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NXT Episode #295 Recap – The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

I guess an introduction is in order. I’m Angie and you can follow me on Twitter at @angtweetz_. I’m here to fill you in on everything WWE and NXT on TV. Just want to thank Erik and the guys at The Wrestling Chronicle for giving me an opportunity to do a little writing on this episode of NXT and future episodes of RAW and Smackdown. So let’s get started.

Pictured: Dusty Rhodes with the first ever NXT Tag team Champions, Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville in 2013

The Ascension vs Baron Corbin and Rhyno kicks things off in the first match of The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Not surprisingly, The Ascension got a nice welcome home reaction from the Full Sail crowd. I bet that felt nice since they haven’t had much luck in the main roster. A solid back and forth match. The Ascension had the upper hand going for Wasteland until Corbin distracts Viktor and Konnor is a victim to Rhyno’s Gore (GORE GORE GORE). Corbin and Rhyno are your winners.

We have the first backstage segment featuring the odd pairing of Neville and Solomon Crowe. Neville is talking it up being back to Full Sail while Solomon Crowe is there going Babe Ruth as he said, calling his shot and predicting a victory. More on their match later on.

Up next we have Alexa Bliss vs Blue Pants coming off their heated encounter at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Bliss had the upper hand most of match. Blue Pants got a nice northern lights suplex in and a few kicks but Bliss did an impressive moonsault/double knee move then pulls off her Sparkle Splash and gets the victory.

Couple of things on Alexa Bliss and Blue Pants. With Bayley champ and the 3 of the 4 “Horse Women” in the main roster, this gives her some great competition. I like what I see from Alexa Bliss and from Blue Pants even though, I don’t know what her status with NXT in the long run. They aren’t Sasha, Charlotte, and Becky levels but they have great personality and I can connect with them.

Second backstage segment of the night features NXT GM William Regal with the hottest free agents, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Honestly never heard of these guys so I’m guessing they are “Indie darlings”. The more the merrier. Here comes the always wonderful Tyler Breeze asking Regal to put him in the Dusty Tag Team Classic. And of all people, he teams him up with BULL DEMPSEY! That should be a sight. Here’s hoping Bull walks the runway. So next week will be Johnny and Tommaso vs. Bull Dempsey and Tyler Breeze.

Next up, we got Apollo Crews vs. Martin Stone. Another squash match for the new guy. Gotta make him look strong (Roman Reigns, what’s good?). The dude is impressive, but I have a feeling he’s going down the Rocky Maivia road. He’s always smiling and gets giddy when he sees his name on the big screen. I know I’m being too critical on a guy on his second televised match but I have a feeling the crowd might turn on him. Not soon but eventually. BE MEAN, BRO! But that gorilla press/standing moonsault? Nice.

Last backstage segment with The World’s Gre– I mean Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. These guys are awesome athletes but need a bit of work on their promos, especially Jason Jordan. Chad Gable has potential. That “say my name” part was a bit too creepy for me. Gable might turn on Jordan in the near future.

Now for your cringeworthy match of the night featuring everyone’s favorite, Eva Marie. Where do I begin? She’s matching up with Billie Kay. Eva’s footwork is so slow, you’d have to time her matches with a sun dial. She’s somehow dominating this match and when Billie Kay goes for a pin, Eva forgets to kick out! Oh man the crowd let’s her have it the whole match. I don’t even know what else to say about it. I tweeted this before, but it’s gonna be a sad day when Eva gets that push and takes the title from Bayley. UGH. Don’t wanna think about it.

MAIN EVENT TIME! Solomon Crowe and Neville vs. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. Crowe and Gable start it off and Gable is going all Kurt Angle on him. I didn’t get this pairing of Crowe and Neville, should’ve called Stephen Amell. They had no chemistry. Jordan and Gable get the win.

And that’s the end of this week’s NXT. Just your typical show. I’m interested in next week’s show that features the team of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe vs. The Lucha Dragons. Got a feeling the title match between Finn and Joe is gonna be planted in the next few weeks. Which will be awesome.

I hope you enjoyed my first recap and I hope to write more for you soon.

Take Care!


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