessicka Havok.

Resistance Pro have had the Women’s Championship main event many of their shows in the past. Melanie Cruise was the first holder of the title in 2011. Mary Dobson defeated Mickie Knuckles in a No DQ match in the main event of the “All The Colours Of The Dark” event on 21st March this year. Dobson has defended successfully against Tessa Blanchard and Leva Bates (AKA Blue Pants) in the main event since.

Jessicka Havok debuted in wrestling in 2004 and is a former TNA Knockout Champion as well as a two time WSU Champion which in her two reigns she held the total for a total of 789 days combined. Recently she had a try out with WWE and is dating NXT’s Solomon Crowe.

With the nickname “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok is an intimidating force in wrestling, she takes it to the young Champion Mary Dobson in the main event of the “Death Proof” event for RPW and main events this weeks Scavenger Hunt!

That’s it for this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Thanks for stopping by and hope you return for more next Friday here on TWC! Feel free to check out a years worth of Hunts all available here!

Until next time folks!



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